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Pregnant & Covering Up

2/29/2012 11:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez


Wearing a loose fitting top for two, newly pregnant Snooki tried to shield herself from the rain underneath her coat as she filmed her new reality show in Jersey City on Wednesday.

As TMZ reported earlier, Snooks originally lied about being with child because she didn't want to jinx anything prior to being three months pregnant. Now that she's passed that threshold, an official announcement is expected at any moment.

With no baby bump spotted yet, the 24-year-old should get ready for an even bigger downpour ... of press.


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Joan K    

First of all this girl loves to party and have sex with anything that will take her, doesn't matter who it is so how the heck is she not going to drink for 9 months. She will never make it because she has to be an alcholic by now. This baby if there is one doesn't have a chance in hell.

934 days ago


Trash like her should have been sterilized so she could NEVER pass her s***my DNA on. That poor child having that trash for a mom won't have a chance in hell. It's a shame so many horrid people get pregnant so easily.

934 days ago

BB not bb    

Why hasn't Gionni proposed yet? Is he waiting to make sure that he really has to marry her? Is that why she looks so sad and anxious lately? Maybe she isn't exactly his type and he is scared to marry her. He seems put off by her embarrassing wild ways. He used to be a kids' sports team coach, what happened to that job?

If he doens't marry her I think she will be devestated. Then again, maybe Vinnie or Mike would step up to take his place. That would really make for a wild story line. She seems like a nice girl for the most part and I wish her the best.

934 days ago


Snooki is having a baby? So what?!?!? Unfit mothers get pregnant everyday. Besides being freakishly small, that child may not have that terrible of an upbringing. The father seems normal and Snooki can support her child and that is a lot better than some other unfit mothers.

934 days ago

Fat Jesus    

I wouldn't mind throwing a shot into Snooki. I bet she is wild in the sack.

934 days ago


The way she drinks and does drugs....she will never carry full term.....if she does the baby will be born an ETOH withdrawal....I hope The authorities take the baby away....

934 days ago


love her new look (hair)

934 days ago


Nicole Polizzi, her real name. No she isn't pregnant and she is not from Jersey. This is an MTV ploy for ratings.

Jersey City? (no offence to Jersey City)

934 days ago


good.... another dysfunctional idiot with a plan.... geez... poor baby...doesn't have a chance

934 days ago


People are so f-in rude. There is a inocent baby growing inside of her, get a life and have some respect. Losers!

934 days ago


STFU yall sum classless ****s, writin the way u are, shes a young girl havin fun wat harm is she doin to lemme guess yall fat nasty pieces of **** that either sit on ur ass all day or u a lonely **** wit no friends so u gotta hate on a girl thats lovin life and becomin a star haha get a life and leave her alone

934 days ago


she might just need 2 take a ****. If it is a kid, hope the dad's in Italy or a MTV exec.

934 days ago


What's the temperature in New Jersey in February? Didn't winter get there this year?

934 days ago


A real Guy Knocked her up? What Idiot did it?!?!?!

934 days ago


From a Real life guy? Sure she didn't use a Turkey Baster from some used condom she found from some Homeless guy??? Ok, What IDIOT knocked her up?!?!?!?!

934 days ago
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