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Piers Morgan

Cameron Was 'Brave' to Voice

Anti Gay Marriage Opinions

3/4/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Piers Morgan admits that Kirk Cameron ticked a lot of people off by voicing his opinions against gay marriage ... but Piers thinks the former child star was "brave" to stick to his beliefs.

GLAAD predictably blasted Cameron after his appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight," during which he called homosexuality "unnatural" and "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

But Morgan feels Cameron "was honest to what he believed" even if he most people find his views to be "antiquated."

As the old saying goes ... "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


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Kirk Cameron has got total gayface. So he's a closet gay lashing out against what he himself is. We've seen politicians do that so I guess it's some kind of justification for what they themselves are.

966 days ago


Keep your religion to yourself, ever hear of separation of church and state. Maybe someday I too will go meet santa claus in the north pole. This is the same clown that denies evolution. Sickening, and why are there a bunch of religitards trolling TMZ when gossip was forbidden in the fairy tale lmao.

966 days ago

Sheila Shigley    

Gay people are the ones who hate free speech and tolerance the most!

966 days ago

Pogue Mahone    

I agree. Not everyone agrees with homosexuality and everyone still has the right to their beliefs and opinions even if it isn't Politically Correct.Tolerance means respecting what EVERYONE says(and their right to say it) even if you don't agree with it; it has to work BOTH ways!

966 days ago


GLAAD should just shove it up their asses....but they would probably like that.....leave this guy alone, it was just a question Piers asked, not like Kirk was tryin to go after the gays, was just answering the question PIERS asked with KIRKS beliefs. Hes entitled to them.

966 days ago

Peaceful Observer    

I really liked the way he put it. Pure, honest, and straight.
It was time to hear some values held dear.
God bless K. Cameron.

966 days ago


Yes he is allowed to his beliefs and comments, but how is homosexuality destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization?

How? ... do they go out and plan on destroying families? marriage? No they do not ... If you think it is unnatural that is fine that is your believe but don't throw in the destruction unless you want to back that up with some facts, that is just not right ...

966 days ago

Jeffrey Marks    

Exhibiting hate toward your fellow man is not bravery.

966 days ago


Kirk Cameron has a right to say how he believes. Our government can tell us how this is right but there wrong. Most of our government that approve this will burn in hell. Government only approves this because of the gay vote. We have no morals on society anymore. Look at our society its all gone everytime some one says there againstvgay marriage Gladd gets there panties in a knot.

966 days ago


I agree with kirk cameron. Marriage is between a man and a women not a man and a man or a women and a women. Want to know why there is so much distruction across the country this is why foks. GOD IS PISSED THIS IS HAPPENING. AND UNTIL THESE PEOPLE STOP DOING THIS ITS NOT GOING TO STOP

966 days ago

vern dufford    

I will give Cameron credit also the he's got balls! bad their in his mouth!!!

966 days ago


I don't agree with Cameron but that's the thing with debate, there are two sides each with an argument and a rebuttal. If your rebuttal to his argument is to call him names and suggest he is a closet homosexual then I suggest your debating skills are sadly lacking and maybe you're just not smart enough to be in the conversation. There is so much intelligent rebuttal fodder out there to refute him that lowering yourself to knee jerk nasty reactions actually hurts your cause.

966 days ago


The only thing UNNATURAL is all the RELIGIOUS FANATICS coming to TMZ ... a LIBERAL web site owned and operated by a GAY man named Harvey.

Keep on coming here and giving him more "clicks" which give a GAY man even more money. Your homophobia and bigotry won't matter:

Marriage Equality is going to happen all over the US ... and IS happening and will continue to happen no matter what you homphobes say. But hey ... thanks for the "clicks" that give more $$$ to a GAY man! LOL

Meanwhile, I here's more:
"This Bitch Is Talking Again: The Mike Seaver Edition"

As part of Has-Been Week on Piers Morgan's CNN show last night, he talked to Dr. Seaver's son turned evangelical crazy Kirk Cameron about all sorts of s**t including gay marriage and homosexuality in general. If you're thinking that putting your ear up to a dog's ******* right before it farts would fill you with more interesting s**t than what came out of Kirk's mouth, you're right! But if you still want know what came out of Kirk's pie hole and don't have the stomach to watch him in motion, here you go:
Kirk on same sex marriage: “Marriage was defined by God a long time ago. Marriage is almost as old as dirt and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage and I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don't."

Kirk on if he thinks being gay is a sin: “It's unnatural… I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Kirk thinking that marriage is only meant for a man and a beautiful lady he carved out of his own rib bone is his opinion. Kirk also thinking that me sucking on man taint is ruining society just like his mouth has ruined whatever is left of his joke of acting career is his opinion. Those are his opinions and he's entitled to them. Just like I'm entitled to my opinion that without gays and lesbians, the world would be a sad, bland place without glitter, flannel, sprinkles, Home Depot and RuPaul's Drag Race. It's also my opinion that the s**t that spews out of Kirk's mouth hole is the reason why nobody wants to come to his foot-long party!

When are we going to get to the part when some Craigslist hustler is on the cover of The National Enquirer talking about how he gave Kirk Cameron a real growing pain. That moment is inevitable and I, for one, can't wait.

966 days ago


A washed up child actor making his living peddling rubbish to the religious wingnuts. Hey he has to feed his family.

966 days ago


Hey, it is unnatural. Everyone knows it is even though the GLAAD's have the right to do it.

966 days ago
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