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'16 and Pregnant' Star

I'm NOT Pregnant ... Period

3/3/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Purvis mug shot
"16 and Pregnant" star Whitney Purvis tells TMZ ... she DID swipe a pregnancy test off the shelf at a Walmart this week ... but says she's glad to report she's NOT with child.

TMZ broke the story ... the 20-year-old reality star was arrested in Georgia on Thursday when store security caught her smuggling a First Response preggo test into the women's restroom.

Purvis admits ... she did INTEND to use the test in the restroom ... but chickened out at the last minute and threw it away before she could pee on the stick.

Purvis explains, "My boyfriend was with me and he had money – but I didn’t want to freak him out. I was just being stupid with my decisions. I wish I would have handled the situation better."

The former MTV star was hauled to a nearby jail ... and released a short time later.

But before Purvis could go back to the store to legally purchase another test ... Mother Nature answered her question with a surprise visit from Aunt Flo.

Whitney's reaction -- "I was excited because I didn’t want another kid – I already have one.” 

Purvis says she's learned her lesson -- noting, "I never will go back to jail or steal again in my life."


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REALITY STAR???????????? wow, what next? What other trash will you refer to as a reality star? This world of tv makes me sick. PPL like her should have abortions left and right. No child needs a mother like THAT.

964 days ago


Not only in Georgia moron. Pregnancy tests are one of the most stolen items in stores all over the U.S. Also, you might want to check your grammar. You sound like uneducated white trash, and in case you're wondering I'm not even from Georgia.

963 days ago


Another nobody who somehow gets play in print online. She got pregnant and that's her claim to fame. Nobody cares about useless trash like this. And rightfully so.

963 days ago


So, she doesn't want another kid.. someone please tell her that there is this amazing invention she can take that will stop her from getting pregnant. CONDOMS, BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, THE BC PATCH, the list goes on. IT'S NOT THE FRIGGIN HARD. My goodness. If you don't want kids, use protection. then you wouldn't have to steal prego tests from walmart.

963 days ago


Ok, so you aren't pregnant, that's great! However, you are still stupid.

963 days ago


Please don't call these MTV people 'stars' - it demeans and devalues the word to imply they've ever done anything in their lives worth watching.

963 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Is it just me, or do the words "White Trash Slut" come to anyone else's mind?

963 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

>> There's this very bright, intelligent Georgetown Law student who is being crucified by the far right of our country right at this moment, because she is trying to defend women having the right to contraception. The use of contraception not just for preventing babies, but also for women's health in general. This bright young woman is being called a slut, a prostitute, a porn actress, immoral, you name it, she's being called it.
>> And now there's this woman, who already has one child out of wedlock, who's stealing from stores to find out whether she's pregnant again. And TMZ is calling her a STAR????? A word that invokes someone who is special? Someone who should be looked up by others?
>> WTF is wrong with this world?

963 days ago


Prison for stealing an $11 pregnancy test? Give me a ****ing break.

963 days ago


963 days ago


Yeah, she won't steal again, but she'll still f*$% like a wild pig with no morals.

963 days ago


I've got one for ya - USE A CONDOM!!

963 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Her face looks sort of cute, in a trailer trash gutter monkey kind of way. Then you realize she's about 5'4" and weighs about 220 pounds.

963 days ago


If the media would stop making 'celebrities' out of all these dysfunctional attention starved idiots, we'd see a lot less dysfunctional attention starved idiots!

As long as there is a positive reward for bad behavior, we'll see people scrambling to join the circus.

When did it become acceptable to pretend bad manners, loose morals &/or illegal behavior were something to celebrate or admire? Disgusting that people strive to reach such LOW heights.

963 days ago

space monkey    

What a 16 & pregnant person has been arrested. Isn't that the main plot line in the show. Is there anyone on that show that is currently in jail or under investergation?? It was a pretty poor effort in being arrested but i am sure MTV would have dealt with Walmart to make this a bigger issue than it should be so it can feature on the show.

963 days ago
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