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Kardashian Sisters


Your Diet Pills Are BOGUS!!!!

3/2/2012 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and a diet pill called QuickTrim
Kim Kardashian and her sisters waged a campaign of LIES when they claimed they got their rock hard bikini bodies from a diet pill called QuickTrim ... this according to a new $5 MILLION lawsuit.

The point of the suit -- a bunch of people in NY claim there's no POSSIBLE way QuickTrim could've helped Kim, Khloe and Kourtney lose weight ... because the main ingredient is caffeine. According to the suit, "The FDA has determined [caffeine] is not a safe or effective treatment for weight control."

Enter the Kardashians ... celebrity spokespeople who are featured on just about every single product QuickTrim sells.

According to the suit, filed in NY by Bursor & Fisher, the Kardashians fed lies to the public through commercials, magazines and social media since 2009 ... like when Kim went on Twitter and said, "Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight."

The plaintiffs claim they would NEVER have purchased the QuickTrim products if they would have known the truth ... and claim the Kardashian testimonials were completely unsubstantiated.

Now, the Kardashians, QuickTrim and various companies that sold the products are being sued for more than $5 million in damages.

So far, no comment from the Kardashian camp.


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We all know that the KKK's are nothing but a bunch of ugly scammers

912 days ago


I saw the Quick Trim protein powders and other Quick Trim items just a week ago at the discounted chain Ross Dress For Less...that may tell you something about the product results.

The K sisters are born with little faddy bodies...will always be that way. It is can only do so much on those frames.


912 days ago


I saw the qck Trim protein powders and other Quick Trim at the discounted chain Ross Dress For Less...that may tell you something.

The K sisters are born with little faddy bodies...will always be that way. It is can only do so much on those frames.

912 days ago


The K's would endorse eating your own sh*t if someone paid them. Is there a greedier more despicable family on the planet?

912 days ago


Of course they are a fraud. EVERYBODY knows that. If you see KK's face on ANYTHING, then it is bogus. If caffiene could help you lose weight then I should weigh in around 100 lbs. Those kinds of pills will only do one thing. Give you a certain amount of energy and then you CRASH. It makes you hyper. Stupid people. I don't feel sorry for them but I hope they win the lawsuit just on general principals alone.

912 days ago


My only complaint is that they aren't being sued for FIFTY million. Just about anything the KarTRA$Hians are involved in is either a lie or fake, IN MY OPINION (<=for the attorneys).

912 days ago


i don't understand how people could be some dumb to buy useless crap from kim.. didn't even know kim was selling diet pills, this ho would sell anything, her celebrity fame coming to a end soon,

912 days ago


All those STUPID people who bought this sh*t and believed those Fat Ass Kardashians how dumb can they be. Just look at them...their fat and sooo ugly!'s all about the $$$$. Those Kardashians are money hungry sharks!

912 days ago


I hope this trash family goes down in flames!!You'd have to be an idiot to believe anything that has to do with this family! They are all self absorbed attention starved money hungry,well you get the picture...........

912 days ago


It's funny, the Kardashians remind me of oboma, you can tell when there lying, there mouths are moving, and I don't mean little wider baby

912 days ago


Was just at their store in the Mirage,in Las Vegas. People come in and look around,out of curiosity.Did not see any one purchase anything in the store.They hawk a lot of touristy junk,with their name and pics all over everything.Who wants a shirt with their name in big letters on the front?? Purely a vanity store.Probably will be closed down very soon-

912 days ago


This is ridiculous every weight lost product does not work for everyone...sue Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, and all the rest..Eventually you will figure out that you must change your eating habits...Throw this lawsuit in the trash where it belongs.

912 days ago


The only diet and exercise that ghetto skank Kim Kardashian put in was on her walk to the plastic surgeon.

912 days ago


Who seriously believes products like that work anyway??

912 days ago


Even the pic of her is bogas she is not that skinny at least not now only when she was 12.

912 days ago
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