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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

I Want an Expensive Roof

Over My Head!

3/4/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry wants his 3-year-old daughter Nahla to live in surroundings to which she has become accustomed ... and he wants Halle to pay dearly for it.

TMZ has learned what Gabriel wants in the way of $$$ -- and it's a lot.  We've learned Aubry has filed legal docs asking the family law judge to force Halle to give him $15,000 - $20,000 a month for a proper home. 

Gabriel has also asked for a laundry list of other things from Halle, including what we're told is a "very large" amount of money for the little girl's clothing, as well as money to take the child to Canada to visit his family.

We're told Halle is fighting Gabriel tooth and nail on his request. The hearing on the money issues was scheduled for Monday, but it's now been put off until April 9, in part because the family law judge wants to see what the dependency judge does to Gabriel. 

If the dependency judge takes away some of Gabriel's custody rights, it would have an impact on any child support Halle would have to fork over.



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lol smh she really did fucccck with the devil i guess , i have no pity for her .... trying to swirl it up .... she still don't learn !

899 days ago


If he wants all those things for his daughter, then I suggest he get a job. What a loser. Real men support their children.

899 days ago


He had a successful career before he married Halle Berry. He can go back to modeling to support himself. Agreed that Halle makes more than he does but he's not some helpless stay at home dad who never did anything.

899 days ago


Gabriel is a sleezebag, but Halle should have known better than to get with a Model. I have a relative that works at Department of Children and Family Services and she said that there is a LOT more to this story, that Gabriel has some family incest history with his younger sister and that's the true reason the Judge is ordering the Monitor and no he needs to go deal with his sexual problems and stop trying to take Halle's $$$$ for his own persona usage. But I hope Halle has learned her lesson she has a pervert for a Baby's Daddy and a Male Goldigger on top of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

899 days ago


Wow. There are some sexist double standard comments here. So a woman is allowed to ask for child support but a man can't??? It's based on who makes the most money. Also, whether they were married or not doesn't matter. Laws regarding child support have been changed because of the increased number of unmarried parents.

899 days ago


the cafe he had in New York is closed, his modeling is over. How does she think he is suppose to live? He has to get easy money some where and she has 70 million so---------

899 days ago



899 days ago


What the hell! I cant believe that he is using that as an excuse to get some of her money! and so much at that! WOW!!

899 days ago


Good! If that crack addicted wh#re Brooke can get 55k in child support from Charlie-why not Gabriel? It is time gold digging become a gender neutral profession.

899 days ago

Who Knew    

he should ask for a back bone.

899 days ago


Gabriel, you are a p*ssy. Quit trying to milk money from the mother of your child you piece of sh*t.

899 days ago

Just Reading    

And here I thought the guy was a model not a comedian. He's not the primary custodian and his visitations are supervised because of his temper and the fact that his daughter has stated she's afraid of him. So what judge does he think is going to award him an unearned salary just so HE can live in the manner HE became accustomed to when he was DATING (not married to) Halle? Clearly he sees his child as a meal ticket as well as a potential punching bag when he's angry. And clearly he has mental issues that go beyond anger management. The good news least the child has one parent that cares for her unconditionally.

899 days ago


re: to earlier post: St Gabe may not be as saintly as some of you hoped?

Don't get me wrong---Halle's no angel or Mother Teresa. But let's really call it what it is instead of the finger pointing and tons of lies. Both need co-parenting classes, group/individual counseling and anger management and stop slinging the **** at each other get a grip and grow up. Stop pimping your kid both of you.

899 days ago


Whoever on her said Gabriel is the highest grossing male model is full of crap...Sean Opry is the highest grossing. Gabriel is nowhere near being a top a model in the industry in terms of pay or high end campaigns. I'm sure he does need the, or at least would want, money from Halle. Plus he's old by the industry's standard meaning even less opportunity for work. The fact is he is a better looking Kevin Fedrline with a violent streak, face facts.

899 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

You do realize that Halle Berry herself is a gold-digging slimeball, right? Halle Berry was the "other woman" in at least one $$$$ Hollywood divorce. She's had MANY sugar daddies. That's how Halle amassed all her Hollywood connections & money which ... now ... another gold-digger wants a bit of. LMAO. Karma at it's BEST!!
The reason Halle gets low quality men is BECAUSE SHE IS LOW QUALITY HERSELF. Like attracts like.

899 days ago
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