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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

A Happy Meal

3/3/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photographic evidence that food, or rather a bag containing food, touched the hands of Angelina Jolie today in Los Angeles.

It is unclear whether or not this constitutes "eating."

According to our sources, she would have to consume the food inside the bag for it to constitute "a meal."

Jolie was the passenger in a car driven by Brad Pitt as they made their way through a McDonald's drive-thru.

Calls to a rep for Angelina's right leg were not returned.



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I just LOVE these two and their kids. They're really quite down to earth.

932 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

can you say STAGED ?

932 days ago

Serious Jelly    

Another BLACK stereotype broken.

Fast food restaurants have new clientele : the uber-rich.

In our nation's dismal economy, the bar for fast food has seemingly lowered. More and more wealthy Americans are fleeing to their local Mickey D's for an extravagant three-course happy meal. An American Express study showed that the "ultra-affluent" boosted their fast-food spending by 24 percent compared to a similar time period last year-

Lower-income consumers went up ONLY eight percent.

932 days ago


TMZ is covering this, why? Nasty comments are made, why? Angelina Jolie is one of the most admirable actors that exists today. Does it really matter how thin she is? She's more beautiful than any person that posts on this website, could ever hope to be. Green-eyed monster shines through again. Get a life people and stop being so negative towards every person that is beautiful, wealthy, talented and happy.

932 days ago


Did she flash the drive through attendant her thigh, or were the Oscar viewers the only 'lucky' ones?

She probably ordered a diet coke with her coke.

932 days ago


I'm not even going to comment on this!


932 days ago


I heard if you breathe fried food just the molecules in the air can cause weight gain and/or bad skin.

Lift the leg again !!! hahahah that was hilariious as heck.

932 days ago

Bryan Dorn    

Who really gives a damn?

932 days ago


She and Bratt are splitting a happy meal.

932 days ago


OMG! Just WHAT do the media want? If it had been Kirstie Alley, people would've been all over her for going to McDonald's because she had been (or did she gain it back) fat? The media crows that people are too fat or too skinny. Again, what do they all want exactly? Seems to me they just want perfect all the time. And perfect all the time is just not normal for humans, doesn't matter if the human is an actress or a toll boooth employee.

932 days ago

buzz kill    

Actually it's a photo op. Who believes they really eat this crap.

932 days ago

billy cema    

So, will that add some meat to her gluteus MINIMUS?

932 days ago

earl peterson    

i hate the people that comment about the fact she has money..and why she doesn´t get help..and only because you have money it is easy to get help.
my little sis is anorexic..we are wealthy(well not like jolie)..and she has been in many,MANY programs in order to get help.
anorexia is a incredible difficult to sis is in therapy nearly her whole adult life and sometimes it gets better and then she gets sick again...and so on and so on.
so stfu you stupid morons you have no idea.
it doesn´t matter how much money you have--you can´t buy health.
angeline clearly has some mental issues going on.
she always did

932 days ago


No Way in HELL Angie actually ate this There must be some other explanation

932 days ago


They probably picked up some junk food for their kids...Angie obviously doesn't eat anything..& Brad must enjoy that Buchenwald body of hers..

932 days ago
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