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Eddie Van Halen

I Own a Tiny Dog

... and I'm DAMN Proud Of It!

3/6/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie van Halen says he's NOT ASHAMED by his fragile, cutesy-wootsy little pomeranian doggie ... despite his macho rock-god image ... telling TMZ he loves the little guy, no matter what other people think.

EVH was out in NYC last night ... cradling his poochie Kody on the way from his hotel to a waiting tour bus. The footage shocked some of the people in our newsroom who expected the rocker to own something a little less ... Paris Hiltony.

But sources close to the dog tell TMZ ... Eddie has a strong bond with Kody ... and takes great care of his pet ... walking him, feeding and loving him every day.

Still, we're told Eddie has one rule -- he won't pick up the dog crap. He is a rock n' roll god after all.


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There's absolutely NO DOUBT that Eddie Van Halen is one of the best rock and roll guitarists of all time. He's a legend. Rock and roll "Hall of Famer"

I hope they just kick ass on their world tour this year. I know Eddie's guitar playing will be about as good as it ever was. This guy is a genius.

As far as the dog goes, well, I'm sure that Eddie knows he'd be getting some flack from people around him on this world tour. I'm sure Sammy Hagar might be chuckling out there. Eddie's macho big brother Alex (on drums) would probably look at Eddie funny if he saw him snuggling up to a little dog like that.

It's probably his new wife's little dog anyway and he was just "the dog sitter" on the day TMZ filmed this clip. Gotta be. He's just being a "good hubby". He'll probably get more "nookie" from his wife for doing stuff like this. Cut him some slack. I can't visualize a "guitar God" like Eddie at some pet store or kennel buying a little dog like that.

931 days ago


Who are the fools here questioning if Edward Van Halen, easily the most influential guitarist of his generation, is a rock god? Of course, he is. I would imagine that some of the commentators here would consider Justin Timberlake or Chris Daughtry a bit more holy...

931 days ago


Too good to pick it up is more like it.
...He wouldnt find it so funny if everyone acted like he does.

931 days ago

billy cema    

Remember that bruiser of a football player who loved/loves flowers? Incidents of big guys loving small creatures are everywhere, from the beginning of time, it seems!
Love doesn't know size! Thought you knew that!
Another one: Remember the soldier in "All Quiet on the Western Front" reaching for the butterfly? Yes, I know it cost him his life, but it showed the tender heart in a hellish environment!

931 days ago


Must really be a slow day for you guys.. I'm sure no one was wondering the size of his dog, or if he even had one, but thanks to TMZ, and it's cutting edge journalism, now we know..

931 days ago


Did he come out of the closet?

931 days ago


I own two tiny dogs and I am damn proud too....A Lil Chihuua girl named Teza and a lil Chihuahua boy named dogs ever!

931 days ago


@shawn: "I dont think TMZ is even trying these days, it seems all they know how to do is suck the life out of celebrities that died,"

I don't think that's possible. lol

931 days ago


Hi Kody. Adorable dog, all dogs are awesome, size doesn't matter. Cats too. Shout out to the cat people. Animals are pretty cool, plus is beats another TEEN MOM story.

931 days ago

She's baaaack    

That's not a good dye job Ed. Spend a few bucks to go to a colorist instead of snatching some Nice and Easy off the drugstore shelf next time.

931 days ago


You would think that when you turn 62, it's time to stop being an Eddie and be Ed.

931 days ago


I saw Van Halen last month in Los Angeles at the Forum for a starter concert for family and friends. Eddie didn't miss a lick on the guitar and Alex pounded out the beat with thunderous abandon. Other than Roth's lack of vocals and a stiff Wolfgang on bass, they rocked the stage. And yes, he is still one of the greatest rock and roll guitarists still jamming today. New Van Halen CD rocks. Sounds like it was made twenty years ago.

931 days ago


They make excellent stuffed furry cushions.

931 days ago


If Eddie and his wife just have to bring a dog on the tour maybe they could get a second dog that was a little bigger and sturdier like a Maltipoo or something. It's a mix of a poodle and a maltese. They are about 12 pounds or so. They're supposed to be good for people with allergies too.

My sister has one of those Maltipoos and I gotta admit she's a really smart, cool little dog. You gotta train them good when they're puppies though. THEN they're really good dogs to have around. I visit my sister just to see her dog. I don't tell her that though. I would be concerned about that little bity pomeranian on tour buses and private jets. Some roadie on the tour bus or the plane might sit on him and crunch his bones or something. Rock and roll guys have been known to get drunk and be clumsy and careless you know.

931 days ago


How was EVH out in NYC last night when he was performing in Philly last night?

931 days ago
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