Rachel Hunter Calls 911 After NASTY Car Wreck ... All Caught on Tape!!!

3/1/2012 4:40 PM PST

Former super model Rachel Hunter jumped into action moments ago in L.A. -- phoning emergency personnel after a high-speed collision occurred just a few yards away from her ... and it was all caught on tape!!!

The footage is intense -- several photogs crowd around Rachel asking her typical questions ... then out of nowhere ... BAM!!! ... a small white Mazda t-bones a Suburban, sending it spinning out of control.

It's hard to see from the tape -- but the Suburban makes a blind U-turn while Rachel is crossing the street and the Mazda doesn't see it. The rest is metal-twisting glass-smashing history.

Here's the awesome part -- soon as the accident happens, Rachel whips out her phone and calls the cops ... and before long, the po's show up.

Hollywood -- where ACTION HEROES ARE REAL.