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Whitney Houston

Secret 'Son' UNWELCOME

at Singer's Home

3/2/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney invited Nick Gordon to live with her and Bobbi Kristina

Whitney Houston
's mom is on a mission to eradicate the bad influences from Bobbi Kristina's life ... and she's starting with a 22-year-old man who Whitney treated like her very own son.

Houston family sources tell TMZ ... Whitney invited Nick Gordon to live with her and Bobbi Kristina more than 10 years ago ... when Whitney learned Nick's mother could no longer care for him.

Whitney considered Nick her unofficially adopted son ... and treated him like family up until the end.

But now, sources tell us ... Cissy Houston believes Nick is a bad influence on her granddaughter and wants him OUT of the Houston family home in Atlanta ... ASAP.

We're told Cissy has already informed her lawyers about the eviction ... in case he puts up a fight.

There are reports that Nick was included in Whitney's will ... but so far, we're told the reports have not been confirmed by members of the Houston family.


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wow...too much drama

934 days ago


Someone tell Cissy to sit her azz down....where has Cissy been all these damn years...

934 days ago

Steelers suck    

Cissy Houston, taking lessons from Katherine Jackson I see!!!

934 days ago


Where were these vultures when Whitney was on the fast track to death? Now they are all about who the good influences are in the ADULT childs life, the daughter should tell them all to drop dead.

934 days ago


Just wondering what Cissy plans on doing differently this time around.

934 days ago


She's just trying to cut him out of any inheritance. All that greed will come back on her and her family.

934 days ago


I don't know about anybody else but when I was 18 my granny wasn't making any decisions for me. These meddling busy bodies need to let this kid grow up

934 days ago


That's not cool. I don't believe Whitney would like that. Cissy should treat him as Whitney would have wanted him to be treated.

934 days ago


If Whitney's mom keep doing what she is doing she is pushing Bobbi farther away from her. Bobbi birthday will be on March 4, her first birthday without her mom.If Bobbi stays with her she want be able to control her, the girl is 18. She lost the most important person to her. She has alot of days ahead of her some days will be good some will be bad.Grandma may have good intentions Bobbi is 18 she is going to dowhat she wants to do.Let's pray that God will be with her on her first Birthday without her mom.

934 days ago


It's a bit vindictive to evict the kid that Whitney cared so much for. If he was such a bad influence then why not reach out to him to make him a better person instead of trying to tear him down? With this and her keeping Bobby Christina away from her own dad - it seems like Cissy is on the war path to make everyone pay for Whitney's death when in the end Whitney did this to herself. Cissy should be taking healing actions in this situation to make things better, not cause more drama

934 days ago


BK should hightail it outta there pronto before whatever little money is left goes to lawyers trying to stop Cissy and Dionne and the rest of Whitnet's "crew / managers" from going after the gravy train.

Wouldn't it be nice if the will made provisions for that kid and BK only and specified that the rest of the family gets nothing (a la MJ)

934 days ago


obviously Whitney loved that boy. so her family needs to consider what Whitney loved and just move on. It sounds like they are concerned more about money than making choices on what Whitney wanted. So far this is the first time i'm hearing of this boy...he obviously didn't sell Whitney out before this so just leave the boy alone, Cissy.

934 days ago


I don't think Cissy is a greedy woman. I think she wants to save Bobbi K. Whitney was a horrible mother, a bad influence and hung around the wrong people . If the house belongs to Cissy, she kick both the boy and Bobbi Kris out.

934 days ago


There is one thing I don't get. Have you ever been to Newark N.J? It is not exactly the place money hungry people would be living who had Whitney as a daughter. Stars usually take care of there family first. Why would Cissy stay in Newark of all places. Nothing against New Jersey but Newark is the last place I would want to live if I had multi millionare for a daughter. I don't know what is truth, but it seems Cissy may not be money hungry grandmother everone makes he out to be or clearly she would have left Newark N.j and be living in a mansion someplace ANYWHERE but there!! Think about it. I'm just sayin.

934 days ago


You people need to get lives. You don't know any more about these people than what the gossip sites make up. Stop being so stupid and hateful. You're lives suck and misery loves company, we get it. But stop bashing these people who could care less about you. Along with the rest of the world, Mrs. Houston doesn't even know you exist. You're opinion doesnt count!!!

934 days ago
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