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Paula Deen & Brother

Sued for Sexual Harassment

3/5/2012 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's ironic -- Paula Deen fired an allegedly philandering general manager of one of her restaurants because, as she put it, "If you think I have worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of p**sy, you better think again." So Paula replaced the G.M. with a woman, and now she's suing Paula and her brother for ... sexual harassment.

Lisa Jackson worked as the G.M. for Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia from 2005 - 2010.  Paula's brother, Bubba Hiers, is part owner along with Paula.  Lisa claims Bubba brought "inescapable pornography" to the workplace all the time, often visiting XXX websites on the kitchen computer and failing to log off.

According to the suit, Bubba allegedly asked Lisa to bring pics of herself to work -- pics of her when she was younger -- telling her, "You have nice legs."

Bubba also told Lisa two women at the restaurant were "fat girls" and shouldn't be wearing capri pants or skirts.

And get this ... Lisa says Bubba once told another female employee who had just received dentures, "I bet your husband is going to like that."

And there's more ...  Lisa says Bubba once told a joke to the staff that described why men should have sex with women who had flat heads ... "because you can sit your beer on top of her head while she is giving you a b**w job."

And Lisa says Bubba is racist, using the N word a lot and making horrible racist jokes.

There's a lot more, including alleged violent behavior on Bubba's part and an incident where he allegedly kissed Lisa on the face and spit on her.

Lisa, who says she was forced to quit because of intolerable working conditions, is suing for unspecified damages.

We contacted Paula and Bubba's reps.  So far, no comment.


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Sounds like every restaurant in the country. The beer on the head joke is hilarious!

926 days ago

carole ann    

how sad.....she was hired.....worked five years......was fired.....and waits this long to sue.......get a job....gooooo paula ily......

926 days ago


Paula Deen snorts like a pig and says "yu all" way too many times. I only watched her show once and have never gone back for more TV/Couch abuse.

926 days ago


and the reality TV curse dragon raises it head again, and this time its out to ruin the Deens! Watch out Bobby and Jamie

926 days ago


Maybe she took a cue from Paula herself when she decided to wait 2 years. Karma's coming !

926 days ago


Oprah and Gayle King taped a show at her house and let me just say that Gayle King is the biggest glutton I have ever seen. She she didn't waste one minute before she was stuffing food in her mouth by the handfuls. It was disgusting and she has no class whatsoever.

926 days ago

Standing Up    

Get it right the lawsuit! She was not fired! She quit!

926 days ago


Never really cared for her.
She always came off fake.

926 days ago


This is a comedy skit, right?

I love Paula Deen...thank God she's bawdy and fun. Something fishy about the lawsuit...though if the charges can be proved, then clearly changes in the workplace need to be made.

926 days ago


White Trash. Just look at his overfed face and goatee.

926 days ago

r marc    

Typical southern rednecked morons!

I bet they are big evangelical twits and total hypocrites!

Someone should knock the block off of her idiot pig of a brother!

926 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Paula Deen is a joke and a sham. Phony diabetes nonsense while selling food and recipes that make you unhealthy. A personality who tries to pass herself off as a chef. The only thing she does is self promote while making real chefs look bad.

926 days ago


I like Paula Deen and something doesn't sound quite right to me. He may be a crude man, but timing makes me feel that she can see the opportunity to make some money off Paula. If this is a scam, I hope it doesn't work. If he is this gross and deserves it, then leave Paula out of it.

926 days ago


It seems you are all jealous......she works hard, raised 2 kids without the father's help....she might not make food you relate to, but she is a hard worker, good mother and successful business woman.....shame on all of you.....she has not been found guilty of any crime

926 days ago


I don't believe it.....just another money grubbing user.....I wonder what ethnic background she comes from....hummmmm?

926 days ago
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