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Kim Kardashian

I'll DOUBLE The Value

of Wedding Gifts for Charity

3/5/2012 6:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is keeping the blender and the gravy boat, but she's donating twice what she snagged in wedding gifts to a really good charity ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained a letter -- sent to every guest at the Kim K/Kris Humphries wedding. Kim says, "I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation ..."

Sources tell us ... Kim estimates the total cash value of the all the gifts to be around $100k, but she's cut a check for twice that amount to the Dream Foundation.

Bottom line -- the Dream Foundation gets a lot of cash, and Kim can still make a mean margarita.



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Kim and her family need to donate all of the rolexes that she brought with those store credits to the Dream foundation also, or pay each and every one of those wedding guests back the value of their gifts. Thief

930 days ago


Surprised mama let her spend that money for charity, they have it, but mama probably wasn't happy.

930 days ago


At the very, very least, she could have made a donation to the charity of each gift giver's choosing. But stating the obvious, with this hollow gesture, she isn't thinking of them, she's only thinking about herself.

930 days ago


Give the damn things BACK! *! Take some of those millions you made off the wedding and REALLY do something for society you hypocrit!

930 days ago


If she's going to have her PR team (TMZ) post the proof (so that we'll love her again) that she did indeed donate $$ to a charity, why not a million dollars for that fiasco of a wedding? $200k for her is like me tipping my waiter 5% after a good meal. She got off easy. That wh*ore is counting on a lot of broke people on this site being impressed by her mere $200k pittance. Too little, too late WH*ORE!

930 days ago


I, me, mine, blah blah blah. No Kim, this doesn't redeem you either. Keep trying. Or better yet, don't. Just go away.

930 days ago


Now Kim K Superstar gets a huge tax deduction for this 72 day fake drama.

Oh, and the good will, too.

She's a real media manipulator.

I'm not buying it.

930 days ago


The donations should be made in the names of the people who gave those gifts you greedy b***h

930 days ago


Funny how that wh*ore has tons of time to take pictures of herself in her undies and post said photos on the Internet to millions of strangers, but she was too distraught and overwhelmed to figure out how to compensate the guests at her fake wedding for the $$ they shelled out for gifts. That family disgusts me!

930 days ago


I didn't know that Kim married herself! "The gifts received by ME for MY wedding? Really what a self absorbed individual...........WOW

930 days ago


I didn't know Wedding gifts were solely the property of the Bride but Kim K makes it up as she goes along. Under CA law shouldn't the engagement ring be returned.

930 days ago


Apparently the trashiest, most uncouth family in America feels it is ok to thumb your nose to proper etiquette by donating the "gifts" (obviously she did not return ANYTHING) but gave the dollar amount value to charity! THIS BEOTCH BETTER NOT HAVE THE NERVE TO REGISTER FOR HER 3RD WEDDING! SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE REGISTERED FOR THIS ONE CONSIDERING SHE WAS MARRIED ONCE ALREADY!

930 days ago


The whole family is nothing but a joke now. Paris must be so relieved she doesn't get any attention.

930 days ago


she should have given back the presents. she and her family are greedy (its almost like stealing). the average person gives back gifts, when short lived or called off wedding. they will give money to charity so they can get credit on their taxes. so its not costing them anything. i have never in my life seen such greed and selfishness. they dont care about the poor or other people they use people to make money or improve their image. they sell their looks and talk trashy. when they went to africa, it was a shopping spree and pr move. but people are so stupid they buy into their phony, scripted lifestyle. she used that boy and people are booing him and hateing him (just a young guy who was naive) because they trashed him to save their scam.

930 days ago


This whore again!! TMZ...NO ONE gives a f*&% about these parasites. Stop puking out every aspect of their self absorbed lives. WE DON'T CARE.

930 days ago
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