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Floyd Mayweather

Some of My Best Friends

Are White!

3/2/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0302_mayweather_splash_videoFloyd Mayweather couldn't possibly be a racist ... because he employs sooooo many white people!

The boxing superstar has been in hot water ever since he tweeted that New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin was only receiving attention because he was Asian. 

Mayweather has stood by his words and when he was asked about it yesterday, he proceeded to mention all the white people around him ... even pointing out that one of them "does a tremendous job."

Now that's progress.

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The greatest boxer in the world is also the greatest excuse for a human being. A racist, a woman beater, and a man who threatens his own children with violence if they say anything about him beating their mother.

962 days ago

Silverado Mom    

He was used because all the other players were injured. Plain and simple. The guy just happens to be Asian. No big whoop.

962 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Mayweather is not really racist. He's just a Siht talker. Which his job requires him to be... for publicity. Period. It's in his contract.

962 days ago


We really need to stop trying to be 100% politically correct all the time. I agree with what was said. In basketball, you don't see too many Asians. Maybe if he was just a random b-baller, black or white, he'd receive less attention.

I could be accused of talking out of my ass right now because I hate basketball, I guess Jeremy Lin is helping the Knicks to win a few games lately, maybe he's got some fancy moves on the court. I know he's on the cover of all the papers, but couldn't tell you specifics. However, since the only other Asian that has been in basketball was Yao Ming, it could generate a little extra attention in the media.

He sounds very well educated, but just because you're all right with white people doesn't mean that you still couldn't be racist against Asians. I didn't hear him mention anything about Chang Luk Do or Ikira Takahashi. So perhaps there could be something to this racism thing...JUST KIDDING. Get a grip folks. Get over it, it's not that serious. I applaud the way he steered the question to boxing, which is a pretty cool sport, and his match against whoever...

962 days ago


He's not a racist he loves white women a lot just like his best buddy 50 cent...I have to agree he is not the brightest individual walking on earth but he is not a racist sorry..plz point your racist darts at mr dumb as hell Rush Limbaugh

962 days ago


The chimp pictured in your article is so cute! Love it when they dress them up in people clothes and a cute little hat. Have to be careful of them around the house though... remember that one back East who tore that poor woman's face off?

962 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

the first funeral i went to was my black friends who was shot by a mexican and i cried i loved my black friend, but people call me racist simply because i agree with facts, people now a days call inanimate objects racist like the S.A.Ts , every group of people is racist if restricting members of one group from opportunities that are available to other groups because there are groups only certain races can join certain award shows only people of color can win certain scholarships for one race of people and there is not a single scholarship exclusively reserved for whites but there is for every other race which is just another example of whites being the most discriminated race like it or not it is a fact.

962 days ago


He's not racist. He only thinks that Blacks are the only good people and Asians, Whites and Others are just insignificant creatrues!

962 days ago


I deem it racist because if it was a white person stating, "I am not racist... I know many black people. Actually some of my best friends are black." People would be outraged. Reverse racism isn't any better. It's all the same- and shouldn't be acceptable on either end.

962 days ago


Don't need his pitty comments. Doing WAY fine without Him and HIS employment views!HAHAHAHA!

961 days ago



961 days ago


Ya and thats what Mel GIbson said to that some of he's friends are black but no gave a **** did they.He was a racist plan and simple so this guy is too.

961 days ago


Well it's about time there are so many black people that put down whites and nothing is said but when a white person says something that might sound wrong or racist most blacks will jump all over it and call them racist It's nice to see someone finally speaking out about a black person who is racist.

961 days ago


Funny how many racists here are calling him a racist.

961 days ago


No way

959 days ago
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