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Lindsay Lohan

Almost Live from New York ...

3/3/2012 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving her New York hotel this morning, script in hand, as she gets ready to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight.

As TMZ previously reported, LiLo plans to sing her opening monologue and from there ... nothing is off limits. We're also told Lindsay has invited several famous friends to cameo on the show, but no word on exactly who will make an appearance. 

Lindsay is counting on tonight's "SNL" to re-launch her career. So we gotta ask ...


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that was unfortunate

930 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

She didn't steal the show! Lindsay Lohan relies on cue cards as she presents Saturday Night Live (with a lot of help from her comedy friends)
Last updated at 7:04 AM on 4th March 2012
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Lindsay Lohan hit the ground running for her Saturday Night Live presenting gig, but mostly thanks to the presence of the ever-ready cue cards.
With tendrils of platinum blonde hair whirling around her strangely puffy face like a lion's mane, this was Lohan the braveheart attempting to win back an audience more interested in her car crash personal life than her skills.
But did it work?

Demure: Lindsay Lohan looked the part tonight as she presented Saturday Night Live but relied on the autocue too heavily
A Fox report skit featuring Republican candidate Mitt Romney softened Lindsay's entrance as regular viewers got to enjoy a taster starter of rich political satire before their Hollywood main course.
But Bill Hader's Norman Bates presenter outstayed his welcome as fans awaited what was being described on Twitter as 'National Lindsay Lohan Comeback Day!'
Then there she was, dressed in a midnight blue dress that was perfect for the occasion.
It was fitted, it was also demure but did little to distract from that aging bloat around her facial features that the 25-year-old has been causing consternation with for the past few days.

Alarm bells: Lindsay feigns surprise when a siren rings as she steps away from the stage, the show relies heavily on jokes about her troubled life

Comedy gold: Kenan Thompson appears on stage to check Lohan's pupils, but she fails to engage in banter with the comedian who easily bests her
'I know, I feel lucky and grateful to be here tonight, I really want to thank all my friends at SNL who trusted me to come back,' she read out as she introduced herself with a genuine air of uncertainty.
Then an alarm went off as she tried to wander from the stage.
'Wait I thought you trusted me?
'You're telling me an alarm goes off when I leave the stage?' she yelled in mock horror.
Soon she was relieved of her awkward, lonely stance by Kenan Thompson, who arrived to check her pupils for the tell-tale signs of dilation due to drugs.

Female solidarity: But Kristen Wiig's hug for Lindsay turns into a pat down, which may have been predictable... but was also hilarious

Falling flat: Jimmy Fallon's gag that Lindsay should've starred in The Help was as weakly received as Lindsay's autocue soliloquies
Lindsay woodenly riposted to him: 'I should check yours!'
But he replied with the ease of one not reliant on the jarring cards: 'I haven't been stoned since Good Burger 1997.'
Then Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig arrived on the stage, oozing the kind of confidence that was bound to leave Lindsay in the shade.
Lohan told her: 'I just feel that everyone thinks I'm going to screw up!'
But Wiig replied: 'Everyone believes in you believe me,' before hugging her then sliding it into a pat down.

He's ready: Mad Men's John Hamm was there as back up host

Showing a bit of flair: The first prerecorded sketch allowed Lindsay to spread her wings, and of course, not be live
'The new old Lindsay Lohan is back,' announced Jimmy Fallon.
But the next riff on the star's haphazard past was that Mad Men star John Hamm was on stand as back-up host.
Hamm said to Lindsay: 'You're going to be just great' while mouthing: 'I'm ready,' to Jimmy, and it was hard to shake the feeling that they were only half joking.
But a brilliant skit called The Real Housewives of Disney saw Lindsay playing a wild Rapunzel (a thinly veiled version of herself) and offered a delightful nod to her past as a innocent star of the studio where dreams come true.
It was a short-lived, however, as a second sketch, formed around the 2012 Psychic Awards as a central conceit saw Lindsay struggle with her autocue as she donned a brown wig and tried to ably support the hilarious Andy Samberg.

Inspired: The sketches worked the best for Lindsay, who seemed wooden in her live links
She failed quite badly, but it was the Scaring Straight skit with Kenan that formed Lindsay's low point.
A recurring laugh based on a scheme to have convicts frighten youngsters away from a life of a crime, this was the perfect chance for Lindsay to subvert the embarrassments of the past.
Pop culture loves a knowing heroine, and had Lindsay delivered her monologue about the vicissitudes of fame found young and a young adulthood of criminality with any sense of awareness then it's hard to think that the audience could've resisted her.
Instead, she read this comic seam based on the most personal of experiences from an autocue as if they were lines from a bad B movie.
It could've been funny, it could've even been moving... but Lindsay made it so clear that she wasn't in on the joke that in the end it was just painful.


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930 days ago


OK, I'm MASSIVELY pissed, I just looked to see my 'tape' and it didn't fvckin tape, I missed it.

930 days ago


Well, she blew it...and not in a good way. She is no longer even professional; she slithers along with the rank amateurs dragging down the cast. SNL does not need help racing to the bottom. Epic Failure after enormous puffery, too bad she didn't bail out, eh?

930 days ago


You guys attacking Lindsay were ready to attack her before SNL even aired. Lindsay can't do anything to please the haters because haters are jerks who just like to hate on people.

930 days ago


GC, I'm 'watchin it now' but I thought I taped it and it didn't fvckin tape. Like I said in 'chat', this TRICK would know who James Carville and Mary Matalin was if her life depended on it. This twit thought 'Carville' was the 'ICE CREAM OWNERS'. Cnut!

930 days ago


Take one good long look at the bad guy, you bag lady bullies, biches, and douches! Take the Vicodin and the Vodka, and put your misery to rest! Just do it, because the world will NEVER be yours!

930 days ago



930 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Looks like Lindsay isn't the only bad actor around tonight!

930 days ago


the Prize Heifer really is turning into a cash COW........I hope some of you guys like like extra cushion.....maybe she is starting to eat too many Ding Dongs.. instead of sucking them for $$$$???

930 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I can hear her agent now..."Well Lindsay, there is a lot to be said for infomercials. Just look at the Popeil polyester pocket pancake pouch. Everybody needs one and you get a piece of the action. I can get you on from 3am to 315am nightly."

930 days ago


Lindsay Lohan on 'Saturday Night Live': Worst host of the year?
by Darren Franich
Tags: Saturday Night Live, TV
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Lindsay Lohan’s NBC-enabled mini-comeback climaxed tonight with her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Lohan herself was mostly pushed to the background for the show, usually appearing in unchallenging supporting roles in sketches. The show winked at Lohan’s history of legal troubles in the monologue — Lohan got a pat-down from Kristen Wiig — and in a new “Scared Straight” sketch, in which Lohan played herself. (In that sketch, Lohan’s dependency on cue cards became excruciatingly clear during a long soliloquy.) A visiting Jon Hamm was officially named the night’s back-up host, and the Mad Men star arguably got a bigger laugh for his brief appearance as Snooki’s baby daddy than Lohan got all night.
It certainly wasn’t the blazing comeback performance us Lohan apologists have been hoping for. But how bad was it? Did you give Lohan grade inflation just for showing up? Did you like how Jimmy Fallon accepted Lohan’s out-of-nowhere and completely unplanned invitation? How does her episode stack up to this season’s other hosts? Take the poll below, and check back here Sunday morning for my complete recap.

Damnnnn!!!...So Sad!

930 days ago

just my opinion    

three things. 1. she didn't sing. 2. she barely had any lines the whole show and the ones she did have, she made painfully obvious that she was overly reliant on cue cards 3. she blew it.

930 days ago


mr. green ..... you must like your ladies looking like overstuffed kielbasa sausages.... she is hot and sexy for someone who has a face like roseanne barr... rosieeee so hot and sexxyyyy

930 days ago


I got a nice Cuban Necktie for you h8tards, and a helicopter ride, unfortunately if bag lady bullies were worth money, they wouldn't be worth a hill of beans or a gram of yayo!

930 days ago
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