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Rachel Hunter

Calls 911 After NASTY Car Wreck

... All Caught on Tape!!!

3/1/2012 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former super model Rachel Hunter jumped into action moments ago in L.A. -- phoning emergency personnel after a high-speed collision occurred just a few yards away from her ... and it was all caught on tape!!!

The footage is intense -- several photogs crowd around Rachel asking her typical questions ... then out of nowhere ... BAM!!! ... a small white Mazda t-bones a Suburban, sending it spinning out of control.

It's hard to see from the tape -- but the Suburban makes a blind U-turn while Rachel is crossing the street and the Mazda doesn't see it. The rest is metal-twisting glass-smashing history.

Here's the awesome part -- soon as the accident happens, Rachel whips out her phone and calls the cops ... and before long, the po's show up.

Hollywood -- where ACTION HEROES ARE REAL.


No Avatar


Another overblown headline from TMZzzzz.

963 days ago


and why is this news TMZ???? auto accidents happen guys are getting pathetic!

963 days ago


The person driving the Suburban needs to be spanked! What an idiot!

963 days ago


What? Everyone stood around and gawked (and filmed for ****'s sake) at it instead of running over to see what happened. I can't believe it took that long to call the cops.

963 days ago



963 days ago


You don't even get the collision on tape.

This video is WORTHLESS!


963 days ago


epic fail.

963 days ago


A Paps jobs is pathetic. Where is the freakin' humanity by running over and seeing if everyone is alright instead of standing there filming a has-been supermodel? Really guys....

963 days ago


Just some thoughts:

1. She is a human being so why is it news that she called 911? Of course she called 911! The headline should read, "Wow we didn't know celebrities are real humans!"

2. You're not going to update us on how the accident VICTIMS are doing? Are they alive, dead, seriously injured? I'm more concerned with the health of those in the crash as opposed to the celeb who *gasp* called 911!

963 days ago

Mike L    

How the hell do you miss a 20ft long, 6,000lb, Suburban? The driver of the Mazda needs an eye exam ASAP.

963 days ago


All I see is a bunch of worthless "Paps" standing around taking pictures with their compensating camera lens doing jack. Why invade the accident victim's privacy? They're just Joe Normal whose day has been f'd by this wreck. Put down the camera and pick up your sorry a$$ pay as you go mobile and call 911.

963 days ago


Even though the Mazda was the T-boner, the Suburban T-boney (a member of the paparazzi, I may add) is at fault for making an illegal U-turn AND from the #2 lane. A bigger question is why so many papz hunting Hunter?

963 days ago


Way to go Rachel Hunter! She used to be married to Rod Stewart if I recall. She was one of the hottest supermodels ever.

I bet people say and do all sorts of strange things when a supermodel is around. They probably literally can stop traffic and cause accidents. Just one look at their legs and ta tas and azz and that's it ... boom. You crash your car, trip and fall or walk into a wall, etc. :)

It kind of reminds me of Chevy Chase in the movie "Vacation" with probably THE hottest supermodel of all time ... Christie Brinkley.

God must have broke the mold when he created Christie. Not many girls are as hot looking as she is. Christie must have done something really good in a past life to justify getting such a beautiful face and body.

963 days ago


@Me. From the sounds and reactions of the TMZ crew (in all their videos), it is obvious they are real lowbrow.

963 days ago


Harvey Fartkin,
You are the one who is old so why are you always talking about how old such and such woman is all the time and how their time is about up. Who are you kidding? You know that your time is up long ago. And who is that nasty blonde cave man on your show that is always judging womens looks? You are both wasting people's time by all your garbage!

963 days ago
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