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Snooki to Emilio

I TOLD You to Keep

Your Dirty Mouth SHUT

3/5/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Snooki's ex-boyfriend wished death upon her unborn fetus, the "Jersey Shore" star took preemptive measures to make SURE he never badmouthed her -- in the form of a nasty legal threat -- but clearly, the guy wasn't intimidated.

TMZ broke the story ... ex-BF Emilio Masella said he hopes Snooki "has a miscarriage" to save herself from a pregnancy she's not ready for.

But here's the thing -- a month before he made that comment, he told another media outlet he could easily be Snooki's baby daddy too ... implying he recently slept with her.

The comment didn't sit so well with Snooki's lawyers, who responded with a cease and desist letter on February 1st -- threatening to sue if he continued to badmouth Snooki OR her pregnancy to the media.

Her lawyers were pretty clear -- "Demand is hereby made that you cease and desist from making any additional public statements regarding Ms. Polizzi that could in any way be taken to be offensive by her."

A month later ... Emilio told us, he hoped Snooki has a miscarriage. Pretty offensive, no?  We're told Snooki's lawyers are currently reviewing their legal options.


No Avatar


That's a horrible thing to say to anyone.

969 days ago


Miscarriage....Still Born...Abortion......either of these three would be better than having a frog drunken bitch for a mother

969 days ago


Dollars to do-nuts she never was preggers, the show is starting to tank and they are lookin' for ratings.

969 days ago


hell if you could sue for talking smack about this bitch...then most here would be getting letters from the bitches lawyers! dumb azz bitch!

969 days ago


Psh, I bet he thought cease and desist meant taking your short off. Those people are stupid....

969 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't think you can sue someone for being offensive or Nicole would get sued herself. She lets her self importance go to her head sometimes and these lawyers are just feeding her ego for a retainer. We have freedom of speech in this country. Your recourse if you don't like what they say is to exercise freedom of association, as in not associating with that person.

She is better off not even commenting on this guy. Trying to drag him into court is just going to waste her time and money and make her look petty. She dumped him so he is already paying the price for his ill concieved talk.

I think Snooki did sleep with Mike for that matter. She wants to hit him with vases and bats for saying so, and now sue Emilio for saying the same thing. I don't think you can do that, especially when it is true. She might have slept with Emilio. She doesn't seem that loyal to Gionni. Maybe he is too much of a stiff for her. Maybe she wants *him to be her husband, but she can't deal with his judgements of her all the time and takes solace with other men.

These people are nonstop drama, I will say that much.

969 days ago


RE: "Demand is hereby made that you cease and desist from making any additional public statements regarding Ms. Polizzi that could in any way be taken to be offensive by her."

I think both of them and Snooki's lawyers are retards. Unless this guy signed a non-disclosure form, he has one hell of a good counter lawsuit. Where did these bottom feeding lawyers go to college, where they think it is legal to violate the 1st amendment rights of individuals????? Truth is an absolute defense against defamation of character.

969 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I think they should nail him AND his big mouth to the wall!

969 days ago


All kinds of wrong to wish a baby dead.

I do think the baby should be checked for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome though. Her reckless behavior is concerning.

I think he is a jerk for wishing a baby to die just so he can be satisfied or try to be with her again. It is sick of anyone to wish a miscarriage on anyone.

969 days ago


OMG. All the drama and she's been around how long? Not even long enough to amount to anything. She is just trash -- that we have to hear about her everyday is even more disgusting, and I can't wait for the day her time is up and she goes away.

969 days ago


HIS EYEBROWS ARE DISGUSTING. thinner than any females i have ever seem

969 days ago


For those saying that she should miscarry... miscarriage is a serious thing and it is very painful for anyone to go through, drunk or not. You should NEVER wish DEATH upon a child. And judging from this picture, he looks like a Pauly D wannabe. Loser.

969 days ago


Are her parents still eligible for a retro abortion? Or has the GOP already killed the funding?

969 days ago


And you Snookie should keep your dirt legs shut!!!

969 days ago


Feel so sorry for this baby!!!

969 days ago
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