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Pilar to Deion

I Wanna Chat

With Your Mistresses

3/5/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders wants to have a little sit-down with Deion's alleged mistresses -- to PROVE he was an unfaithful husband -- but according to Pilar, Deion is trying to thwart her efforts ... by attempting to bribe one of his jumpoffs to keep quiet.

Pilar has filed a motion in court -- obtained by TMZ -- demanding sanctions against Deion in their ongoing divorce proceedings, claiming the former NFL star has been tampering with witnesses ... in this case, a 20-year-old model Deion allegedly slept with last summer named Aleea Stanton.

According to Pilar, Deion attempted to bribe Aleea to keep her mouth shut about their tryst -- so now, Pilar wants the court to punish him for his unsavory tactics.

Pilar also claims Deion orchestrated that infamous standoff between her and Deion's aunt Laura last month -- to steal an audio recording device that contained damning evidence against the NFL star.

As a result, Pilar is also asking the court for sanctions against Deion for intentional destruction of evidence and corruption.

In addition to the sanctions, Pilar filed documents requesting to take depositions of several other people -- including another alleged mistress by the name of Tracey Edmonds, coincidentally an ex of Eddie Murphy.

Tracey tells TMZ, "I am shocked to learn that Pilar Sanders is trying to drag me and my employees through her pre-nuptual dispute. I cannot understand why she continues to create public issues out of her private life issues and feel very sorry for their children."

Tracey adds, "For the record, Deion Sanders and I first met at the top of this year, after he filed for divorce, when he and his partner reached out to me to produce a project of his."

A rep for Deion tells TMZ, "Deion has made every effort to resolve this matter privately for the sake of his children and will continue to aggressively fight for the truth in court. As we have always said, at the appropriate time, Deion looks forward to setting the record straight publicly."

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Deion should check out Pilar. I'm told she had a little fling with her plumber!!!! while building their mansion, just so she could have things done her own way. Or so he claims. Both are manipulators of high order.

959 days ago

Lisa Hyder    

Tracey is Baby face ex-wife not Eddie Murphy

959 days ago


Everyone is falling for Deion's lies, don't be fooled!!! He's all of a sudden starting schools for kids and helping families with their kids...please!! He's played his wife and now he's playing everyone else. He wants everyone to believe that she's crazy and he's the best person in the world!! When behind the scenes he treats her badly, cheats on her and leaves her with nothing! Shame on you Deion!!!!!! I see through the smoke screen...

959 days ago

Dr. Dre    

Deion is busted...just pay her dawg...and move on LOL

959 days ago


Stupid wife. The women could've been anyone. Just work on ditching your husband. Leave the children out of it.

959 days ago

James Crowl    

I think Pilar Sanders needs to take Deion down in court! Screw him! I think that both Pilar should blast Deion and that little Home Wrecker Aleea on Cheaterville so that the rest of the world can be warned not to date them!

959 days ago



Tammy: 7 hours ago

Pilar, Deion could've banged every broad in the world and it still won't change that you signed a pre-nup and are only entitled to what's in it. And btw, you were his mistress when he was with his first wife, so I think you knew quite well what you signed on for when you married him.

You hit the nail on the head, Tammy!!! If a man will "CHEAT" with you, he's going to "CHEAT" on "YOU"!!! Furthermore, Deion's alleged infidelities aren't going to invalidate the pre-nup she signed unless it contains provisions AGAINST "INFIDELITY". Dragging these women into their divorce isn't going to change the eventual outcome. It's time for Pilar to "FOLD EM" and "MOVE ON"!!! Deion's first wife is probably "LAUGHING HER AZZ OFF" at this "DERANGED" GOLD DIGGER!!!

959 days ago


HOW COME PILAR YOU PUT UP WITH ALL THAT CHEATING FOR 12 YEARS??? REALLY AND HE STILL HAD TO FILE FOR DIVORCE FIRST??? Why would a woman speak up AFTER HE FILES FOR DIVIRCE??? You were okay all this time and that's what the JUFDGHE WILL SAY it was all bout $$$ for you... now you speak up because he is taking the life style and the money away and you are desperate SAD

959 days ago


OMG -- TRASHY. Can't she just move on and be a grown up and get a career without this public circus and ridiculous exposure? Pilar just concentrate in YOUR CAREER and YOUR CHILDREN and be a good mother to them. THIS IS DESTRYING YOUR CHILDRENS HOPE FOR A HARMONIOUS FAMILY... EVER !!! Are you that STUPID at your age. At 38 years old you should know how to handle things with class, self-respect, dignity and HE DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING... the marriage and partnership did not work... he is still YOUR KIDS FATHER and that will be FOREVER. You CANNOT FOCUS ON HATE

I am so shameful some times to be a woman because WOW what a representation we have !!

959 days ago


Well, looks like Tracy is still getting around with everyoneS husband in LA, Pilar for the record with the law passed last year...if a woman that knows that your married and cheats with your husbanD you can sue her trifilent tale..,GO GET THE HOE..!

958 days ago


Well if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black. First of all, if Pilar wants to start questioning mistresses she should START WITH HERSELF since she was Deion's side piece for years leading to the bustup of his first marriage. Just goes to show you ALWAYS REAP WHAT YOU SOW so be careful how you do others. She's getting more and more pathetic everyday and I hope, for the sake of their children, that this is resolved soon.

958 days ago


In my opinion all men cheat,and pilar has a good reason to do what she did,and infidelity in a marriage is against all odds,and that is considered cheating,she is a very beautiful woman,and why do men cheat on their wives,they should have never gotten married.But in a marriage,and a relationship you have to learn to spice up either or,which is gonna make the relationship healthier.

842 days ago


how can deion check out pilar when he is the one who has gotten busted,if he had of spent more time with her she would have dated the plumber if this is true.

842 days ago
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