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Whitney Houston

Target YANKS

Offensive Greeting Card

2/29/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston greeting card from Target.It's still too soon to make Whitney Houston jokes -- at least according to the people at Target, who have decided to pull a greeting card from their shelves that mocks the late singing legend.

The card -- available long before Whitney died -- pokes fun at the singer's downward spiral in recent years ... "Next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston."

The card was kinda funny before she died -- but now that Whitney's gone, Target has decided it's a tad too offensive ... at least for now ... and is currently in the process of yanking it from its stores.

A rep for the store tells TMZ, "The card was in our stores prior to Ms. Houston’s death. As soon as this was brought to our attention, we began the process of removing the card from all applicable stores."



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There are many who knew Whitney was very evil. They knew she took too much of the 'onion' and that's why she is no longer. Many are getting very tired of the hype and won't buy it.

864 days ago


She was a pretty lady, too bad she had she had to go that way. The card said she dated a bad boy -- for some reason the card was off base for some.... so they pulled the card.
It goes to show - you must be politcally correct - when speaking or you will be told to correct any comment that is not approved.

Bottom line, it really isn't "who you date or who you hang out with" -- it is all about what you do -- to yourself and how often a person puts their life, their well-being in harms way.

How many actors and stars have this "drug backdrop" hanging in the final resting point of their lives.

Think twice, should be the advise on a gift card.

864 days ago


So b/c reuth hurts you want to stifle truth? You must be a DEMOCRAT!

864 days ago


Stevie Wonder comments on Whitney's death

.... .. ...... .....
... ...... ....... .....
....... .. ..... .....
...... .. . ... .. .....

864 days ago


oh like she is the only one to date a bad boy, she was responsible for herself, nobody made her do anything, really!

864 days ago


It's really too bad that the card was ever made at all. I am sure that it did not help Whtiney Houston's fragile state of mind to have her bad marriage and any mistakes she made joked about in a greeting card then sold at Target.Just's really cruel and my guess is the damage was already done.

864 days ago


But that card is not, in truth, a joke.... I would totally give that to a girlfriend of mine if I thought she needed a reminder. That card should go to Rhianna and Im not joking at all. it makes a point, maybe that was the purpose and not so much a joke. There is nothing funny about what happened to Whitney's life, it's heartbreaking.

864 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

That card is in extremely poor taste and I can't believe they carried it before or after she died. How many greeting cards are there in circulation that mention real life people in a derogatory way? In any way for that matter? Did the person allow them to profit from the use of their name? I hope Whitney's family does sue.

864 days ago


WOW! A little too soon though.

864 days ago

Bob Etier    

I dunno. I think the sentiment was sad when she was alive. Now it's an object lesson that an awful lot of girls/women should get. I don't see it as humor; I see it as good advice.

864 days ago


They need to make a card how to profit off a drug addict and just place her rotten teeth on it.

864 days ago


it's NOT true that Bobby brown ruined Whitney...i'm sick of people stupidity..she did drugs before she even met him..whitney was a tough woman who did what she wanted to do..she herself always said that people perceived her as a princess while she's not ,,she reminded people that she's from the hood and Newark!!

864 days ago

Isabella Sarantakos    


864 days ago



864 days ago


anyone remember the movie "Guess who's coming to dinner?" One of the famous lines from the movie mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King.......and in bad timing, he was assassinated while that movie was still in theaters so there was a big rush to cut that part out. If you rent the movie now, it's still in there. If something was OK at the time, the death doesn't change it.

864 days ago
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