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Piers Morgan

Cameron Was 'Brave' to Voice

Anti Gay Marriage Opinions

3/4/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Piers Morgan admits that Kirk Cameron ticked a lot of people off by voicing his opinions against gay marriage ... but Piers thinks the former child star was "brave" to stick to his beliefs.

GLAAD predictably blasted Cameron after his appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight," during which he called homosexuality "unnatural" and "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

But Morgan feels Cameron "was honest to what he believed" even if he most people find his views to be "antiquated."

As the old saying goes ... "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


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Kirk also believes Adam and Eve were the 1st humans on earth. Enough said.

931 days ago


It's pretty freaking stupid to use what animals do in the wild as a way to justify certain human behaviors as "natural".
Hmm... lessee what else we can emulate from animals:
-"Hello" is sniffing one another's asses
-Males mate with an entire herd females, often by force
-Public sex
-No birth control
-No alimony
-Leave behind the old and sick
-Eat the young
-No "equal rights". Only the strong survive.
-Crap wherever we want
-and best of all-- NO UNDERWEAR!

931 days ago


I was sad to hear Kirk Cameron had lost his mind.

931 days ago


Obama's been against gay marriage all his life, why don't homos call him vile?

931 days ago


GLAAD is now the bully on the playground; stop attacking everyone who disagrees with your choice of lifestyle. Yes, I said CHOICE - they weren't born this way, they CHOOSE this!

931 days ago


blocking comments again tmz ! neways this greek and roman mindset society will fall just like it did back then .... hence only a fool keeps doing the same stupid thing hoping for a different result each time !....nature which is in true accordance will strike a balance like a polar shift ! .... the majority will lashout once they are pushed to the brink of tolerance .... or when these freaks start coming after your children in mass numbers like vampires !

931 days ago


I've found this to be a true statement, the more a person says they hate the thing their against is the one thing they want to be. I truly think Kirk is a closeted gay man that's too afraid to come out of his shell....

931 days ago


Honestly to say he has a right to tell his children that being gay is wrong or unnatural is ridiculous. Would it be ok if he said that all white people are the devil or black people are evil? You're all hypocrites if you believe he has a right to say that but he doesn't have a right to say, well lets say he hates asians. He talks about sin and straight away theres one thats gleaming in him. I think he's mentally ill and needs to deal with his own discriminations. To say he has a right to discriminate is ok but it goes both ways, you have to then say he has a right to believe and tell his children that all muslims are terrorists, all irish are drunks and so on. From my experience the more religious people get the less tolerant they become. What a twisted peace of cr*p. I would hate to be a kid of his.

931 days ago


Brave huh? I think most clear-minded and sane individuals refer to that as common sense.

931 days ago


@Shane,'re kind of out there aren't ya. Your argument is flawed in that you erroneously compare a behavior to race. We have no control over race. It is a non-transferable, immutable characteristic. When I as a black man wake up in the morning, I can't say "gee I feel white on the inside, so I'm going to make my skin white." That's impossible...I'm black and I have no control over that. We all however, have the capacity to control our behavior. STOP trying to latch this perversion on to the civil rights movements of racial minorities. It is insulting and disgusting!

931 days ago

Franz Hespenheide    

So, it's now "brave" to be a bigot ? Guess the Republicans are now the party of the "brave".
Kirk is eight, you have to teach your children to hate others...

931 days ago


I get so tired of hearing this argument and basically calling hateful, bigoted words about gays and lesbians as just another opinion. Would you ever hear Piers Morgan or anyone else say they "defend the right to say" the same things about any other minority group? What would have been his reaction if a guest referred to interracial marriage in the same way? Would he have referred to him or her as "brave"? Doubt it.

931 days ago


The vast majority agree with Kirk Cameron only they are too tired to keep up the fight in the face of the dominant leftist media culture.

931 days ago


kirk is the number one suspect in a rumor regarding an actor who was big teen heartthrob about 20 years ago who is married and yet goes to (griffith park i believe) looking for some action. it would not be a big surprise.
many of these hardline bible thumpers tend to be on the down-low.

931 days ago


I had no problem with homosexuals until they tried to flaunt it and teach our children that it is "natural". It is NOT natural. It is acceptable, in privacy, but that is the extent of how far our tolerance should go.

931 days ago
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