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Eddie Van Halen

I Own a Tiny Dog

... and I'm DAMN Proud Of It!

3/6/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie van Halen says he's NOT ASHAMED by his fragile, cutesy-wootsy little pomeranian doggie ... despite his macho rock-god image ... telling TMZ he loves the little guy, no matter what other people think.

EVH was out in NYC last night ... cradling his poochie Kody on the way from his hotel to a waiting tour bus. The footage shocked some of the people in our newsroom who expected the rocker to own something a little less ... Paris Hiltony.

But sources close to the dog tell TMZ ... Eddie has a strong bond with Kody ... and takes great care of his pet ... walking him, feeding and loving him every day.

Still, we're told Eddie has one rule -- he won't pick up the dog crap. He is a rock n' roll god after all.


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Fascinating stuff, tmz. Your slackers are really on top of things.

959 days ago

Here's our cute way to let Eddie know that should look us up the next time he needs a dog walker!

959 days ago


wow!!! there are tons of rock gods and goddesses in my neighborhood too!!!

959 days ago

brad ...

I read that link you gave. That thing on is hilarious. Who would have thought that dog walkers were such big Van Halen fans?

I wonder if they like Aerosmith too. Those guys have a cool song called "Walkin' the Dog".

You could put this song on your iPod and have all kinds of fun walkin them dogs. :)

959 days ago


That was really sad. What does he say as he's being led into the right bus? "Ohhohohoh?" He has actually looked worse than he does now but he looks bloated like people get from psych meds. Maybe part of his alcoholism treatment?
I can see why readers are mad at this story. It's just a doofy guy being led around like he's helpless and that sound he makes in no way translates into the quote above the story.
Oh well. Fans should be glad he's smiling I guess. He's usually being bitter about a long list of people he holds grudges against.

959 days ago

John Simms    

Eddie is cool.

959 days ago


I had those type of dogs (not at same time), and I just adored them. Proud owner. I know how you feel, Eddie. So sweet, so cute, but think they are all high mighty and can kick bigger dogs butts. Too funny! Those dogs could eat them up. Yeap, in one bite. LOL

959 days ago


Eddie, man, I love ya dude, but if you can whipe your own butt, you can pick up after your own dog too. Do you like to step in other peoples dog $#!^? Let's say the dog poops in your house and you are the only one there, will you leave the poop there for your cleaning woman to take care of when she gets there?

959 days ago


You sheeple need to show more respect for EVH

959 days ago



K-tron: 9 minutes ago

You sheeple need to show more respect for EVH
DUDE! Eddie isn't God, and I am not showing disrespect to him, and NO, I will not blow down and kiss his feet. Eddie is cute, and a loveable person. Eddie was a part of a good musical group (which I have seen in person btw), but he is no God.

959 days ago


LOL blow down..BA..hahaha! No, I wasn't thinking nasty there.

959 days ago

Stephen Real    

Lose some weight you fat ****! Jeeze Eddie you play a mean guitar for a fatty boombaladdy.

958 days ago


Who cares! if its keeping him sober, healthy and happy and in the zone for this tour then I'm happy for him.... mazeltopf!!! was there an insinuation of some kind that Dave's dog "rusty" could have eaten this puppy for breakfast???

957 days ago

Joe Bob    

Wow. A man has a small dog. Yes, this is increadible news.

956 days ago


For all the Eddie VH bashers: When Edward Van Halen passes away, he'll be remembered for being one of the greatest guitarists in Rock music history and collaborator of some of the finest records ever recorded. What will you be remembered for when you kick the bucket?

955 days ago
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