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Whitney Houston

Secret 'Son' UNWELCOME

at Singer's Home

3/2/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney invited Nick Gordon to live with her and Bobbi Kristina

Whitney Houston
's mom is on a mission to eradicate the bad influences from Bobbi Kristina's life ... and she's starting with a 22-year-old man who Whitney treated like her very own son.

Houston family sources tell TMZ ... Whitney invited Nick Gordon to live with her and Bobbi Kristina more than 10 years ago ... when Whitney learned Nick's mother could no longer care for him.

Whitney considered Nick her unofficially adopted son ... and treated him like family up until the end.

But now, sources tell us ... Cissy Houston believes Nick is a bad influence on her granddaughter and wants him OUT of the Houston family home in Atlanta ... ASAP.

We're told Cissy has already informed her lawyers about the eviction ... in case he puts up a fight.

There are reports that Nick was included in Whitney's will ... but so far, we're told the reports have not been confirmed by members of the Houston family.


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J Cartier    

Whitney's wishes be dam***, Cissy? You're coming across as a first class a****le.

905 days ago


If he has been treated like a son/brother why is granny trying to get the son/brother out of her grand daughters life. It is starting to sound like the Jackson family and the money train. Because there were no papers drawn up she should be out in the streets?

905 days ago


Who's house is it Whitneys or Cissys? Who's name is on the deed? This kid is 18 and if per Houstons will unless she has to wait till 21 or whatever I don't see where grandma has a say in anything.

Bash and blame Bobby Brown all you want for what Houston did to herself. He's been clean and sober for over 6 years has moved on with his life. She did not only made it worse.

Hey how come they don't thank Clive Davis who was paying most of Whitneys bills and expenses for a long time.

905 days ago


Why kick his azz to curb? What did he do? It says she loved him like a son, considered him a son and possibly included him in her will. Cissy is looking like one money grubbing bi/tch at this point! Get Bobbi K around from this old harpy while she still has an inheritance.

905 days ago


If Whitney accepted him and he's in the last WILL and testament there isn't anything anyone can do about it but move on and let it be. That's what lawyers are for. And if she's really protecting Bobbi Kris then let her live for herself she should've protected that child when she was a young girl. She didn't.. let her be

905 days ago


You should have been cleaning house a long time ago and it should have started with Bobby Brown. Also, get that annoying space between these teeth fixed on this druggie.

905 days ago


Ciccy has some serious problems. Has anyone considered that maybe Whitney's mother was the root of her problems? Overbearing, controlling and money hungry. Good thing she is not here to witness all this madness.

905 days ago


She is a grown damn woman, she better get with the program and make her own good decisions.

905 days ago


He is as ghetto as the rest! A whole family of of ghetto pigs. They should hang out with the Jacksons. They can sit around trying to figure out how to get their hands on money they didn't earn.

905 days ago


Sounds like someone needs to kick Crissi to the curb too.
No wonder Whitney was such a mess.

905 days ago


Isn't Bobbi old enough to make her own decissions? I know Cissy loves her grand daughter, but I thought she was of an age to make her own mind up on personal issues. Isn't she over 18?

905 days ago


This controlling old lady also rejected Bobby Brown's plea to get Bobbi Kristina into therapy.

905 days ago


I love how many people on here excoriate (big word; you can look it up) Cissy, when they have zero idea what type of person she is... but proudly proclaim their ignorance of her based on gossip website rumors. Unless you were Whitney's psychologist or Cissy's best friend, you know NOTHING about them. Stop adding to people's pain during this time and get a life doing something constructive.

905 days ago


KICK HIS ASS OUT OF THE HOUSE!! He's the one who sold Whitney's picture to National Enquirer!! Mother****er!!

905 days ago


Cissy is cleaning house for real!

905 days ago
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