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'Jersey Shore' Star

The Situation is NOT Snooki's Baby Daddy

3/2/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is definitely NOT to blame for the mini-guido baking inside of Snooki's womb ... this according to Sitch's BFF.

"The Unit" -- aka Jonny Manfre -- just called in to “Big Poppa” Gary Spears at KISS-FM in NY ... and said there is absolutely NO baby daddy controversy ... despite the fact Snooki allegedly got all smooshy with Sitch in the past.

"It's not Situation's baby ... I'll tell you that much ... I would assume it's Jionni's baby." Unit is referring to Snook's BF, Jionni Lavalle.

The MTV star adds, "Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. If these people love each other and they're willing to get past each other's skeletons in the closet ... then great."


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the unit needs his own show.

929 days ago


We're talking Snooki here. It's not like someone who got in her pants would actually admit to it, even if they were drunk.

929 days ago

Miss Greta    

I think a Jersey Shore / Maury Povich crossover is in the works.

929 days ago


isn't he supposed to be in jail? i thought he got arrested last summer for a ton of coke and pills?

929 days ago


Sorry Situation you have to be hetro to be able to get a girl preggers. And your gay dude. And a tool.

929 days ago


For the love of god TMZ, will you stop referring to these MTV losers are "stars". Pregnant 16 year old trashy skanks aren't stars. Mental midgets from Jersey/NY or wherever the hell these people hail from are not stars. GTFO with that. Please. Thanks in advance.

929 days ago

Shotty Pippen 33    

Well you can't get pregnant from what she does with the may get indigestion, but not pregnant.

929 days ago


I AM SO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THIS BITCH!! she's probably not even pregnant and this is all just a stupid publicity stunt!

929 days ago

BB not bb    

Well the little rumor that got out could be what is keeping Gionni from proposing to Snooki now, even with her being pregnant. He probably won't get over that too easily, because she never came clean with that like she did over her affair with Vinnie.

Gionni seems kind of old fashioned in mindset while Snooki is very wild. I think he is afraid that she will cheat again and lie about it so that he will never really know what is going on with her. Maybe she should just admit what happened. Maybe she has feelings for Mike and that is why she won't admit it. Mike isn't stupid, I think he knows he must have a chance with Snooki or else he wouldn't keep chasing and playing her.

Snooki needs to grow up and make sure that she wants Gionni and then come clean with him about what happened. Maybe then he can trust her.

929 days ago


"The Unit" (also known as "The Tool") is NOT a Jersey Shore "star". None of them are stars, especially him. He is a clingy low-life that is starved for Hollywood attention. He has no talent, and he is completely and utterly digusting.

Snookie should NEVER procreate. This should be banned and she should be steralized. Actually, they all should be...

929 days ago


you guys are complete s*** bags! snooki acts stupid yeah but i don't feel that it makes her any less of a fit mother then the anyone else. you people are simply hating.

929 days ago


I think after getting shot down by Bristol Palin, Sitch ain't able to perform at all.

929 days ago


So it must be Vinny's??? Because DJ Pauly D is too smart to messing with that shish...

929 days ago


But what if the baby is black like he said... there maybe more to the story.... oh no there is a situation.

929 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Of course he isn't. The Situation is gay, and Snooki is a cow. I'd go look for a blind guy who goes by the name of Bull.

929 days ago
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