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'Growing Pains' Star

Kirk Cameron is DEAD WRONG

on Gay Rights

3/5/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tracey Gold is neither sharing the laughter nor the love with her former "Growing Pains" co-star Kirk Cameron after he blasted gay people on CNN.

Gold went to her Twitter page last night ... and posted, "I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE."

In fact, the image on Gold's Twitter page is a photo from the pro-gay rights NOH8 campaign.

As we previously reported, Kirk ignited a firestorm Friday night when he appeared on "Piers Morgan" and said, "I think [homosexuality is] ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."



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Most of the idiots sticking up for Kirk are brand new TMZ readers....he must have had his church join in the bashing....religious idiots are really good at picking on minority groups...we should all be sheep and listen to fairy tales....go away with the Kardashians.

961 days ago


This discussion needed to be had. Gay people think they will simply guide into marriage.
They underestimate the anti-forces.

961 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

If anyone wanted to pledge his support to Kirk, I doubt TMZ, a site controlled by homossexual and GLAAD member Harvey Levin, would give them any voice.

961 days ago


The sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so." this is what that bible says you These defenders of this unnatural behavior,can due what you want but your heart knows it is not normal and you keep your heart from thruth.

961 days ago


Cameron is a twit. His hatred & bigotry are signs of inner demons, probably his own latent homosexuality. Hate mongers like this little dude are destructive & detrimental to society and the progress of civilization. He is a little male version of Anita Bryant who will fade away into the woodwork like other ****roaches of his ilk.

961 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

You should forbid Tracey to give any more interviews. Its obvious she was asked by GAYAAD and Mr. HarGayVey to give her "point of view" about Kirks comment. Of course, if she supported Kirk, her comments would NEVER appear on TMGayZ.

961 days ago


Since when it is wrong to express an opinion about same sex relationships? Right or wrong, that was Kirk's opinion and I respect him for it as much as I disrespect Tracy's comment.

961 days ago


I totally agree with Krik, its his right to speak his mind. I am sick and tired of GLADD telling us what to think and believe. One day believers and non-believers will have to stand in front of God and give and account of our lives. The bible says God loves the person but not the sin.

961 days ago


can't TMZ get anyone but these losers. Come on, get some stars. How do you make a living covering these folks.

961 days ago


Kirk is RIGHT, I agree with him. If two men or two women were supposed to be together, then God would have made BOTH sexes have BOTH penises and vaginas and (most) do NOT. Men cannot naturally get pregnant with each other and two women cannot naturally impregnate each other, so this PROVES how unnatural this IS, and that's a fact. God would have made all humans have BOTH sex organs if everyone was to be with either sex and he did NOT! Seeing two men or two women holding hands or making out is totally GROSS and nothing can change that. Yes they are humans and yes they have rights, but that does NOT make it right because it is NOT. People that think it is, must NOT believe in god, or again, he would have made BOTH sexes with BOTH sex organs so the same sex could impregnate each other and they cannot, so that is the proof how gross and unnatural homosexuality is. What I've said about God is a fact and cannot be disputed. He only wanted man and women to be together, if you think otherwise you must be an atheist.

961 days ago


Why anyone would care what Tracey Gold has to say about anything is beyond me. I am sick of the double standard used by GLAAD. They bark about equality and being accepted for who they are...yet it's at anothers expense of their beliefs and moral values. Americans for the moment are still free to express their opinions and beliefs...How is it that if you disagree with this movement and their ideals you HATE..

961 days ago


You don't need to be religious or have imaginary friends to be a good person or have morals. I'm a good, happy person and i'm Atheist.

961 days ago


Tracey Gold, do you really want to go there? First of all, you are not right in the head, and that's why you just about died from not eating. Kirk Cameron did not bash homosexuals, he just gave his own personal opinion, when he was asked for it. Americans need to stop attacking people who think differently than they do, because it's arrogant, intolerant and uncivilized. Myself, I am totally against christianity, because I think it is tantamount to a cult, controlled by men, to keep women enslaved, but I also voice my personal opinion on the condition that everyone else may do the same.

961 days ago


Well, he's on the god squad, what do you expect?
All you can really do is laugh at stupid people. He is entitled to his opinion and I am entitled to mine. He's an idiot and luckily people like him have been fading away and the new generations are a lot smarter. Things are so much different today then they were decades ago and they'll continue to change as years go by for the better.

961 days ago


99% of the comments on here (once again) are giving Kirk Cameron a thumbs up. Just as I expected since most people don't believe in gay marriage and all the crap with gays (Harvey/Glaad) trying to shove the **** down our throats isn't working. Actually it's working against gays because you're pissing us normal people off.

961 days ago
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