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Mike Epps' Daughter to Cops:

He Threatened to

'F**k' Me Up!!!

3/2/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Epps' 18-year-old daughter claims the comedian has been threatening her ... promising to "f**k her up" -- and now, she's turning to the police for help ... but Mike says the woman is a liar.

Bria Epps filed a police report with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department yesterday -- claiming the threats started after a recent argument between her and her dad.

Bria tells TMZ, the argument started when Mike appeared on an episode of "The Wendy Williams Show" earlier this month and gave a shout out to two of his kids -- but that didn't sit well with his other offspring ... who were pissed at the snub.

Bria -- whom Mike fathered before he married his current wife -- tells us, she called Mike to express her feelings, and when things got heated ... she threatened to "air some family drama" to the media.

According to the police report, Mike flipped at the threat -- claiming he'd "f**k her up" and "cause her and her mom and grandmother problems." So, Bria filed the report.

But sources close to Mike tell us, the tension started before the WW show -- because Bria asked for Mike to give her lump sums of cash to pay for her college tuition. We're told Mike refused, insisting on paying the school directly ... and that's when Bria snapped and made the threat.

According to sources close to Mike, the Wendy Williams fight was secondary.

So far, no official word from Mike's camp.


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Okay it is so obvious that his daughter wanted the money for something else. If she really wanted to go to college why not let her dad pay the college directly? There are plenty of people who wish that there parents could pay their tuition directly!#Team Mike Epps

965 days ago


his daughter is not the brightest bulb in the box, she essentially admits to extoring him and THEN throws the Wendy Williams [whoever that is] into the mix. I believe that he made a similar threat to her in response. That bitch needs to bail out, She crossed the line. All the crocodile tears in the world isn't going to repair what she did... KIDS CAN BE REALLY REALLY STUPID. They don't get sabotaging themselves.

965 days ago


What an idiot. Tell everyone you threaten someone and then run to the cops when you get threatened back? LOL

965 days ago

ibrahm kamara    

she need to be thankful she have a dad who pays her school fees, some of us out here are struggling to make that monthly payment, ungrateful kid, if i was her dad i will let her go out there and face the real world, she is 18 now, she grown enough

965 days ago


Sorry kid, you loose. So what's the problem. This man isn't stupid. Go to college, stay in college and do the best you can and your tutition will be paid for. No problem. Not for you to go party.

965 days ago


Oh cmon.. it's Mike Epps... quick with a witty saying or come back... "Ima **** you up" is probably just what slips out when he gets worked up... like in Next Friday or All about the Benjamins. It's just his style.

965 days ago


She set a trap, and he fell right into it.

965 days ago


That is so sad that his daughter would turn on him this way , he is a great guy , Money is the root of all evil, she is crazy for making such false accusations on her dad over money & who wouldn't be happy just to have their tuition paid !!! Crazy little girl

965 days ago


@LaLa, money is not the root of all evil; the LOVE of money is the root of all evil

965 days ago


I saw Mike Epps at a gas station near Ventura Blvd and Sepulveda Blvd in Sherman Oaks last week. He wwas the biggest ******* I've seen in a while. He took up two pumps with his Mercedes and when a gentleman in his 50's or early 60's asked him to move back a little so he could fill up, (since all the pumps were full) Epps said "**** you Im not moving ****" then he went on and on yelling about how everyone was jealous of him and how they don't have as much money as him. He looked high on something. Then he refused to move even after he was done pumping gas and kept saying "y'all can wait for me" I was amazed how rude and arrogant he was. I wish I would have pulled out my phone and sent the video into TMZ. It was way better than this story

965 days ago


If she's over 18, and out of high school, I'd wash my hands of her. She can go talk to the world. Sounds like she's been a problem.

965 days ago


Spoiled azz kid! She should feel blessed her dad was willing to pay her tuition. She was trying to hustle him, but he out played her azz. That's why he didn't mention her on Wendy Williams, she shady, and got moms ways.

965 days ago

Al's man    

Yes Cee, we do need to say more about Mr. Al Green's comment lol. Grown white men molesting lil boys wearing adorned white dresses in the name of GOD. Oh my wifey, my girl doesn't want me anymore or I've lost my job, let me kill her, myself hell the whole family. Hey, I'll pretend to be the well educated teacher and molest all the children. I want mommy's and daddy's money let me kill them. I can say more but you get the point Al.

965 days ago


MIKE EPPS IS A RACIST ! look up his name on tmz or yahoo or google or whatever. he is a 100% racist !

965 days ago


Well according to the story she needs to sit her ignorant ass down somewhere! I wouldnt blame him about the tuition thing. Bitch, if you have to attend classes, HE SHOULD PAY FOR THEM, NOT GIVE YOU THE MONEY TO JAGG IT OFF!!! I agree with Mike, she needs to get ****ed up!

965 days ago
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