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Snooki to Emilio

I TOLD You to Keep

Your Dirty Mouth SHUT

3/5/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Snooki's ex-boyfriend wished death upon her unborn fetus, the "Jersey Shore" star took preemptive measures to make SURE he never badmouthed her -- in the form of a nasty legal threat -- but clearly, the guy wasn't intimidated.

TMZ broke the story ... ex-BF Emilio Masella said he hopes Snooki "has a miscarriage" to save herself from a pregnancy she's not ready for.

But here's the thing -- a month before he made that comment, he told another media outlet he could easily be Snooki's baby daddy too ... implying he recently slept with her.

The comment didn't sit so well with Snooki's lawyers, who responded with a cease and desist letter on February 1st -- threatening to sue if he continued to badmouth Snooki OR her pregnancy to the media.

Her lawyers were pretty clear -- "Demand is hereby made that you cease and desist from making any additional public statements regarding Ms. Polizzi that could in any way be taken to be offensive by her."

A month later ... Emilio told us, he hoped Snooki has a miscarriage. Pretty offensive, no?  We're told Snooki's lawyers are currently reviewing their legal options.


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wow some of you people are pieces of sh@t for saying she should have a miscarry. what the hell is wrong with you people. p.s i'm not standing up for snooki just saying all that is messed up

940 days ago


she is just a disgusing pig....all these reality people are just effin money grubbing pigs, they should film this black biotch on the cruise ship with the blonde biotch who has too many kids and can;t raise them, and they should fall overboard toghter while fighting for attention from passengers

940 days ago

Alex W    

Later they find, their only legal option? Cry about it.

940 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm not sure who that dude on the right of the picture is but with those brows he looks like a better looking lady than she is. You'd think with all the money those freaks have he could have gotten a decent brow job instead of having his right brow done up in the spe.rm brow style.

940 days ago


This is just one of the reasons that abortions are legal. That baby is going to be retarded from alcohol syndrome. Or at least covered in herpes with an IQ of 75.

940 days ago

sunshine field    

He is a disgusting ..piece of jersey wonder he is her x...what a f*(king douche....go kick rocks emilio

940 days ago


anyone for a lil' first amendment?

940 days ago


1st amendment/Public Figure. Let's say for arguments sake she gets some settlement. Immediately following TMZ would be selling their furniture along with Harvey's tighty-tee-shirts to pay off the plantiffs.

940 days ago


i just hope her kid dont get stolen off on ... o ugly asss.. hoe..

940 days ago


Go ahead, stir that pot a little more....

940 days ago


I'm extremely offended you said "unborn fetus" IT'S AN UNBORN BABY!! the human heart can be detected beating at as early as 8 days after conception. If it's not a baby you're not pregnant

940 days ago


I saw this guy on Dr Drew Lifechangers the other month. He was on there with his mom because she thinks he needs to grow up and get a job. He thinks he needs to be a celebrity/reality star because of his brief fling with Snooki that got him on camera. He is a buffoon that will probably have something to say about any situation where some gossip site will give him any attention. And I guess the more shocking the comment, the more people will talk.

940 days ago


most of these tards shouldn't have kids...rats, ****roaches and everything in-between have the ability to conceive, that's all I'm saying...dude should still watch his mouth b/c that kind of ugly only comes back to slaaaap you in the mouth later

940 days ago


...Screw the lawyers and their weak attempts at intimidation.

If Emilio chooses to speak about what he wishes would happen to this bed-hopping Smurfette in the future tense then the lawyers have nothing.

If Emilio speaks on issues which occurred during the bestial likened relationship, the leachy lawyers may have a smidgen of legal pretext depending on if and when any confidentiality contracts were signed.

Wishing something horrible happens to someone is neither illegal nor can it be constituted as slander.

And if all else fails--- shoot the lawyers along with the leg spreading sl#t in question--- which by the way both acts are considered barely illegal... Artofwar

940 days ago


wishing death on a baby...real f***** classy

940 days ago
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