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Why I Lied About My Pregnancy

2/29/2012 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki was LYING FOR TWO when she denied pregnancy rumors earlier this month ... but sources tell TMZ the "Jersey Shore" star had a damn good reason -- she didn't want to jinx herself.

Sources close to the MTV star tell us ... Snooks WAS already pregnant when she went on Sirius/XM radio on Feb. 1st and told everyone she was OUTRAGED by the suggestion that she had preggo belly.

But we're told Snooki is taking the situation very seriously ... especially the taboo about revealing the pregnancy before the 3rd month.

Now, it seems Snooki has crossed the 3-month threshold ... and an official announcement could come any moment.



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terry j vey    

What is the big deal when famous people get pregnet?

969 days ago


Hooray! Another bastard is waiting to be born.

969 days ago


Good thing humans don't make mutts.

969 days ago


Child Services should be on alert! What a ghetto pig!

969 days ago


Come on, TMZ. She lied about being pregnant because she was holding out to see which tabloid magazine would pay her the most to announce it on their cover! Like she expects us to believe she's actually thinking about a life other than her own? Ha!

969 days ago

She's baaaack    

Fetal alcohol syndrome. The kid is going to have eyes on the side of its head, a top lip just like it's mother, and have the intellectual skills of a rodent.

969 days ago


She will gain 150 pounds during this pregnancy

969 days ago


Frightening that she is going to be a Mom to an innocent baby.

She acts so inappropriate in so many ways, reckless and irresponsible. Always drunk on TV and acting dumb humping things.

She better have someone to care for that baby or she'll pass out on top of the baby or not hear the baby. Hope she steps up and puts down the bottle and puts this baby as top priority.

Wonder how much alcohol she has consumed already while pregnant, while in denial she may be pregnant.

Fetal alcohol syndrome next?

969 days ago


She wanted to pimp out her unborn child to a tabloid magazine, she is stacking up lies upon lies.

She just does not want to admit she wanted to exploit her unborn baby for money and sell it to a crap magazine.

969 days ago


Just what the world needs.

969 days ago


For some reason the image that comes to my head is Kuato from Total Recall.

969 days ago


Well, I guess that's the end of her TV days and her 15 minutes are up. Nice knowing you Snooki but you were fun to w

969 days ago


this is one time even the catholic church would reverse its decision on abortions....

969 days ago


Somehow, Paris Hilton has managed to avoid it, but not this one. A Snooklet, a scary thought...

969 days ago


#1. she is way too immature to be a parent, #2. she is a heavy drinker and her being pregnant will probably not stop her, #3 hasn't she ever heard of birth control?
I won't be shocked if CPS stepped in after the child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome or she will leave the child home alone while she will be out partying and acting like a tramp, she will probably end up with 5 kids by the time she is in her late 20's, people like her should not reproduce, she is a walking disaster and all she cares about is getting wasted. Jersey Shore is such a dumb show too, what is so entertaining about a bunch of childish morons drinking the night away at clubs and getting into fights? sounds pretty lame to me.

969 days ago
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