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Lindsay Lohan


on 'Saturday Night Live'

3/4/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Love it or hate it, there's at least one person who thinks Lindsay Lohan did a great job on "Saturday Night Live" last night ... and that's Lindsay herself.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she understands it wasn't a perfect show, but she feels proud of the episode. We're told there were several last minute changes -- including ditching her singing monologue in favor of one with cameos from Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm (see below).

Our sources say Lindsay was excited to be back working and really missed being a part of the action. 

According to our sources, Lindsay understands people are going to bash her performance regardless ... but she feels she did the best she could do.

So we gotta ask ...


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Did you see the Scared Straight skit? There's one part where she's talking right in someone's face, and she looks at him, then looks away as she's talking as if she's reading the cue cards. It was just so obvious. She stumbled on a lot of lines too.

I think she did better when she hosted before. This one... meh. Not so much.

965 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I am sure TMZ 'Chunk' Walters wanked to her appearance.

965 days ago


Lindsay doesn't have her acting chops yet. I think she put the cart before the horse by jumping to SNL with actors that are on the money and do this every week. Go to some acting classes do some theater get out of the lime light I mean really. What I saw on SNL was Lindsay's first day of class and who wants to see that. Who is managing her career come back her lawyer?

965 days ago


She bombed big time. It wasn't the writing or the characters, it was the fact that she stumbled through all her lines and had poor timing

965 days ago


She was awesome! Way 2 Go Lindsay!

965 days ago


Just proves how delusional she truly is. She bombed HUGE. Check the - they already have 3 different articles about how bad she was and how awful she looked. It was embarrassing watching her desperate to find her lines on the cue cards, the only lines she's ever had trouble finding. She looked hideous and gross. How awful.

965 days ago


According to our sources, Lindsay understands people are going to bash her performance regardless ... but she feels she did the best she could do.

If that is the best she could do..then that seals it, She is no longer an actress..that was the worst try in history of SNL..
Hire some one that has skills,work ethics..And Above all, looks like a human. not a chipmunk going bald and on crack..
Carrol Channing looks younger then this crazed idiot

965 days ago


P.S. John Hamm was actually there as a "back up host" for "just in case" he was needed.

965 days ago


I thought she did a great job,I thought the writing wasn't all that good. I think she was nervous which is to be expected.She is a good actress and she is not done by any means. I cant wait for the Liz Taylor movie.

965 days ago


SNL is not funny anymore period. But Lindsay cant act, she was trying to hard. I didn't watch all of it because it sucked, not funny and she needs to go to school and get a degree and move on with her life. Her acting career is officially DOA.

965 days ago


The show itself was terrible. Bad writing. Bad ideas.
NOTHING WAS FUNNY, including Lindsay.

965 days ago


richardwww: 8 minutes ago
Lindsay didn't 'bomb' as you put it, she did a good job with the material available. I also heard the writers were still working on the script Saturday morning! Well done Lindsay.
And, a "professional" actress such as LL should have been able to handle those changes. Again, with the excuses, both from her and her enablers.

965 days ago


she didn't nail it but she wasn't horrible either. everyone uses the cue cards so it's unfair to single her out for that. she wasn't at her best but considering it was her first tv gig in a long time and it was live and she was probably nervous as heck, she did good under the cir***stances.

965 days ago

Oh well    

Read the headlines lindsay....... NOT GOOD

In the modern world of social networking people can post their reaction to events almost instantaneously. And unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan, celebrities and armchair critics alike were lining up to slate her Saturday Night Live appearance on Twitter.

Another headline.
Lindsay Lohan on 'Saturday Night Live': Worst host of the year.

Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Live spot gets brutally critiqued on Twitter - Daily Mail

Report: Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Addiction? Cheeks 'Like She's Storing Nuts for the Winter

Lindsay Lohan Snl Stint Gets Slaughtered By Critics'

965 days ago


You Lindsay Lohan haters are pathetic. You people attack Lindsay no matter what she does.

965 days ago
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