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Piers Morgan

Cameron Was 'Brave' to Voice

Anti Gay Marriage Opinions

3/4/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Piers Morgan admits that Kirk Cameron ticked a lot of people off by voicing his opinions against gay marriage ... but Piers thinks the former child star was "brave" to stick to his beliefs.

GLAAD predictably blasted Cameron after his appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight," during which he called homosexuality "unnatural" and "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

But Morgan feels Cameron "was honest to what he believed" even if he most people find his views to be "antiquated."

As the old saying goes ... "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


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Mainstream America is changing, my ass. Its the vocal GLADD people that say its changing. BS. Enough is enough

Do what you want but don't demand that everyone agree with you. We have our rights too!!!We don't have to agree, and shouldn't be marginalized if we do

964 days ago


GLAAD is a cult mob. They want others to embrace indifference and have tolerance, yet they won't have tolerance or embrace a differing opinion.

When they get hyper-sensitive feeling attacked, they think it is okay to attack and then THREATEN TO MONITOR Kirk Cameron's events?

That is a form of intimidation to harass and why do they think that is okay but if someone harassed and monitored them, they would scream discrimination, and how unfair it was and that people are hating on them.

Yet they can hate, they can threaten, they can monitor, they don't embrace indifference or have tolerance of others but expect others respect and embrace them?

GLAAD= Bullies, a cult mob mentality.

964 days ago


I'd never vote to agree with same sex marriage. That is my right to vote against it.

964 days ago


We know Cameron never had a career not will he ever have one, but is that desperate for his 15 minutes of fame that he'd say something so stupid just to appease the christo-fundi-facists?

964 days ago


Only gay people don't like what Kirk said! Gay Rights Activists groups have become bullies to those who disagree with them & their lifestyle! They need to live their lives behind closed doors like the rest of us do! Regardless of the confusion as to who's morally right & wrong concerning the issue... the day will come for each of us to know the TRUTH. Kirk was RIGHT to express his opinion when he was asked his opinion! And he shouldn't be bullied about it!

964 days ago


People used 'honestly' believe keeping slaves, beating your wife, not allowing women to vote was 'right' too. Honestly believing something doesn't mean you are right. It becomes a dangerous thing when one's opinion crosses over into laws and justified discrimination.

964 days ago


Go back to London, Piers, and take GLAAD with you.

964 days ago


He is brave alright.... If you call brave biting the hand that feeds you!! Hollywood is very open minded and generally accepting of homosexuality. Most people in the industry have a mentality of live and let live and are intolerant of discrimination and prejudice based on archaic religious foundations. Intelligent people know that by him saying this; he is telling every teenager in America that they are not normal and need to change. Gay people can't change. Kids kill themselves over the pain they struggle with, of not conforming to what is "normal." The bible continuously has been used throughout time to discriminate. People misinterpet the bible to justify their animal like need to hate and to seperate individuals who are different from themselves.

964 days ago


He's considered "brave" because people expect everyone to have the same opinion on this and many other issues. This is not Cameron's "opinion" it IS his belief. Go ahead and blast him GLADD he doesn't care, he has one judge. He is the only one in Hollywood that has truly stood by his convictions and high standard of morality and not compromised it for money. His fruit speaks louder than the critics words.

964 days ago


Kirk Cameron is an A55 H0l3

964 days ago


kirk cameron 4 president

964 days ago


"The squeaky wheel gets the grease." It is interesting that the squeaky wheel (Pride, in this case) is always a member of the minority. The minority always thinks it should be dictating to the majority.

964 days ago


Kirk is absolutely right. It's nice to see a Christian who doesn't bend to the will of political correctness. People think that they are being loving by accepting this lifestyle but the most loving thing to do is show them that God does not approve and that yes, it is a sin. I don't buy the argument that they were born this way and thus, it is okay. Pedophiles and adulterers can use the same argument.

964 days ago


Kirk-I'm glad you said what most of us think....
We all have the right to express our opinions and GLAAD should just do their thing and not be quite sooooo touchy.....

964 days ago


"I disapprove of what you say..." [not to be misconstrued to condone his opinion. SCARDY CAT!!! NO FRIGGEN BACKBONE.
Cameron dared to say, the Emperor has no clothes, unlike the rest of you who've drank the entire VAT of the wacky Kool-Aid stupidly following the piper off the cliff. You folks are so stupid that you're calling nutcases like Chasity Bono "HIM" and actually believe she's a MAN. Who have bewitched you. Seems like folks he drink the deep purple kool-aid also:
- Pro Abortion [murder] - while saving the wales/hypercritical
- Suddenly, there's a debate as to if an unborn baby is a human being. That's the same chit they said about blacks and Jews to justify atrocities. I guess being a baby is a function of if you want him/her. YIKES
- Pro Gay [unless it's a family member/hypercritical]
- Pro Gay Marriage [but wouldn't want your gay friends to be exposed to all your acquaintances/hypercritical]
- Situational Ethics [flaky, hypercritical]
- "Tolerance" [as defined by YOU, those who don't agree will be labeled "intolerant", "bigot"]
- Women's rights = preferential treatment to women/hypercritical.

964 days ago
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