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Kim's Post-Wedding Donation ...

Half-Assed Job?

3/5/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian's getting ripped by Kris Humphries (and many others) for refusing to return their wedding gifts. Kim's pal Jonathan Cheban calls in to defend her -- and accuses Kris of holding onto some pricey gifts of his own!

Plus, Snooki's ex-BF tries to do the impossible -- explain why he said he hopes "she has a miscarriage." You gotta hear his bumbling attempt to smooth over that douchey comment.

Also, a TMZ newsroom battle breaks out over LiLo's SNL gig -- and Rush Limbaugh pisses of more sponsors, and ... Peter Gabriel??!!


(2:00) Kim K.'s donating her wedding gifts to a charity -- Mike (as usual) is the only one defending her.
(8:40) Rush Limbaugh is gonna think twice before calling someone a "slut" on the radio.
(11:11) Snooki's ex boyfriend Emilio calls in -- and totally backtracks on his "miscarriage" comment.
(21:50) Kim. K's BFF Jonathan Cheban is on the phone -- and reveals that a lot of people bought Kim and Kris SEPARATE wedding gifts.
(28:00) A debate on domestic violence ignites after a SF Sheriff is accused of assaulting his famous wife.
(36:50) Lindsay Lohan on SNL -- Ryan and Ryan go to war over her performance.
(40:20) Harvey attempts to go gangster while talking about the Tupac musical -- Raquel puts him in check.
(45:00) Harvey performed "My Way" live this weekend with Paul Anka -- you gotta see the clip!


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Kris humpries well have to uphold his belife that the guest get thier money back.
He well have to have the courts uspena all the sotres and guest to find out how mucht he gifts were worht and then
kim well have to pay the full vlaue of each gift to kris and kris well returnt he money to the peole who gave the gift. Kirs well revice doubel the amountof the gifts
using his share to begin a new non profit organziation that well beinfit his comunty.
Kim well have to pay kris and additonal 5 million for the damge it did to his repution that his wife bascialy stole all the gifts. she had knowlege that the marrige would not tlast so she waited to when she could have the sotres ship the gifts directly to her so that should could begin to sell, trade and profit off the gifts.
The gifts are the smoking gun in the divcorce andproff postive that kirs h can get his marrige anllued ont he bies of fruad.

961 days ago


Why is Mike Walters such a Kim K kiss A$$?

961 days ago


I don't believe a word that Jonathan says. BS

961 days ago


Hermes China! Giver the gifts back. What a greedy person.

961 days ago


Common Sense & common courtesy ... give the gifts back and it should be easy to know who gave what if she followed wedding etiquette to send out thank you cards for gifts received. Yeah right! she has no class!

961 days ago


Most traditional wedding gifts are for the home, and used by the wife, most of the time, because they are things like household work and cook and dine items. I was listening to that about giving separate gifts. That's just a personal choice from people who knew them really well.

However, the value of the gifts still belongs to both people in the marriage. I agree with the woman who said you don't have to give back the gifts after 60 days. Who wants to return used stuff? And the work involved to return gifts, which people probably have no use for and can't get the money back from, would be enormous. Harvey doesn't understand, since he's not involved in this sort of thing.

I guess Kim did the best she could do. Dividing the gifts between Kim and Kris should come in the divorce settlement, as with all their property.

961 days ago


Yes anyone who abuses anyone should be held accountable. If you cause bodily injury in any way to someone, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE! If he grabbed her, that is wrong, it is abuse, if he left a mark, that is wrong, it is abuse.

Stop minimizing abuse. There are consequences to chosen behavior and if you choose to grab someone or hurt them, you are held accountable and there are consequences.

No matter the size of the bruise, I cannot believe Harvey is trying to minimize this.

961 days ago


Harvey "if all he did" "maybe he touched her when having an argument" blah blah, stop minimizing what he did to that woman. It caused a bruise, he grabbed her while angry, CONSEQUENCES!!!

961 days ago


No one has the right to tough a person and cause bruising. EVER.

961 days ago


Texas law only requires that the victim was caused pain to be classified as assault, there does not even need to be a mark/bruise. Intent does not matter.

961 days ago


If you go to you will see a comparison of pictures with Olivia Munn with face and without the face and the background is the it is pretty obvious, that it is her in fact in all the pix

961 days ago


Kris Humphries should encourage his guest to go to small claims court to get their gifts back or a check for the amount of the gift,,tho they won't win, it will tye kim up in court,kris perhaps you could make a 'good faith refund to your guest and i'm sure the judge will will side with you big time..GET THE ANNULLMENT AT ALL COST !!

961 days ago


Harvey, where can we get the mp3? GOOD JOB!

961 days ago


He just needs to apologize and be done with it.. this is not an apology!

961 days ago

harvey, don't let those fuddy duddy's at the office get you down. i loved your song. glad you enjoyed the experience, i know i would have. another mark for the book of life.

960 days ago
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