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Justin Bieber

The $14 Million Birthday Gift

3/1/2012 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is going ALL OUT for his 18th birthday -- parachuting in the afternoon, a fancy dinner followed by a fun party ... and he's gonna buy TWO ultra-expensive mega-mansions ... TMZ has learned.

Justin has been on a real estate hunt in L.A. for a while ... but now, sources connected to the singer tell us he's narrowed his search down to 3 pads.

2 of the mansions are in Calabasas, CA ... home of the Kardashians, a few Jackson family members and Britney Spears.

We're told one of the estates Justin is eying has a $6 million price tag ... the other's on the market for a cool $8 mil.

The third home Biebs is interested in is in the Hollywood area -- a PIMPED OUT bachelor pad currently being rented by Ashton Kutcher. We're told that place is listed for $10 million.

Sources connected to Justin tell us ... he wants to buy one place for himself and one for his mother. The two CHEAPEST would cost $14 mil.

It's good to be rich ... and young.


3:30 PM PST -- Bieber called in to "TMZ Live" today and talked about his real estate search ... telling us he's still looking for the right place .... but said Ashton's pad is "really dope."



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Maybe all these spoiled brats should start helping those who are homeless and starving in this country.. it's disgusting to see this nonsense..

784 days ago


hate him sooo much lol

784 days ago


i wish i had his GF

784 days ago


He didn't come by all his money dishonestly - everyday people seem to like him and are willing to pay to listen to and/or see him perform. Therefore, he earns his own money and can spend it however he likes. Buying his own home and one for his mother are 2 of the more responsible things he could be doing with his money. Give the kid a break. He also does a lot of charitable work and has brought joy to many through the Make-a-Wish foundation. Spending $10 mill on a bachelor pad...can't say I wouldn't do the same if I were young, male, rich and famous...

784 days ago


Wow. The hatred in some of these comments is just sad. Can't anyone just be happy for people anymore and wish them the best? If he has the money for it, then why do some of you people care so much about what he spends it on? He's a good kid who has done A LOT for so many different charities. Leave the kid alone for goodness sake.

784 days ago


Being a good looking guy can take you a long way, because this guy has no singing talent what so-ever.

784 days ago


I don't care what anyone says, I think Justin seems like a nice kid. Filling his girlfriend's house with flowers "just because"? Buying homes for his parents and Grandparents and sports cars for his best friends? He's not on drugs and he doesn't beat his girlfriend. What more do you want from him? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are a better influence on kids than Rihanna and Chris Brown, that's for sure.

784 days ago


A fool and his money. He looks like a lesbian in that proactiv commercial. He's got a few years left... max.

784 days ago



784 days ago


This kid is going to find out the hard way...He will run out of money very quickly if he leads this free-spending lifestyle...

784 days ago


It's his money, he can do what he wants..The jealous haters on here are pathetic and sad. We live in America; Capitalism is alive and well. If you want the rich to earn money and give it to you, move outta America. BTW he gives away plenty to charity in money and time, get an f'ing clue!!

784 days ago


I've been reading some of the comments here. He did work very hard for his money, unlike some people (i.e. Paris Hilton). He has a decent voice, is a very talented musician, a promising actor, and is very generous with charities. However, he better be real careful with his money, because as Arethra Franklin said in People magazine, fame doesn't last forever no matter how successful or good you are.

784 days ago


I stopped feeling like my birthday was worth celebrating long before I was 18. But if things and material possessions make him happy, more power to him.

784 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Couple of years ago this kid was dirt poor. So poor that his mother had difficulty putting food on the table and clothes on his back. But yeah, go blow all your money on California mansions where the upkeep and taxes (as low as our property taxes are here in Cali) will slowly exceed your annual income. Truly, money is wasted on the poor. Hammer needs to have a talk with the Beebs.

784 days ago


Sweet his momma right!

784 days ago
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