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Kim's Post-Wedding Donation ...

Half-Assed Job?

3/5/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian's getting ripped by Kris Humphries (and many others) for refusing to return their wedding gifts. Kim's pal Jonathan Cheban calls in to defend her -- and accuses Kris of holding onto some pricey gifts of his own!

Plus, Snooki's ex-BF tries to do the impossible -- explain why he said he hopes "she has a miscarriage." You gotta hear his bumbling attempt to smooth over that douchey comment.

Also, a TMZ newsroom battle breaks out over LiLo's SNL gig -- and Rush Limbaugh pisses of more sponsors, and ... Peter Gabriel??!!


(2:00) Kim K.'s donating her wedding gifts to a charity -- Mike (as usual) is the only one defending her.
(8:40) Rush Limbaugh is gonna think twice before calling someone a "slut" on the radio.
(11:11) Snooki's ex boyfriend Emilio calls in -- and totally backtracks on his "miscarriage" comment.
(21:50) Kim. K's BFF Jonathan Cheban is on the phone -- and reveals that a lot of people bought Kim and Kris SEPARATE wedding gifts.
(28:00) A debate on domestic violence ignites after a SF Sheriff is accused of assaulting his famous wife.
(36:50) Lindsay Lohan on SNL -- Ryan and Ryan go to war over her performance.
(40:20) Harvey attempts to go gangster while talking about the Tupac musical -- Raquel puts him in check.
(45:00) Harvey performed "My Way" live this weekend with Paul Anka -- you gotta see the clip!


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Just watch the Tv show after watching TMZ LIve. On the show, editing made it seem like TMZ staff were making fun of the woman whose bruises showed she had been hurt by her husband. This is a slippery slope, and was better addressed on the live show.

Men need to be accountable for their lack of self-control if they hurt a woman, elderly person, child or animal. Being "upset" does not cut it, defense wise. If it is okay to grab and grasp/restrain a woman with such force that it leaves marks, it is an act of violence. Minimizing the act, as was done on the show, and going as far as making jokes at her expense, proves that things like this warrant prosecution if the harmed party wants to do so. Jeez, TMZ, need to be more responsible about speaking on domestic violence issues going forward. It's not a joke or fodder to entertain.

960 days ago


Don't you imagine the gifts had been opened and used and the packaging destroyed...I wouldn't want the gift back...used!

960 days ago


Come on TMZ do your research from your own files! She (they) got a Ferrari as a wedding gift which is valued at $250,000 or more. She registered at one highend store for around $180,000 in items. The gifts were never deivered before she filed for divorce so she took store credit for some or all and bought Rolex watches. She could have easily told this store to credit the cost of the gifts back to the senders. What about DJ Pauly doing an event for her at a value of $40,000 that he did free as a wedding gift? With just these three incidents your at $470,000. What about all the other expensive gifts, money, goods and services. $200,000 is not near double the value of the gifts she received. It's reported Kris never even saw any of the gifts or knows what they received. Kim is the only one that knows the true value and you can believe she knows exactly who gave her what and how much they spent. She is to materialistic not to make it a point to know how much each person spent on a gift for her. It's a shame your accepting and reporting the PR bull she is trying to sell as fact and not pointing out there is no way $200,000 is double the value of the gifts she received.

960 days ago


Good form is return the gifts if the marriage lasts under six months NOT 60 days, KK is a POS for keeping it. I don't care how much she donates. And this Jonathan Cheban is the douche that the "flour bomb" was supposedly thrown at, wasn't he? He is a liar.

960 days ago


LL sucked. I actually agree with Harvey and Charles, the best part of the SNL mess was the commercials. This girl is an addict and has not dealt with her addictions. Being an adult actress and being a child actress are two different things. She needs to deal with her addictions/legal problems and get herself an education. If that's "the best she could do", I have news for her. She is a rotten actress and a new line of work is in order.

960 days ago


Rush Limbaugh crossed the line when he lied about what the testimoney was about and then went so vial and personal about her sex life and video's etc... Remember when he said Michael J Fox was faking his Parkinson's

960 days ago


Just give the gifts back. Why is that so hard to do? She doesn't have enough money or enough stuff that she has to keep wedding gifts?

So much greed and laziness.

People need to stop watching that show.

959 days ago

Jim Cox    

Whats all of that junk on the floor behind that heavy set guy with the greasy hair ?

952 days ago
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