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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

I Want an Expensive Roof

Over My Head!

3/4/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry wants his 3-year-old daughter Nahla to live in surroundings to which she has become accustomed ... and he wants Halle to pay dearly for it.

TMZ has learned what Gabriel wants in the way of $$$ -- and it's a lot.  We've learned Aubry has filed legal docs asking the family law judge to force Halle to give him $15,000 - $20,000 a month for a proper home. 

Gabriel has also asked for a laundry list of other things from Halle, including what we're told is a "very large" amount of money for the little girl's clothing, as well as money to take the child to Canada to visit his family.

We're told Halle is fighting Gabriel tooth and nail on his request. The hearing on the money issues was scheduled for Monday, but it's now been put off until April 9, in part because the family law judge wants to see what the dependency judge does to Gabriel. 

If the dependency judge takes away some of Gabriel's custody rights, it would have an impact on any child support Halle would have to fork over.



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noreen huggins    

go gabriel it aboth time hit her in her wallet she is a bitch, she have a problem with your house let her pay for a new one if the shoe was on the other foot halle be taking him to the cleaner like she did her first husband and she didn't have any kids with him.

932 days ago


I could care less about these two but just enough to read the thread and its subsequent comments and come to this conclusion...

I really couldn't care less about these two.

It eems to me that most everyone is jumping to conclusions (the bandwagon of Team Halle vs Team Gabriel) to a one-sided story. Why not wait for the full story before passing judgment instead of embarrassing yourselves by sounding like a bunch of know-it-all douches?

Somewhere along the way, the truth will reveal itself. It always does. #TruthWinning

932 days ago

greyeyed girl    

why should she give him anything, they were never married. I would'nt give him ****! It's his responsibly to take care of her just as it is need in paying him to take care of his child!

932 days ago


Well what is good for the goose must also be good for the gander. Time for these skanks to pay-up for marring toy boys. She knew she was playing this guy for a sucker and a sperm donor and now wants him out of here and that ugly kids life. Go for it gander I do not blame you.

932 days ago


A woman with a child in his position could be doing the same thing. How'd you feel about that? I see nothing wrong with his requests. And it's up to the court's anyway because, obviously, those two would never work something out between themselves.

932 days ago


Gabby forgets that Nahla will grow up to become a young woman and will read the facts of this money-grubbering sad excuse for a man. She will have absolutely no respect for him or his Canadian relatives when she does. SMDH!!!!

932 days ago


He should have done this along time ago.

932 days ago


Now all the women are saying its not right, the tables have turned. Hes just asking what all women with kids want, money, money and more money. Good for him!

932 days ago


Why not, it's about time he fights back. Those Hollywood bitches like Ox et al. are ALWAYS being AWARDED [perfect word] a ton of cash from their ex... we know the Californian courts rules in favor of rich, women and celebrities so that three strikes against Gabe... so how is the court going to get around this? Between those bitches at the LA children and family and the court, under the directorship/dictatorship of Hally Berry - they are going to nail his ass to the wall and remove ALL custody from him... don't know if you thought about that Gabe. I'm worried about that. Depute the LALA LAND PR that Americans would like to think about the country, our system is corrupt as HELL. You know I have your back Bro, but you're getting ready to step in some really nasty, ruthless, unscrupulousness chit. I really, REALLY hope you have SOME beyond good attorneys to put the court on watch--because you're going to need THEM... or you can try the Ox trick of making Halley pay for your attorneys---BLIND JUSTICE?.... HARDLY

932 days ago

Silly TMZ    

Perhaps if Halle had been a mature adult and worked out a fair custody arrangement that allowed this man to see his child as much as she sees the child, he would've been more fair about his support demands. No woman has the right to prevent a father from seeing his child just because she has broken up with the father. She should be happy her daughter has a father who wants to be involved and she clearly has a lot of growing up to do. One day her daughter will figure out that she kept her dad from her and her daughter is going to resent her for it.

932 days ago


He is such a looser he doesn't have primary custody of the child. Shamefully using his daughter for a nice life style for himself. He needs to get a job

932 days ago


California is a 50/50 state and the lawyer is not asking for more than Nahla is entitled to. If the finances were reversed you can bet Berry would have gonr after child support on day one.

TMZ has it's nose up Berry's skirt!

932 days ago


Good for him ! Fight fire, with fire ! Chances of him gettng a dime from Halle is slim to none, cause that's just not how the courts work. BUT, gotta give him kudos for going for it !

If Halle is going to pull the crap that she is, I dont blame him for going for child support now. She was really, really hoping as soon as she got pregnant that he would go away.
I applaud Gabriel for trying to stick it to her, and for doing all he can to stay in his daughters life !

Remember folks it's been 3 yrs, (all has been fine and well until Ms. Berry decided she was gonna try to stip Gabriel of custody) and Halle's the one who brought it on. She wasnt expecting a fight of any kind 3 yrs later !

She should have left well enough alone, and should not have started this nasty war for no reason !

932 days ago


If they were never married why should she pay for his cost of living? Why should she give him money for the kids clothes? That's his responsibility. This isn't making any sense. His true colors are coming out and he's proving to us all he is a low life nothing.

932 days ago


Why doesn't this pathetic loser get a job?

932 days ago
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