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Christie Brinkley

Asks Judge to Fine

Ex Peter Cook $140,000

3/4/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_Christie-Brinkley_Peter-Cook_gettyChristie Brinkley and Peter Cook are once again engaged in a bitter court battle with Brinkley asking a judge to fine Cook $140,000 for sending her abusive emails. 

Brinkley claims Cook has violated a court order not to harass her, the NY Daily News reports. The paper says a judge decided Cook would be fined $5,000 any time he violates the order ... which Brinkley says has happened a whopping 28 times.

Brinkley is also asking for an additional $32,000 in educational costs for their two children.

Cook reportedly has asked a judge for the same fines against Brinkley ... to the tune of $200,000.

The couple divorced back in 2008 and have been locked in bitter court battles ever since.


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Obviously she needs $$$ to pay for her plastic surgery

926 days ago


Oh thank god , she's finally showing her age , even so she looks 'done'.

926 days ago


This is why ex-couples should limit their comments to the school schedule. Details at

926 days ago


Whatever what he did to her was despicable and how she found out even worse, she like Halle Berry have terrible luck with men, I think theynare probably too high maintenance, but whatever, he still is an ass, she should have stayed with Billy and worked it out. Billy was the best for her.

926 days ago


They are ridiculous. Also grow old gracefully... There is nothing worse than someone trying to pass themselves off as younger, makes them look desperate. Everybody ages!

926 days ago


Isn't this the guy that was screwing the teenaged chick and paying her BIG bucks to stay quiet? He should not be getting a cent from Brinkley... And by the way...she is not spending Billy Joel money...she has PLENTY of her own! Just sayin"

926 days ago


When did she start wearing a wig? It looks tacky.

926 days ago


Will someone please kill Peter Cook0-----Now !

926 days ago


I really am saddened to hear this is still happening to Christie but I am not surprised. I KNEW that when she went through that awful divorce with Peter Cook was going to be far from over. The advice I would give to Christie is to NEVER, EVER trust this man. I mean NEVER! I know one tries to keep the peace when there are children involved but if there is a way he can find to humiliate and/or embarrass or exploit Christie...he will do it. His character is already ruined so he has nothing to lose at this juncture. I also would REALLY carefully watch the time he spends with her children. He is a man who is full of deceit, arrogance and takes no responsibility for what he has done to her in the past. I would also tell Christie to hire a good private detective because as I said...this man cannot be trusted. He is jealous of her fame and popularity in the public eye and always will be. I hope the judge makes him pay up...but I can see him continuing on with his antics well into the future.

925 days ago

blonde power    

I wonder how many people commenting have succeeded in marriage. Or have ever married. Christie didn't shack up with these men. She didn't have children out of wedlock. She has a big heart and her only crime was picking men who didn't deserve her. Many of todays young so-called "celebrities" are a disgusting lot who shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as Christie Brinkley. Billy Joel was a drunk, the next guy was a fraud, and this Peter needs to have his little "peter" cut off for having sex with a teenager while married to Christie. What a big mouthed jerk! He's just showing how pissed he is that Christie didn't take him back. She has been strong enough to move on when she sees that her situation with her men has been irreversibly ruined. Calling her a gold digger is a joke. She is the golden one who sadly attracted dogs.

903 days ago


Way to fight back Christie!! I wish I had...more than once been betrayed. You inspire me. xo

873 days ago
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