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Whitney Houston

Target YANKS

Offensive Greeting Card

2/29/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston greeting card from Target.It's still too soon to make Whitney Houston jokes -- at least according to the people at Target, who have decided to pull a greeting card from their shelves that mocks the late singing legend.

The card -- available long before Whitney died -- pokes fun at the singer's downward spiral in recent years ... "Next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston."

The card was kinda funny before she died -- but now that Whitney's gone, Target has decided it's a tad too offensive ... at least for now ... and is currently in the process of yanking it from its stores.

A rep for the store tells TMZ, "The card was in our stores prior to Ms. Houston’s death. As soon as this was brought to our attention, we began the process of removing the card from all applicable stores."



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Rob Nero     

If it had come from a concerned relative or friend FACE TO FACE, it may have been received as loving concern, however put on a card and sold? That spins it into just insensitive, obnoxious, insensitive and rude.

And BTW Why not " Consider BOBBY BROWN"?...He is the "bad boy" the "wolf" as it were?! If they are using a name and example

964 days ago


Tasteless...where's the Amy Winehouse card or the Brittany Murphy or Anna Nicole Smith card hmmmm??? im fact go to this site and find a whole list of drug related celeb deaths to make into cards.....sickos..

964 days ago


why don't you guys just leave her the hell along and let her rest that what's wrong with teh world now money money money! we as people one day will see that money is not what it's all about i love you whitney rest in peace your fan diane

964 days ago


Whitney Houston was trashed, wasted right up till she was found dead. Were is the surprise? Spin all you want. Doesn't change the facts. Once upon she was good. That was many years ago.

Accident or intentional, doesn't matter. Houston is still dead. Now it's up to the coroner to determine cause of death. If suicide, any insurance policies are null and void. Chances are cause of death will be accidental.

964 days ago


Target sells cards like that? That's pathetic.

964 days ago


SHE got herself in the mess she was involved in. Take responsibility for your own actions. I'm tired of people looking to blame everyone else for what they do. No one forced her to do drugs, she had a mouth - she could have used it to say NO!!!! Got what she deserved. She was not an Angel from God...God doesn't support druggies, He supports those who are saved and want HIM in their life.

964 days ago


Too soon?


964 days ago


The next time they consider writing a card, they need to capitalize the first letter of a persons first and last name!

Here are a few more candidates they should consider writing cards for:
Marilyn Monroe
Anna Nicole Smith
Janice Joplin
Judy Garland
Brittany Murphy
Dana Plato
Corey Haim
Gary Busey (Alcohol, Cocaine, GHB)
Courtney Love (Heroin, Oxycontin)
Nick Nolte (Alcohol, GHB)
Chris Farley
John Belushi
Just to name a few :-)

964 days ago


Tacky & disrespectful! Have some respect!

964 days ago


The truth is the truth

964 days ago


Ok, I will say it since nobody will.Remember Dionne Warwick(psychic friends network?)This is Whitneys relative. Why then didnt she use her psychic powers to save Whitney?Send me $1.99 a minute and i will tell you why!!

964 days ago


Ouch!!! Well, all considerations of taste aside, this will likely become something of a collectors item . . . sort of.

One can only imagine where Whitney might be now had she not fallen under the dark spell of Bobby Brown and surrounding crew. If even a few lives which are currently on the edge get turned around by this terribly sad example, that may actually be Whitney's greatest gift to the world . . .

Just a thought for consideration.

964 days ago

Gsharon 710    

In my opinion, Bobby really has been patient with family and everyone else who accused him of ruining Whit's life. As many times as it is plastered on the net and in the news, he could have responded with the true reason Whit did the things she did. Lay off both of them and go play ring around the roses for fun and laughs.POS

964 days ago


People need to stop blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney’s poor decisions. Some people prefer to let others think they’re being controlled so they can blame someone else and not accept responsibility for their actions. Whitney was not that kind of person so why do others what to blame Bobby for everything? The card should simply say:

Next time you think of dating a bad boy: consider the consequences.

964 days ago


The card was offensive from the beginning.

964 days ago
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