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Mel Gibson

No More Anger Issues

3/1/2012 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
has done all he needs to do to prove he has conquered his anger issues ... TMZ has learned.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner this AM and showed her honor proof that Mel not only completed the required number of hours of court-ordered anger management therapy -- he exceeded it.

As a result, all Mel has to do now to get off of probation -- for pleading no contest to battery against Oksana Grigorieva -- is keep his nose clean for 2 more years, and then he's officially off informal probation.



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2idiots: about an hour ago

THE BEAVER: about a minute ago
The idiot wrote:
AAAAAAAHAHAHAH! Beaver, you just said that OG is too busy chasing her music career...but the FLOCKERS bitched about how she did nothing but try to scam money - and now it's HER CHASING A CAREER. STOP FLIP-FLOPPING.
You also said that she doesnt have a good singing voice and there's nothing MR MEL can do about that. Didnt Mr Mel "promote her"? Didnt Mr Mel have her sing on the EOD soundtrack? Didn't Mr Mel talk about how wonderful her singing was (on Leno?)?
It's funny how you bring up the tapes too. Yes she taped him but it's NEVER BEEN PROVEN HOW they got leaked or WHO leaked them. Talk about beating a dead horse!
LOl that's sad, you are not only an idiot but stupid as well.
1. She scam money to try to get a singing carrer going, and to make sure if it doesn't take off, she will get money for having Mg child.
2. Mel thought the woman loved him, and Mel being a sweet man, and likes to help people out, tried to help her. It was after that Mel found out his witch of a gf was actually using him to get what she wants.
3.Mel promoted her, because they were gf and bf at the time, and Mel wanted to make his gf happy.
4. EOD was a good movie, until her song at the end came on. LOL It was also Oksana I bet that ask for her song to be in that movie, because later on her azz thought she was going to be in another one of his movies and get some credit for that too!!
5 On Leno, they were gf and bf, and at that time $#!^ didn't hit the fan as it did later on. No bf will go on and trash their gf, if their relationship is ok at the time. Yes, that means saying she sings well, knowing she don't, but dont want to hurt her feelings, and more so on public tv. Come on, Mel is a nice guy, dude!
You're dumber then a box of rocks!
1 - MEL "FUNDED" her career. it was HIS choice to do so
2 - Mel thought she loved him? REALLY? Did he tell you? I guess ROBYN thought MEL LOVED HER (28 years and 7 kids sends that kind of message....I'll wait for the flocks excuse)
3 - Mel "promoted" her cuz they were BF and GF....are you in Jr High or what? Did he leave a note in her locker? He promoted her cuz he WANTED HER on ICON RECORDS....and he got BJ's on demand.
4 - EOD sucked. LOOK at the receipts on Box Office tanked too!
5 - MEL "SANG" her praises on LENO he didnt HAVE TO - he did it for BLOW JOBS.
Dude, I am sure your lame idiot azz would sale your soul for a blow job. Or maybe just your wife and kids. LOL JK Mel Gibson can get a blow job any time he wants one. Mel helped Oksana because Mel is truly a loving and giving man, and I find that is what I love about the man the most. Others find it as an easy prey. Much easy to take advantage of a man like that, and that is just what Oskana did..DUDE!!

931 days ago


Wow! Dummer than a box of rocks, huh? Well well.. I did well for myself being a rock. You can say.. I am solid as a rock.

931 days ago


Mel stay strong Like A Rock. I love you, dude!

931 days ago

princess leia    

Laura said: 1 day ago
I just love that thanks to Lindsay lohan, I am familiar with every judge's name in California.

LOL...Los Angeles - home of celebrity judges and nightly car chases.

930 days ago


Hey TMZ.....why aren't you referring to Mels' "glowing report"....or is that only for Lilo

930 days ago


Haven't read through all of the comments, so sorry if someone else has posted this already. =)
Our buddy Kris Herzog, interviewed about his new book!

930 days ago


Mel is one of the very few Hollywood people who has his heart in the right place. He got and gets off track...Hell, he's probably bi-polar or such...but he knows the TRUTH. You don't have to like his Christianity, but don't whine that he doesn't respect your tree-hugging, Godless, heathen ways.

930 days ago


Me thinks Giblitz will spend more and more time 'south of the border' until his 2 year probation is up and Ms. 'flavor of the month' June 2011 has her 'immaculate conception' baby. Funny how she wont even share with her 'closest friends' who the father is. She must be ready to pop any day now......
And where is Giblitz? Holed up in Panama hiding out like Osama Bin Laden.

930 days ago


Greeting to people of 'good will' i. e. 2is, Sincy, Scotty and Gossip. Oh, and to flock as well.

As 2is aptly pointed out, the 'good press' being leaked of late can only mean one thing - a preemptive move in anticipation of another 'Gibby mess.'. Lo and behold! No more anger! GIbby put in EVEN MORE anger mgt counseling than required! GIbby is a true ROCK STAR!

Now the only question left --- boy or girl?

930 days ago


kkg:  1 day ago
I see Mr. Gossip and the rest of the mean gurlz have stopped by this thread already. Middle school must have let out early.

Neither parent took the baby to the doctor after alleging the child was in the middle of an altercation. Neither one wins parent of the year. He was a horrible married boyfriend to a scheming money hungry bitch. It's a given. And it's such old news. I can't believe you're still rehashing it over and over again. Like a bunch of old hens pecking at the same dessiccated bug. And you call us 'the flock'. Too funny.



Horrible married boyfriend?!? I see you've finally put the cup down Kathleen. Bravo! Tired of looking like an idiot? Oops! Was that a 'pejorative?'. I better hide my hands before Ms. Kathleen comes around with her ruler.

It's too late to changes lanes now Kathleen, we all know you still have a girl crush on Giblitz despite his 'Santorum-like' world view. I will take the credit for your change of heart though. I'm providing an important public service here and have de-programmed quite a few flock in the past months. Glad it finally 'clicked' for you Ms. Kathleen. Now we just have to work on the 'poo hurling'


930 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Scruffy, my fox terrier has long been a celebrity at the park since he craps on the command, 'TMZgossip'. The other day, I tried the command 'Cujeaux' at Scruffy. He just walked away... but my cat threw up.

930 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Makin' crap up Nelliegoo.

Where's your 'alter egos' today? You send 'em back to HI?


930 days ago


Sam at least we are 2 separate people and not an internet Sybil like you. Where's your imaginary support group today? Did they all forget their passwords? Try 'Sandra' this time, if your at a loss....
Chotles, snorts and squeals of mirth and merriment!

930 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Mel the fashionista(LOL!)
looking for a new MUCH
the new Marni FASHION LINE for H&M
Fr. Feb 17 in Los Feliz, a "hipster"
neighbourhood of L.A. (east of Hollywood)
(Brad and Angelina live in Los Feliz)
Fashionista site has the article and a
Scroll to the bottom, 2nd photo....
BTW, Bryan Ferry 63, married his son's (Isaac)
former girlfriend --- she is 35 years his junior.
Oh, and Bryan reffered to his music studio
as Fuhrerbunker
go to wiki and read about his admirationfor the Nazi imagery...

Mel, Mel...

930 days ago

Fidel's niece    

here is the link to Bryan Ferry's bio
on wiki

go to his Personal life
and Nazi controversy

bryan son Isaac is a fashion photographer
and a video producer...
He could introduce Mel to some
very young MODELS...

'cause Mel is hung up on
and history will repeat itself!

930 days ago
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