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Lenny Dykstra

Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

3/5/2012 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball legend Lenny Dykstra has been sentenced to three years in California state prison in his grand theft auto case.

The former New York Mets outfielder had asked the judge to allow him to change his plea last week -- from "no contest" to "not guilty" -- but the judge refused to allow it today.

Lenny entered the "no contest" plea back in October as part of a plea deal -- copping to three counts of felony grand theft auto and one count of submitting false statements to a financial institution. 21 other charges against him were dismissed.

Lenny wanted to change his "no contest" plea because he felt it was "not knowing and intelligent" -- meaning Lenny wasn't provided with all the available information in the case before he made his plea decision.

Lenny was accused of leasing luxury cars from an L.A. dealership with fraudulent paperwork. Drug charges were also filed in the case.

But Lenny won't actually serve a day in prison -- due to overcrowding, he'll begin serving his sentence in jail ... and will likely be released long before the 3-year mark.

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No Avatar


This was a great baseball player,a few sport stars goes south
after their careers are over.Don't know why that is,when they
can just kick back and remember the good times during their

857 days ago

Throwback kid    

Since Lenny has gone off the steroids he has gained a little weight, I think Lenny will lose some weight in prison because the other inmates will introduce Lenny to something called the TOSSED SALAD! Of course Lenny as first will resist but eventually after being forced to eat the TOSSED SALAD by the other cons he will learn to like it. Was it worth ripping all those people off?

857 days ago


Just a month and he will be out.

857 days ago

Bill C.    

If I ever decide to turn to a life of crime, I'm going straight to California. As long as I don't kill anyone I could clean up there.

857 days ago


What's he complaining about, a 3yr Californian Celebrity Court sentencing is equal to 1 week [that's if he doesn't mind]

857 days ago


interesting movie about the '86 Mets


crazy to see what's become of them all

857 days ago


So why go through the "skit" of a plea hearing? What's the point, no one ever seems to serve any acutal time. And if they do serve time, it's because it was their 374th offense. Really CA?

857 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

And out come the male-male rape scenario enthusiasts again... Don't you sickos have chatrooms for this kind of sh*t?

857 days ago



857 days ago


I am glad that ignorant racist pig finally got what he deserves. Len, make sure you keep a couple of aspirins between
your knees in there.

857 days ago


The World can be a beautiful place -

When Charlie Sheen has your back.

The writing on this is a bit weird, though.

It says Nails will do time, won't do time, might do time.

In the same sentence.

"He either will, won't or might."

857 days ago


Thank God for the overabundance of criminals...nice call, go for the jail time.

857 days ago


An amazing player not just on the field but also off the field http://liveoncampus.com/wire/show/3349540 he talks about his life after baseball, its really disheartening to know that he has been sentenced 3 years in jail I believe community service as an option could have also been considered.

857 days ago

Equal Opportunity     

I find it interesting .. that none of the commentators state anything about how he deserves this or how worthless all athletes are ..or do TMZ readers reserve judgement for minority athletes only ..IJS

857 days ago


I'm a single mother of five amazing children. Lenny saw that I was struggling as I solely support my children, their dad is certified Insane and does NOTHIG but create harm to the kids and I. Very abusive and has NEVER pai child support-he has seen them less than a handful of times over the past 10 years. I was let go from my job and began modeling and acting. I'm pretty successful but let's face it, raising and supporting five kids on your own in Laguna beach is har an expensive yet rewarding. :). They are the lives of my life. Lenny defrauded and fooled my children and I into thinking he wanted to help after finding out my credit scores were all in the 900s. He accessed all o my information and applied for over 50 cc, loans, CARS, etc. he succeeded with a Porsche purchase from Newport beach auto center as the dealership lie stating they "delivered the car to me". I wasn't there. I had no part. Not only is my credit now below 500, which is devastating after years of hard work as a single mother receiving help from no one not even family, but I was also charged w four felonies including grand theft auto for what he did. Yes it was dismissed but the trauma, heart ache, cost, etc. to my children and i associated with these charges were too much to bare. I was even cuffed in front of my children and forced to make bail of $5000, which I didn't have, before released. My children were temporarily taken from me and weren't allowed to see me at all and I'm all they know; it has cost me my entire savings for my daughters college-there is NOTHIG left and she attends school in the fall; I was forced to move out of my home because I couldn't affor it anymore and my children and I are totally traumatized. There is so much more. I have always said, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." and I do feel this way very much. I know something good will come out of this, whether it's monetary or something as simple as we are stronger now. I usually just walk away but I will say this, " if this mother ****er gets a "tell all" book deal, I'm taking him down and suing his loser conartist ass for all and more!!! He is the worst man I have ever met! If you want my story I'm willing to tell. There I so much more and my kids and others are very credible witnesses. They range in age from 18-11.5. jessicabrown75@gmail.com

851 days ago
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