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Kim Kardashian

I'll DOUBLE The Value

of Wedding Gifts for Charity

3/5/2012 6:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is keeping the blender and the gravy boat, but she's donating twice what she snagged in wedding gifts to a really good charity ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained a letter -- sent to every guest at the Kim K/Kris Humphries wedding. Kim says, "I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation ..."

Sources tell us ... Kim estimates the total cash value of the all the gifts to be around $100k, but she's cut a check for twice that amount to the Dream Foundation.

Bottom line -- the Dream Foundation gets a lot of cash, and Kim can still make a mean margarita.



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962 days ago


Come on TMZ do the math and tell the true story. Don't just report the Kardashian PR version.

962 days ago


Who paid for the cards that were sent out? I bet it was the Dream Foundation. They probably even were the ones to address them and send them out. This is such an insincere move to try to repair her image.

962 days ago


The Kartrashians are drowning and desperate. The sooner they "get it" that they are hated hopefully they will disappear from the face of the earth.

962 days ago


SHE GETS A TAX WRITE OFF FOR HER DONATION.. ITS A WIN WIN FOR THIS SELFISH P.O.S..............So yesterday! Her & Paris Hilton need to buddy up again.. Because no one cares about either of them anymore <3

962 days ago

not surprised    

Hey Kim, this is Kris, I'll be over in a few minutes to pick up the gifts that WE got for OUR wedding. It is only fair that they be returned to their rightful owners. I will write a thank you note to each person who kindly took time out of their busy lives to purchase these gifts for US. As for you, Kim, you are a greedy, self-centered, plastic slut that I will never write a thank-you note for. Enjoy your pathetic life with your pathetic family. I pray I never have to cross your path again as long as I live. Now I'll be there in a few minutes so put down the camera and open the door!!!!!

962 days ago


this is amusing. for starters, kim apparently decided the value of the gifts.
i would LOVE to see an impartial audit of the value of the gifts- not what kim has told us.
anyone think that maybe another party would reach a different number than the one she gave us?

962 days ago


She is such a fat, idiotic loser. She should have sent all the gifts back immediately, but instead, without asking the guests, she goes ahead "donates" all the gifts which is a tax deduction. This reality "star" is nothing, all she does is use Twitter ("hard at work"), sending out stupid pics of herself, and self promoting. She became in the pubic, I mean public eye, due to the fact she got peed on by a s***bag and likes in the butt. She is a ugly cheat chaser, just like her even more fat sister - that is it!

962 days ago


How rude to send out such a thing to the wedding guests THIS LATE! Her motive is to try to fix her image, she never should have kept those gifts and then on top of that, kept them also from Kris Humphries.

She and her Mom went to a wedding registry acting like vile greedy spoiled divas. Even getting mad at Humphries for being late to register for the registry. They were picking out high end EXPENSIVE items, it was sickening how they right away just "expected" guests to purchase her expensive name brand silver, glass, dining wear, etc.

It was disgusting, and so now is her LATE attempt to try to fix her wrongs in keeping these EXPENSIVE gifts and not sharing them legally and rightfully so with Kris Humphries who was entitled to HALF of them.

Now she thinks pulling out her checkbook to write a check to a charity is going to improve her image?

With what she and her family makes already they should be pulling out their checkbook regularly to do that.

Also, who gives and then BRAGS about it? Only a Kardashian makes it a media headline when they give to a charity.

"Oh look at me, I am a good person, I just wrote a check to a charity, seee, see America, LOOK AT ME,"

Needy. Attention seeking. Never-ending. Sickening.

962 days ago


...and the tax deduction goes to....

962 days ago


She is doing this because Humphries is taking her to court. Now she wants to quickly look like she gave money because she greedily kept ALL the gifts and never let Humphries have any of them.

This is not with the agenda to do good for someone else, it is with her own SELF PRESERVING MOTIVE to be able to claim in court how she gave the value of the gifts away to charity to negate that motion filed against her in court.

She is pathetic, and so is her greedy fingered diva mother. Made of the same greedy attention seeking material.

962 days ago

Joan K    

You can't tell me that her Pimp of a Mother hasn't been wracking her pee brain since the phony wedding on how to make it look like they are donating a fortune when they are really making more money on this farse. They will fool a few people but most are smart enough to figure out what they are up to.

962 days ago


Oh, and Kim can use it as a write-off.

962 days ago


Now give to a charity the amount of money you got paid to have that fraud wedding on TV and pay back Kris Humphries for the intentional and malicious intent to publicly humiliate him and use him as just a prop and puppet in your pathetic attention seeking wedding Kim.

You should have written a check for several million to charity for the money you made off of scamming people with a scripted and set up wedding and being so cruel and vicious to the man you USED and exploited on TV so that you could wear an expensive gown and pretend for a day that you were royalty.


962 days ago


She thinks she's getting praise now....Give me a frigin break....she still sucks, is a fame whore, people cannot stomach her and her fame whore body cares FAT ASS>>>>>>>NOBODY CARES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

962 days ago
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