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Lindsay Lohan

Almost Live from New York ...

3/3/2012 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving her New York hotel this morning, script in hand, as she gets ready to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight.

As TMZ previously reported, LiLo plans to sing her opening monologue and from there ... nothing is off limits. We're also told Lindsay has invited several famous friends to cameo on the show, but no word on exactly who will make an appearance. 

Lindsay is counting on tonight's "SNL" to re-launch her career. So we gotta ask ...


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her fans are not sure of her if they worry about a poll.

902 days ago


Looks like that hair is getting ready to go red tonight. I think she's going to nail it; I'm only worried about her face now.

902 days ago


Not a Blowhan fan, but I hope she does OK. I did a lot of acting in my day (yes, TV) and I'm sure she is terrified. There is nothing worse than an actor blowing their lines. It doesn't really matter anyway, her career as a movie actress is over.

902 days ago


"We're also told Lindsay has invited several famous friends to cameo on the show"----get ready for Ali!! Oh, I mean,[snort], Aliana.

902 days ago


I really hope she nails it. I also hope her new movie is a hit because she hit her rock bottom and it is time for her to come back as Britney did.

902 days ago


I mean this in the nicest way possible..
words of incouragement.
she should take it to heart.
like a scripture out of her bible.
If miss piggy and Daffy duck had a abortion,it would look like lindsay...

902 days ago


OMG. She is SO UGLY!!!!! Doesn't she care? Doesn't she know?!?!? Jeeze.

902 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Alright DOUCHEBAGS and DOUCHEBAGETTES, I gotti roll but I'm sure all you H8turds will continue to post, since it's the best way to practice for the writing portion of your GED!!!!

If you got something pressing, call me on my cell, (222) 867-5309!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

902 days ago


It's after 6pm on the east coast. Linds just exploded awake and did more coke up one side than she pulled in from SNL. With Vikram back on our planet, who paying for all the cocaine?

902 days ago


How does a comeback work when never missed?

Per Lindsay Lohan, all is fair game, yet she has to check it with lawyers? Why? Lohan prabally has her standard sueing lawsuite (just fill in the blanks) ready and waiting

Guessing by now cast, crew, hair make-up, wardrobe, props, has what they don't want stolen locked up.

Lohan of course will speed dial tmz as she is patting herself on the back saying how she was such a good sport the applause sign flashing, hands clapping like it's ment.


902 days ago


Y'all don't get it do ya......Whether she Nails it for blows it..which is a asinine pole in the first place...tomorrow TMZ will herald it out to the media world how fabulous she was and how she it proves she is a wonderful actress and how now everybody in the acting world will be beating down her door steps to get such a talented wonderful actress like Lindsay Lohan to work for them..and they might even throw in Sainthood for good measure........
and Lohan Inc will spin it like she won that Oscar she craves.....All from hosting a dead in the water but don't know it late night TV show ...that hasn't been relevant since 1990.......
But the Biggest joke is Lindsay will have to head back to LA and her 30O sq ft room she shares with 5 people and back to pretending to work at the morgue for 25 more days...and get on the phone and beg somebody else for work cause she will still be on the top of the No hire list for has been used up child stars who have ruined their faces with plastic surgery so that even the Models jobs are drying up..
P.S. from those photos and as thick as those extensions are in her hair I would hazard to ques she would be almost completely bald with them.....UGH !!

902 days ago


This is going to be one of the best SNL's in years. Rock on, Lindsay!!! <3

902 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

She will do fine. Lindsay Lohan is an ensemble cast player, and she will never be alone on the stage. She has had people propping her up all week long and the week is not over yet. Lindsay, when the camera is on you keep your mouth closed, and the entire crew has your back for when you screw up.

902 days ago


The only time I've seen anyone on TV laughing and/or braging about their crimes are the prisoners on "Locked Up"

902 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

You know she has been on a short leash all week and has been watched like a hawk. It is done and over with tonight and I am sure Dina has a back booth somewhere already reserved so she can have her "reward" and prance around basking in her glory and threatening to sue anyone that takes pictures of her boozing. Her one real fail this week was the "out take" of the Lauer interview where she lied about sobriety. So sad for her, she just does not get it

902 days ago
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