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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Gonna SING

My Opening Monologue on SNL

3/3/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's taking her music career to the next level on SNL tonight -- TMZ has learned, the actress plans to SING the majority of her opening monologue on the sketch show.

Sources tell TMZ, nothing's off the table either -- Lindsay will poke fun at all the recent mishaps in her life ... arrests, endless court dates, necklace-stealing sagas, jail, morgue duty ... the list goes on.

But Lindsay won't be alone on stage -- we're told several cast members will join her in chorus.

Sources tell us, Lindsay wants to show the world she doesn't take herself as seriously as people think -- and actually has a sense of humor about the legal troubles that have plagued her the last few years.

We're told Lindsay has also extended several personal invites to famous friends to join her on the show -- and they unanimously accepted. No word yet on who the surprise guests might be.

Bottom line ... Lindsay knows there's a lot riding on tonight's performance -- so she's determined to make it one for the ages, practicing non-stop all week long.

Speaking of singing -- let's all take a moment to remember Lindsay's foray into pop music ...


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Who are these people saying "I bet you've done the same thing"? I don't know ANYBODY that has gotten TWO DUI's and is a convicted thief. Or ANYONE who's been to rehab ONCE let alone FIVE TIMES!!! I've never been arrested for anything in my life. No, I don't know ANYONE like Lindsay. These aren't just youthful mistakes either. She's 25, and was 24 when she took that necklace and didn't return it.

I wonder about the people on here who compare everyone to her. They must be as messed up as she is...

963 days ago


Next week on SNL cassey Anthony will be singing "Oh Beautiful"..Lorne thinks she should poke fun at her self too.
Joran Vandersloot in of hiadus but SNL wanted him to sing engleasius song "all the girls I loved before"..
FCK SNL..and Lorne Michaels

963 days ago


You dont have to watch it. It will be on SNL site and youtube. Lets keep those ratings low!

963 days ago


not only does the audiance has to gauge their eardrums out with a fork..but they have to endure a recap..of her "poking fun" Kidnapping,Grandtheft,DUIs,pics Of needles in the arm,3 years of preying mantis SAM,FU on the fingernails..disrespecting the kids in INDIA..
DONT stop there Lielo poke fun of the meds you are on that help your STDs...and the old people you banged to keep in the spot light

963 days ago

The Real JJ    

She never had a parent figure in her life so that sucks for her. Plus her dad is in the media doing whateva the f*ck he does. I remember her in the Disney days so im not gonna knock this time. Im pullin for her but ive done that before.

963 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Mishaps..........I'm sure that is what all criminal's call their sentances and jailtime. Mishaps.

963 days ago


If she would put as much energy and time into getting a college education, then I might take her seriously; otherwise, she's just another child star who couldn't make the transition and can't face that reality. Looking so desperate for attention is not working for her. And...what in the heck happened to her lips?!!

963 days ago


Lorne was spotted yesterday Buying Valtrex..and sporting some Love get what you pay for.

963 days ago


I just wish she would get her ****e together. She had so much going for her and she flushed it down the drain. Being famous really messed her up. I'm starting to lose hope as she hasn't reached her "bottom" yet.

963 days ago


So tired of the "comeback" talk. It's been said before but I'm gonna say that sh*t again. You have to GO AWAY in order to come back. You have to make people have this thought when your name comes up, "Hmm, I wonder what she is like these days." No one can have that thought about Lindsay, because we know what she is like EVERY day, whether we want to or not. There is no mystique, there is no passing of time that might be potentially healing old wounds or eroding bad habits. This just isn't how you make a "comeback", and it is quite simply destined to fail.

963 days ago


I've studied faces for years, and her pictures throughout the years reveals that she has been egotistical for a long time. It's her undoing.

963 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

The Vaginal Monologue, but spelled with a C.

963 days ago


her comeback should start with a patraial of Rock Dennis.because she resembles the movie "MASK" more then anyone in hollywood

963 days ago


She should do what she does best, and that's breaking the law.. Leave the singing to people who can.... Sorry she sucks

963 days ago


Actually, LieHo, people think you don't take your life or the law seriously....that's the problem, dumbass! Nonetheless, if they are not locking her in a pillory and then caning the spoiled bitch out of her, then I won't be watching.

963 days ago
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