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Kris Humphries

Our Wedding Guests Should

Get Their Damn Gifts Back!

3/5/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries believes ... Kim Kardashian has NO RIGHT to keep the gifts from their doomed wedding ... insisting every single item should be returned to the guests.

Sources close to the NBA star tell us ... Kris is adamant that gifts from a fraudulent wedding should be returned.

We're told Kris gives Kim props for cutting a check for twice the value of the gifts and giving it to charity ... but he feels Kim should have made the contribution IN ADDITION to returning the gifts.

Kris has told friends he feels the guests were duped into spending their hard-earned cash on wedding gifts ... claiming Kim never intended to give their marriage a real chance.

Kim insists she truly loved Kris and was legitimately heartbroken when their relationship fell apart.


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Phil Mcl    

Kris is 100% right! The charity donations from Kim were a front for tax deductions. They cost Kim nothing. She did that so it would NOT come out of her profits. Just like when Warren Buffet and Bill Gates give all that money away to charities. It is just money they would have to give to uncle Sam. Which ends up coming out of the middle class tax payers pocket. Because it is less money that uncle Sam takes in and who pays us the middle class. And they also get a ton of publicity out of it!!!!

961 days ago


She wants the gifts and the tax right off. And it looks like she's getting both. It makes her look lazy and greedy but I'm she sure she doesn't care. She could have hired someone to send those gifts back if she thought she was above all that.

961 days ago


He's right. Kim and her mom are some money hungrey folks. It's the mother that is doing the bossing of the whole thing. She's about the money. Just love the way she plays the nut-role. All of a sudden she is appearing on all the talk show as co-hosts to improve the image of the enterprise. She is sicking. When we see that she is appearing as a co-host or whatever, we turn the channel.

961 days ago


"Hard earned money" hahahahaha whch guest has worked in 112 deg ina actory in Aygyst to build the damn engines for their fancy cars and private planes, those gifts were pocket change!

961 days ago


Kris has the right idea and I feel badly for him now that he was used so callously by these two grifters-Kim and her mom!

961 days ago


Yeah, give back that slice-o-matic ya rich ****!

961 days ago


Kris Humphreys is the biggest moron that ever walked the face of the earth. He can send the $ back to each individual that gave them a gift. Why is this all on Kim to handle? Perhaps if he wasn't such a douche, they'd still be together-control freak---women stay away from him

961 days ago


He is right 100% . She gets a tax write-off for the gifts and her "contribution" and he is getting screwed again. Nice picture by TMZ of both of them, obviously the Kartrashians are in TMZs back pocket. The whole thing is a joke, he is lucky to get out, she is a dumb ho who is a porta potty and enjoys getting peed on. America hates the Kartrashians, except for Bruce (maybe Rob) and their 15 mins is almost over.

961 days ago


Kris Humphries is right!!! Kim Kartrashian should have RETURNED ALL GIFTS TO THE GIVERS! As if she even needs any of them anyway! This beotch better not ask for wedding gifts for her next wedding!

961 days ago


So is he going to take the time to sort out the wedding gifts and return them to each person? Yeah, doubt it. Or is he once again using her to put himself in the media spotlight? In a word, yes.

961 days ago


Even if every guest at that wedding said to keep the gifts, why does SHE get to keep them??? When the guests gave the gifts, they were for the couple....not just KIM!

961 days ago


Kim tell the truth the gifts had nothing to do with your giving money to charity you did that for a tax deduction on your income tax and had nothing to do with the gifts your guest gave you.

961 days ago


AGREE!!!!anybody that takes pic's or gets them in their show is sooo dumba$$!!!!she making a big FOOL out of them!The 2 parts of the wedding was soo sad not a happy one.It was about the best or nothing!!But only for the Fucashians and forget Kris H family even HIM!!!This season make me hate her and all of them sooo bad!!The only real reason i would see it was becuz of Kris H.all he wanted was for the hoe to grow up and stop being soo f**king selfish!!!Plus with Kris H it wasn't all about her anymore so she had to get rid of him too!!!If i was a guy hell no i wouldn't date her or F**k her she had tooo many in there already GROSS!!!!!!And the mom selling that gel to feel good lol sure works cuz she made her daughters use it and trun them to hoe's.Go get them Kris H PLZ!!!!!

961 days ago


Her and her crap mother are going to be THE most hated people on the planet. I can't wait till it happens and blows up in their face.

I wish I had a website to make it all happen.

961 days ago


When people are dumped - and I'm not saying K.H. was.

-They behave like this.

-They begin to decry everything on a moral basis.

-When I've had to dump an individual/group of people.

-It was after lengthy consideration/consultation with pro/pros.

-Thus the people dumped ...

-Have been behaving badly ...

-And for a number of years.

-I wasn't the only party to complain about this person/group of people.

-Numbers had been having trouble with them - and for years.

-It was acknowledged, generally accepted:

-These were difficult people I was ridding myself of.

-If it's true, and I believe it is true:

-That K.H. began making insistences/demands of Kim K.

-Like WHERE they're going to live - (Minnesota)

-Insane, given the fact the Kardashians are from CA.

Like HOW they're going to raise their children - and where.

-Also insane - that's a mutual decision a COUPLE makes.

-If you marry, then begin dictating to someone?


You deserve to be dumped - and for backwards, Ricky Ricardo-thinking:

-This isn't the 50's, dude.

That was then.

This is now.

-And to those that I dumped - that come here and read me thinking I don't know they're following me online?

-Good riddance.

-Best thing I ALMOST never did.

-Kim K KNEW she was going to take big-time heat.

-For pulling the plug.

-But she pulled the plug anyway.

-And for this, I give that girl and that family - an awful lot of credit and props.

-Pulling-the-plug takes COURAGE.

-Almost NO ONE pulls-the-plug.

-They just don't have the guts that Kim Kardashian ...

-Obviously HAS.

961 days ago
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