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18-Yr. Old Bieber: They Can't

Stop Me From Skydiving!

3/1/2012 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday with us on TMZ Live -- don't worry, he's doing other stuff too. Biebs talked about skydiving and the celeb mansion he's scoping. Side note -- cool or creepy to say you wanna "get with" Justin ... now that he's legal?

Plus, why is it ok to rip Angelina Jolie for being too thin -- but it's taboo to say other celebs are too fat? Double standard much? Also, rapper Jim Jones talks to us about the crazy brawl at his concert ... who's really to blame?


(0:45) Halle Berry brings out the big guns -- hiring a badass lawyer to wage war against Gabriel.
(8:03) The debate nobody wants to touch -- why is okay to rip on skinny people ... but not fat people?
(15:30) Justin Bieber's on the phone (cue the squeals) ... so what is he doing to celebrate his 18th birthday?
(17:45) We broke the story that Justin is house hunting -- he explains that it's not as easy as it sounds ... but that one house he's looking at -- Ashton Kutcher's -- is unbelievable.
(21:10) Kelly's awesome point -- is there a double standard between 18-year-old guys and girls as sex symbols?
(25:55) Dumbest sport ever -- Ultimate Tazer Ball.
(32:50) Lindsay Lohan says she's changed ... why is this different than every other time she's said it?
(40:20) Rapper Jim Jones calls in to defend a spree of violent rap concerts ... including his own.


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I think the whole Angelina/Gabourey thing is a no-brainer. Any name-calling intended to be offensive is wrong but I don't think anybody is trying to be offensive by saying Angelina is too thin. She IS extremely thin and people are concerned about her health. You saw her leg and her veins are standing out against her skin. There is virtually no layer of fat under her skin which is not normal nor is it healthy. Gabby Sidibe is indeed overweight and I don't see why people can't express concern about her weight in the same way they have done Angelina's. Both are unhealthy. Plus I am sure Gabby would not deny that she is overweight. She is a very direct and secure person. Of course, that's just IMHO.

968 days ago


Amen Harvey!

Karlie/Carlie/Karly/Carly, you are so right. I found it the comments to be condescending (red carpet/fat people)

968 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Mr. Levin, the REAL question, now BEGS: Is it okay to call Angelina Jolie, the MOST over-rated "actress" in motion picture history? Where does the hype and endless promotion end, and the "true" person begin?

Daniel 12;1 is HERE,
The American REVELATION(3;7)is NOW,
Psalm2_012 is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA reigns!

968 days ago


this is one stupid conversation....if your skiiny youre skinny...if youre fat youre fat...if you cant take someone calling you fat..then lose the phkn weight...if ricki lake can do it naturally so can fat azz Gabourey ....pitying yourself is not going to make you lose weight......fat is fat and skinny is skinny....want people to lie to you......

968 days ago


The old saying is..'You can never be too rich or too thin" while I'll agree there's a double standard... being 'skinny' in America is a complement. Being fat [and poor] is not.

968 days ago


I know that in today's world of obesity and gluttony, this may be a mind blowing revelation to many. But not everyone who is really thin is really thin naturally or anorexic. There actually are people out there who purposefully don't eat much because they really like being thin, but also aren't anorexic. I know that in the world of big macs and couch potatoes, that is hard to comprehend, but it's true. And there really isn't anything wrong with it.

968 days ago


In Canada, in Ontario, where Bieber is from, legal consent is 14.

968 days ago


To be fair, Gabby doesn't or isn't setting herself up as an 'ideal' way to look - we're constantly told that Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world (she isn't) and that we should look like her. Yes, Gabby is overweight and Angelina is clearly underweight - but is set up as an 'ideal'. Terrible message for younger women.

968 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I suppose that if Sandra Bullock has an Oscar, Lindsey Lohan could win one, but it is a sad and sick truth.

968 days ago


Because being "too skinny" is not seen in nearly as a degrading light as being "too fat". It's more of sensitivity thing. People who are skinny are not as ridiculed overall by society like people who are fat. It's just become popular to turn the tables lately.

968 days ago


Mike has a hard on for Li Lo "SHE CANT ACT"

968 days ago


Lindsay is not going to be offered the very great roles because there is much better talent out there. Has been.

968 days ago


Angelina is BEYOND "skinny". She's sickly and anorexic. Some people seem to think that's attractive and healthy. That's wrong and should be pointed out.

968 days ago


I've always been thin, but she makes me look fat, although if people think it's okay to make rude remarks about thin people (which they do all the time, partly because they're fat pigs and defensive about it), it should be okay to say rude things about fat people.

968 days ago


Matt Lauer got the interview because SNL is on NBC and they want to plug the show. If SNL were on ABC, GMA would have gotten the interview. If your story is why he got the interview then I would say Lohan was doing some major butt kissing.

968 days ago
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