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Kim Kardashian

I'll DOUBLE The Value

of Wedding Gifts for Charity

3/5/2012 6:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is keeping the blender and the gravy boat, but she's donating twice what she snagged in wedding gifts to a really good charity ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained a letter -- sent to every guest at the Kim K/Kris Humphries wedding. Kim says, "I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation ..."

Sources tell us ... Kim estimates the total cash value of the all the gifts to be around $100k, but she's cut a check for twice that amount to the Dream Foundation.

Bottom line -- the Dream Foundation gets a lot of cash, and Kim can still make a mean margarita.



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Yep I said that    

Can't she donate without it being made public? nothings this skank does is without total media coverage, any way she gets a 100% tax write off

928 days ago


This is what happens when rayn seacrest invest his money to make a show about a porn-stars family.
They are the s*** of the earth and bring that s*** into
every thing that was once good.
Kris jenner has been exposed as a lie-ing cheat and
lies about lawsuites over humman viloations.
she pimps herunderage duaghters and hope the public wont rember all the lies and cheating she has done to get where she has by sacrficeing the morals of her duaghters.
kim needs to give Mr humpries 200k to doante to any charity he wants. sens kimis tryingto settel her bill she cant intor that the gifts were half the property of hupmpries and until he is paid she still is in the rears.
On this current scam sheis runnig.

928 days ago


Does she really need an excuse to donate to any charity? Does the media really need to know about this? Does she really need to print a thank you note with verification from the charity? How low will Kim go for attention?

928 days ago


I think she took the easy way out. She should have returned the gifts. After all, those guests are out the money. And the wedding should have been FREE! She should be donating to charity anyway.

928 days ago


The gifts should have been returned to the guests and let them decide what to do with them. If I sent her a gift, my lawyer would be contacting her with a letter to sue her a$$ for faking a wedding. Fraud would win in court. The whole trash K family should be booed and mocked in Hollywood.

928 days ago


OH,PLEASE Kim says it's taken her some time to pull everything together! What the ????!

928 days ago


Wonder how many meetings E had with her to make this look good. Contct sponsers of E and start the boycott of all things K. Ryan Seacrest seems to be sucking hide T#T of Kimmie.

Kris H. needs to sue her right now and fast. Tie everything up in court this ho's has.

928 days ago


Where exactly in her "thank you note" or the Dream Foundation's acknowledgement does it say that Kim contributed TWICE the amount of the value of the gifts??? Kim's estimation of the value and what the actually were worth could be apples and oranges. Plus, the contribution DOES provide her with a charity tax deduction. Wouldn't it have meant more if her donation was anonymous? Oh wait, then she wouldn't have received publicity. Darn I forgot that part!

928 days ago


They had 400 plus people at the you really believe each person gave only $250....or $500 a couple at a celebrity wedding, where she had an outrageously priced wedding registry???? There is ANOTHER insult to her wedding sad.

928 days ago

My Little Girls    

Every gift ahould have been given back to the person that gave the gifts. She could say just about anything but considering what we've all seen from her actions, I wouldn't place much value on her word.
Remember... with Kim.. it's all about the money... period

928 days ago


KIms ays the money spendt on your wedding gift no metion of crhis h has been donated to dream foudationw ich sheis very passionate about.

Yahh right she never cared about hem befor but beacuse she thinks her daontian welll save her ass in court and
maek a pr move ont he public she is suddely passionate about it.
One day she says she well never date an attlete agian thent he nexted ay she begs Reggie B. to be seen with her
he says no so she gets people to say they were spotted togther
at lunch. Then photo shoped a pic to make it look like they were togher sells it to TMZ thus forceing Regie B to make a public statement he never went to lunch with kim and isnt getting back with her.
Every guy that gets any where near a kardashine wrecks his
imjage edns up in counrt and blwos his career and repution look at Bruce Jenner and Lamar odom and all the others burend.
I think Humpries wont be the big push over the kkk planed on him being once they get into court.,
He may very well ask for this half the money for the presnts and money for the damgae done to his career and the emtionoal stress of the fraoudweeding hima nd his faimly were dragged into. He cans ue for fraud and also make a compaiant witht he better buisnnes burea that any intitys dooing bizzness witht he kkk cal are here by notifiyed they are dealing with scam aritiest with a proven track record
orf scaming anyone and every one they come into conatct with. They use peole and spit them out but humpries wont go down quitly. he has the right to have his side of the story told and not be rail roaded by the kkk;s false media claims. Kimw ell ofer him oney to keep his mouth shut but he is intiled to money without having to be told he cant speak about his marrige or her and her nasty family.
Kim furhter abused his emotions by pretneding to be intrested in having kris baby for the sake of getting more intrest in her show. kim just admitted this to star mag this week, That she was frotting all the time and never for a second past the wedding di she paln on being a wife or mother. she ocnuties to make money off of the poorest of the poor.she made up wards fo 50 mil tricking humpries into a wedding. she needs to repay his faimy for the moey they personly put into the weding and for all the negative PR bitzz she di to him after the fake wedding.
Humpries is due at least half of what she gaiend over the scam. He isintiled to 25million minuim.,
Plusa public apogy for calling him the husband for hell and saying he slandering him calling him gay!
amongstother things.

927 days ago


Dream foundation is that like the Human fund? CoStanza

927 days ago


and she gets a tax deduction!! this girl is truly a tool...

927 days ago


While I'm happy the charity is getting the donation, Kim's (and KRIS'S) part in this charitable donation is just wrong. Basically, she (they) gets kudos for donating other people's money, right?

Correct etiquette would view the gifts as property of the givers, since the wedding will likely be annulled. The gifts should have been returned, period. They didn't belong to the couple.

With the money she made (or didn't make ) on the faux-wedding, she could still have donated 200k to charity.

927 days ago


Stewpid news daily.
America's News that's Stewpid.
why don't you tripple it... Ms K is NOT donating anything.. she is simply passing on money she receives from the general public..
oh.. and the tax deduction.. oh my !!

927 days ago
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