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Young Buck

Shot at 11 Times

in Attempted Drive-by

3/4/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman riding in the passenger seat of an SUV driven by Young Buck was shot in the shoulder early this morning when another car drove alongside and opened fire, but the rapper was unharmed ... this according to a local report. 

The woman was treated and released according to WSMV in Nashville, TN. There was a third passenger in the vehicle who was also not injured. 

The shooting occurred at approximately 3:30 AM, police told the television station.

Young Buck is from the area and was reportedly back in town for a music project. 


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Say who? Never even HEARD of him. You'll post a story on Stallone, Gibson, Arnold, and then this assh le nobody? It's always baby momma drama or complete violence with these no talent rappers. Excuse me for not wanting a jackoff like this living in MY neighborhood. Aspiring rappers go to the gun range and practice instead of sitting on the porch waiting for trouble unprepared.

961 days ago


Good thing those fools are not in our military or law enforcement, they can't shoot for sh!t!

961 days ago


Why is it you never see rock stars or CW stars getting whacked - oh sorry - assassinated with such regularity? They are destructive music leading a destructive culture.

961 days ago


Glad to hear everyone survived. God bless.

961 days ago


for the record asthma is not hilarious when someone is about to die or does die because they cant breathe. Lets hope if you ever have kids that they are not born with it! see how HILARIOUS it is then you dumb bitch.

961 days ago


These racist comments reflect poorly on the people that make them and on this website. I know it's a gossip site and it's here for entertainment but writing anonymous racist comments is pathetic wherever you do it.

961 days ago


Never heard the dude rap but then i'm an old (60...) bastard anyway,but too many people of all races dying too soon! Its real sad that so many creative ,and talented young people have to die to validate the gangster lifestyle.

961 days ago


I don`t understand why high profile people dont use bullet proof cars at all times cus u never know

961 days ago

Chris R    

He was just returning some books about particle physics and Georges Bataille to the library so as not to incur any late fees, racists.

960 days ago


Like they say: drive-by gangster's can't shoot.

960 days ago


dmiclee: 18 hours ago

I wish all of the cowardly racist comments would stop.None of you cowards would ever say anything to a black man or women when comfronted in person so please shut the hell up you piss ants,always talking crap from a distance,as if white people (or any other race for that matter) don't commit crimes in this country.You folks make me sick with your throwing of darts from a distance.Heres one for you racist...mind your own homes and clean your own backyards before you judge others... fools

Facts..blacks 12% of the us population...39% of all welfare...50% of the prison population. It is what it is, the black population is not progressing but regressing. Everyone sees it but african americans will not admit it. They just seem to lash out against others. And I do feel bad for the many good black ppl. who do good and are brought down by the thugs that are so prevalent in todays society.How can a race glorify the ghetto way of life guns, drugs,rappin bout bi*ches & ho,s, killin cops, wearing their pants down to their thighs like they do in prison.If i lived back in the 1960...,s as a white man i would have gladly marched side by side with the black population for civil equality. all people are created equal but the black race is not progressing.

960 days ago


I just can't seem to understand how the rappers be getting off into so much drama. leave that life behind you and start looking for and involving yourself in positive and productive things.Turn to God and start giving back to those that are in need.Like all the hungry children and people who lost every thing in these storms for the last years. Stop the violence. You're only knocking each other off,and for what it's senseless.

960 days ago


Everyone is so insensitive, just because they live the life they live doesnt mean that they deserve to die, we arent god we cant judge another person, So let me guess everyone on here makeing comments are all perfect right ! yeah thats what I thought !!!!!

960 days ago


shot at 11 times in a drive-by...and left unharmed? i mean, i dont know much about the drive-by protocol...but, i think u're doing it wrong.

960 days ago

al dubs    

shame they missed

960 days ago
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