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Kim's Post-Wedding Donation ...

Half-Assed Job?

3/5/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian's getting ripped by Kris Humphries (and many others) for refusing to return their wedding gifts. Kim's pal Jonathan Cheban calls in to defend her -- and accuses Kris of holding onto some pricey gifts of his own!

Plus, Snooki's ex-BF tries to do the impossible -- explain why he said he hopes "she has a miscarriage." You gotta hear his bumbling attempt to smooth over that douchey comment.

Also, a TMZ newsroom battle breaks out over LiLo's SNL gig -- and Rush Limbaugh pisses of more sponsors, and ... Peter Gabriel??!!


(2:00) Kim K.'s donating her wedding gifts to a charity -- Mike (as usual) is the only one defending her.
(8:40) Rush Limbaugh is gonna think twice before calling someone a "slut" on the radio.
(11:11) Snooki's ex boyfriend Emilio calls in -- and totally backtracks on his "miscarriage" comment.
(21:50) Kim. K's BFF Jonathan Cheban is on the phone -- and reveals that a lot of people bought Kim and Kris SEPARATE wedding gifts.
(28:00) A debate on domestic violence ignites after a SF Sheriff is accused of assaulting his famous wife.
(36:50) Lindsay Lohan on SNL -- Ryan and Ryan go to war over her performance.
(40:20) Harvey attempts to go gangster while talking about the Tupac musical -- Raquel puts him in check.
(45:00) Harvey performed "My Way" live this weekend with Paul Anka -- you gotta see the clip!


No Avatar


Someone gets married and I gave them a gift. Why would I want the gift back if the marriage goes kaput, even after 72 days? Besides, think of the sleaze factor. Keep my gift!

960 days ago


Mike Wallace if a ****ing idiot that kiss kims big ass all the time

960 days ago


WHY would anyone want a USED gift back? They can't return them?! She should have given them their money back.

960 days ago


why didn't kim contact the people and ask them which they would perfer get the gift back or donate in the name of the gift giver

960 days ago

Frank D.    

What makes you think she still has the gift's ?.....Maybe she can't give back what she has possibley pawned off.

960 days ago


you guy--that gal is right--she should donate all those gifts to charity as well. you guys are all laughing about homeless people and gravy boats, but charities can SELL the items in a silent auction. I have worked for non profits all my life and that is exactly they would do.

960 days ago


I don't usuallt look at the comments before writing my own, but I did this time. I agree 100% with everything RaineeDrops said. I couldn't have said it any better..she nailed it.

960 days ago


Is anyone else getting sick of Harvey's promoting gays?

960 days ago


My take on the kirk Cameron stance

What really get's me about this all. Is the fact that it's OK for him to have his "views and beliefs ' what's say if he talked about interracial marriage? Would people be saying it's ok for him to be so open about it on tv? No they would not because it's not right for today's world. There has always been and still today people that feel its more against god to be in a interracial marriage and have kid's because it creates an unnatural race. One god did create. ( these are not my beliefs) But you don't hear them talking about it on TV. Times have changed and we as a people have to live free of hate and work together. Let people live their lives with who they choose and under stand if you are really a christian your number one core belief is judgement day let them be judged by God and not you

960 days ago


don't forget--that RUSH also wants to SEE some video tapes of her having her whore sex. So let's not forget how f-ing CREEPY THAT IS.

960 days ago


The entire sham wedding was a publicity stunt. I think Kim is jealous of Khloe and Lemar. The gifts should be returned to the people they tried to fleece along with a letter of apology. I use to like Kim and their line of clothing but this whole wedding thing was a big disappointent.

960 days ago


Emilio, is that its name?, is a disgusting, uber puke material example of a supposed human being.

960 days ago


Kim believes and thinks that anything she does is great, who is anyone to question her!! Show proof of your generous donation. I bet the gifts haven't been opened...of maybe mommy opened them and took what she wanted and that wouldn't surprise me

960 days ago


You know, the only reason I think the comment about her "being a slut" was so wrong is because Birth Control helps certain medical conditions and also helps regulate "monthly cycles" for women that normally have trouble staying regular.

While giving everyone access to birth control may not be wise it is medically necessary for some people and should be covered under insurance costs.

960 days ago


Why doesn't Kris Humphries have a say in what happens with the gifts? They are not just for Kim K. And Jonathan is a jerk.

960 days ago
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