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Kardashian Sisters


Your Diet Pills Are BOGUS!!!!

3/2/2012 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and a diet pill called QuickTrim
Kim Kardashian and her sisters waged a campaign of LIES when they claimed they got their rock hard bikini bodies from a diet pill called QuickTrim ... this according to a new $5 MILLION lawsuit.

The point of the suit -- a bunch of people in NY claim there's no POSSIBLE way QuickTrim could've helped Kim, Khloe and Kourtney lose weight ... because the main ingredient is caffeine. According to the suit, "The FDA has determined [caffeine] is not a safe or effective treatment for weight control."

Enter the Kardashians ... celebrity spokespeople who are featured on just about every single product QuickTrim sells.

According to the suit, filed in NY by Bursor & Fisher, the Kardashians fed lies to the public through commercials, magazines and social media since 2009 ... like when Kim went on Twitter and said, "Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight."

The plaintiffs claim they would NEVER have purchased the QuickTrim products if they would have known the truth ... and claim the Kardashian testimonials were completely unsubstantiated.

Now, the Kardashians, QuickTrim and various companies that sold the products are being sued for more than $5 million in damages.

So far, no comment from the Kardashian camp.


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Well, of course, it's 'bogus'.

Kim 'Ms Potato Head' Kardashian 'and her bucket o' parts' doesn't diet.
The Lipo fairy pays a biannual visit to suck out that unsightly fat and give her perfect frozen smiles with a wave of her wand...while sprinkled butt plumper dust on her a..s.

I wouldn't mind if she were naturally 'blessed'. She isn't. So, why not admit it? Any woman with a behind and any man whose slept with a woman - can plainly see that she's had her a..s pumped.

Well - enough, Kardashian Bashin'. Most diet aids are a rip off. So, it's somewhat unfair to attack Kim and Ko.
But whatever. No one like Kim, so...of course, everyone's going to go after her.

Either way, guys? If you want to lose weight? Exercise, consume water, reduce snacks/drinks...and buy a juicer.
There are not shortcuts to fitness, people.
(unless they come with a prescription...oh, and surgical intervention. LOL)
But definitely not these oiver the counter pill and, most definitely, notihng marketed by a Kardashian.

933 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

How has Khloe lost weight? She still looks like Chewbacca.

933 days ago


Here is your 6 Degrees of Separation for the day. OJ Simpson, wife Nicole, friends of the Kardashians, friends of the Garveys, Steve Garvey leaves baseball, turns pitchman for Fat Trapper Pills. Same pill. He got sued. FTC. He said he was just the spokesman. Sound familiar? Just wait and see. Maybe she'll do Eagle Eye Sunglasses too! Poor Steve.

933 days ago

stan sirgutz    

looked like bull****,phoyos of them showed fairly heavy photos in the adds were entirely phony,mommy dearest,has 0 integrity,endorses sensual oil,fairly disgusting

933 days ago


Why would anyone believe what this family has to say!?!?!? This family will hawk anything for the almight $$$$.

932 days ago


Don't you know to not follow hollywood actors. Or anyone "famous" it's called make up your own mind don't follow in their footprints. lol you will and no one ever look like them.. read the bottle and don't sue them. lol what a joke

932 days ago

Brutally Hones    

First of all, why the hell is Kim even promoting QuickTrim when one of her beauty secrets according to E! News is LIPOSCULPTURE. Everyone needs to stop watching her show so she ACTUALLY has to WORK for her money like the rest of us!

932 days ago


I like the results Quick Trim has brought, it wasn't right-away results, what I meant was I had to work out to make it work. Thanks Quick Trim.

932 days ago


they should send kim to prison in nevada where oj simpson can **** her big ass in prison.
then they could film it
and sell it for $$$

932 days ago


WTF, this is like a raging alcoholic selling an AA program lmao

932 days ago


Burn the Kardashian Cult Up and FLUSH It!

Expose them for how they exploit their fan base. They don't care about you fans, they just want your money, want you to fall for their fraudulent set up reality drama and the products they endorse, they use you on twitter to schmooze you, so that you will buy their clothing, perfumes, their diet products.

Don't fall for their agenda, they don't care about their fans, they only care about themselves and padding their pocket. They will exploit, humiliate and use anyone they can on their shows, and use their fans to get you all to fall for their schemes.

932 days ago


According to the suit the Kardashians fed lies to the public through commercials, magazines and social media, which is probably why that boycott site was set up in the first place.

932 days ago


BOYCOTT EVERYTHING KARTRASHIAN.....They're liers and thieves.

932 days ago


Not surprised at all! They will do anything for money--lie and hurt others just for their fame and fortune.

932 days ago


You haters are all stupid its just another bunch of ambulance chaser Lawyers that are the liers and trying to make a fast buck, QUICKTRIM is a great product. Get the fact first and dont believe everything you read you morons.
Stop hating on people that you dont know and never will.

932 days ago
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