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Kim Kardashian

I'll DOUBLE The Value

of Wedding Gifts for Charity

3/5/2012 6:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is keeping the blender and the gravy boat, but she's donating twice what she snagged in wedding gifts to a really good charity ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained a letter -- sent to every guest at the Kim K/Kris Humphries wedding. Kim says, "I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation ..."

Sources tell us ... Kim estimates the total cash value of the all the gifts to be around $100k, but she's cut a check for twice that amount to the Dream Foundation.

Bottom line -- the Dream Foundation gets a lot of cash, and Kim can still make a mean margarita.



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Give me a break!!!! why didn't she do that in the firsr place? inlieu of gifts have wedding gursts make donation??? now she gets tax receipt for donation so she double ends!!! She made money off the wedding and gifts!!!! She is unbelievable!!! Can she just go away!!!

940 days ago


Is this supposed to make us forget she's a pig?

940 days ago


Once upon a time, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries dreamed of getting married and furnishing their home.

We know this because the couple reportedly registered for over $172,000 worth of vases, place settings, gold napkin rings and Baccarat crystal.

Less than three months later, Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce. Should Kim and Kris return the gifts?

Etiquette experts say “absolutely.”

“The rule of thumb is if the marriage ends after just six months, you should return the unused gifts,” said Lizzie Post, author of Emily Post’s Etiquette 18th Edition. “After just 72 days, the gifts must be returned to the wedding guest.”

940 days ago


Is this supposed to make us forget she's a pig that gets pissed on and eats Ray J's poop?

940 days ago


Time to pull everything together for Taxes she means. what a farce. She makes money off the wedding, then donates money to get a tax break on that money.

940 days ago


LOL She's so lazy and vain all she did was sign a mass produced letter! Looks very impersonal like its announcing the coming of royalty. Hear ye Hear ye! The great princess has decided to bestow her castaways to the unfortunates and decided to give her gifts from her failed wedding to charity! (with a sizable deduction of course)

Man she's dumb if she thinks anyone with 2 brain cells falls for this. She already said right after the divorce she had no intention of returning gifts (only showing how selfish and vain she already is) Now with threats of lawsuit and her failing public image SUDDENLY she has a change of heart? Kim take you and your no talent family back under the rock from whence you came.

940 days ago


Wow! Talk about a pathetic gesture way too late! Jesus how long did she decide on this one. Is she that desperate to redeem herself by fruitless gestures?? she's only returning the stuff way after the divorce and only to save face. Their attempts at PR control ALWAYS look artificial and fake and nobody buys it. Her sincerity is always so transparent. She and her family are selfish and egotistic and don't care about anyone but themselves.

Go away as the world would be better without you and your family.

940 days ago


She would have to return my gift.

940 days ago


How about donating that $18 million profit from the wedding, Kimmy? $200k is just so very generous of you.

940 days ago


Cut the crap. She was just hopeing people forgot she said it. It should have taken her 20 minutes not months. No one believes anything she says. Her Q score ratings NEGITIVE 53... commpanys look at for people to promote their products and endorsements are still so far down the toilet it's beyond horrible. She's not getting hired to promote a thing. Mattel dump the Kardashian Barbi Doll deal. That's a big loss.

When lawyers consider her "libel proof" meaning she had done so much damage to herself and to her own reputation and brand she can't sue people for damages she's already done to herslelf. Lohan is another "libel proof".

Kardashians are still nothing more than liers, cheats and cons. Kimmy go back to taking desperate photos of yourself. Companies are not going to hire you. They won't waste their advertising dollars.

There products suck. The clothing line is considered over priced very poorly made and screams of copyright infrindgments. Nothing honest or real about kim and her family. That simple. Always about the money. Your reputatation is so far down the toilet. Did that to yourself.

940 days ago


Who's she trying to kid?, that donation is a tax write-off that she was going to donate to a charity anyway! The w.h o r e should just give us all a break and dissappear for a decade or two!

940 days ago


I wish the Dream Foundation would grant my dream of making these people disappear.

940 days ago


for al the tacky things kim has done this is tops!

now she is useing the letter and the fondation to try to repair her imjage.

she should donate some fo the 17 mil she got from scamming th epublic to other foundations. 100k is nothing to her.

why is she so hot and heave to keep gifts that are from a realtionship that didnt mwork out... cuz she is a whore and wheores must feellike thaey get eveything for free.
KIm only gave themmoleny cuz she had to.

940 days ago


That charity donation should be in the gift givers names so they get the tax break not her.

940 days ago


Please stop trying to PR spin to clean up your reputation. Your beating a dead horse. Your reputation is beyond fixable. This tacky move just keeps prooving that.

Just prooves again how she and family does not have one once of class.

940 days ago
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