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Piers Morgan

Cameron Was 'Brave' to Voice

Anti Gay Marriage Opinions

3/4/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Piers Morgan admits that Kirk Cameron ticked a lot of people off by voicing his opinions against gay marriage ... but Piers thinks the former child star was "brave" to stick to his beliefs.

GLAAD predictably blasted Cameron after his appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight," during which he called homosexuality "unnatural" and "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

But Morgan feels Cameron "was honest to what he believed" even if he most people find his views to be "antiquated."

As the old saying goes ... "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


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His beliefs were well-known before going on PMT. He's on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting) frequently. He's been in "Christian" movies. He's been out of Hollywood a long time and focusing on being a Christian evangelist. So none of this is new or a surprise. Instead, it's just fodder to make a stink. I don't believe everything as he does. But this isn't Iran either. Say what you think. I can say what I think. We can both live happily in this country. The "it's not natural" argument can't be proven or disproven no matter what someone on either side of the fence wants to try to say or believe.

965 days ago


It's only "trouble" and "controversial" if someone says they are against gay marriage. Most people are against it, including President Obama. The "sex" between gay people IS unnatural, as the reproductive systems are designed for procreation between a man and a woman.

965 days ago


I commend Kirk Cameron for speaking HIS truth. In a time when "everyone" is afraid of offending one group or another, he had guts to voice his beliefs.

965 days ago

King of TMZ    

Homosexuality helps the human population stay steady in proportions to resources on earth. If it wasn't for the homos we'd be +9 billions by now. He should probably think about that instead of using an already cracked religious lens to look at it.

965 days ago


Like the earth was flat naturally before & it's happen to be round . Like a marriage between black & white was once unnatural too. His concept is wrong. People born this way & they are who they are naturally ! Be white, black, short, tall, heterosexual or homosexual . Always has been & Alway will be! Simple like that!

965 days ago


I agree--Kirk was brave to publicly say how he feels. He's entitled to his opinion. I don't agree with him, but he's still entitled to his opinion. We all are.

965 days ago


This is America and he can say whatever the f*ck he wants. If Gladd or any other organization doesn't like it to bad. It's his opinion and he has a right to that opinion!

965 days ago


I'm sick of hearing that Kirk Cameron has a right to his beliefs. No freakin' kidding.

The fact is, there are consequences when your belief system is so screwed up and denies people equality. Cameron is disgusting.

965 days ago


I will pray for Kirk so that he can get rid of that hatred in his heart. He is not a true Christian.

965 days ago


God loves all people although he doesn't like what people do sometimes. However, even if another person on the whole planet didn't agree with Kirk Cameron, he WILL be blessed by God for standing up for his faith!! Something may be politically correct, but that doesn't mean that someone has to agree with it. And by not agreeing, that isn't saying that those on opposite sides are bad people-they just don't agree. Many people don't agree, but that doesn't mean THEY are playing God, it just means they are standing by their Bible. In the end, everyone will KNOW who is right and who is wrong, when God Himself makes the final judgement.
WHY say mean unspirited things against Kirk Cameron?? I mean if those for gays can speak out for their rights, why can't Kirk speak out for his???? Can't have it both ways.

965 days ago


Whenever dealing with those judgmental patrons of Christianity who believe that their god has given strict, unbending, draconian, bronze-age commands, you know there will be no reasonable, rational, intelligent and diplomatic conversation taking place.

965 days ago


The more we learn of our pasts the more we learn homosexuality has ALWAYS been here and since the gays are not procreating someone is! Should we stop straight people from mating as they are making too many homosexual people? I don't think so. Life is what it is and the sooner we accept it the more forward we can move.This is really such a non issue as no one will change my sexuality so why shoule I attempt to change theirs?

965 days ago


Well, Then I have the right to say that Kirk Cameron is an *******!!!

965 days ago


IF there is no God, then how does someone explain how a book written soooooooo long ago-the Bible, tells of future events that have been, and still are being fulfilled today???? Those of you who are criticizing Christians better hope to God that you are right, and Christians are the ones who are wrong. I believe in God, and I believe in the Bible too and am not ashamed of that. Laugh and call me vulgar names if you want, but God will one day answer. I may not know it, but you will.

965 days ago

American Patriot    

"The Gays" will always be hateful towards different opinions....

965 days ago
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