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Kim K's BFF

I Gave Kris a $5k Wedding Gift

... and I Want It Back!!!

3/6/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is a no-good wedding gift HYPOCRITE ... so says Kim Kardashian's BFF, who claims he dropped $5,000 on a special marital gift for Kris ... but the NBA star has still never offered to give it back.

TMZ spoke with Jonathan Cheban ... Kim's close pal who's often featured on the Kardashian reality show ... who tells us he gave wedding gifts to both the bride and the groom .. with Kris receiving a $5,000 gift card to YSL.  Not too shabby ...

Cheban says he was down to let Humphries keep his gift when the marriage went bust ... until Kris criticized Kim's post-split gift policy. Now, he's demanding Kris return the card ASAP. 

We broke the story ... Kim decided to keep all of the gifts because she believes it's proper wedding etiquette. And for good measure, she cut a check to the Dream Foundation charity for TWICE the monetary value.

But Kris felt that wasn't good enough ... and believes Kim should send everything back to the guests.

Cheban tells us ... as long as Humphries has the YSL card, he's in no place to judge ... and should keep his mouth shut ... telling us, "Kim did the HONORABLE thing."


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WHO Cares if Cheban is Kim's Spokesman...who he LIkes/loves has a Crushon orWHATEVER!!! Bottom line is Kris has $$$! he plays bBall for the Nets so if he can WHINE bout Kim giving back...he needs to FOLLOW THRU TOO! jus sayin...jus saying

964 days ago


Kim has never done "the HONORABLE thing."

964 days ago

g shehee    

When asked if Kim was going to give her ring back. Kris Jenner replied " I dont like an indian giver. " on Good Morning America. Soooooooooooooooo..............

964 days ago


OK, even Yurtle the Turtle can tell this is just a big ole sack of.. ummm..... not quite the whole story. I suspect Johnnie of perhaps being influenced in his tale, Bless his lil heart (be sure to say that last part with a Southern accent and if you're north of Mason Dixie, it means the part prior to Bless his heart is all a big, fat behind lie). Bye Y'all!

964 days ago


I would certainly hope Kris finds someone that loves him truly. Kim is nothing more than a whore who could never live up to the kind of good live Kris and his family have....They have morals which you could see Kris tried to instill in the slut but she could never been a good decent person!! Love the other girls but not Kim, if you will all remember early on in their series the younger girl, Jenner's girls, accused Kim of lying all the time and she still is doing it!!

964 days ago


when you give someone agift,you don't take it back.its like when Christmas is over and you ask for the giftyou gave ,back.So over the Kardashians b.s.Tell them ALL to get a real job.Mama kardashian-Jenner too.

964 days ago


Memo to future guests at ANY Kardashian wedding: Give the gift of a donation to your favorite CHARITY in their name in lieu of anything tangible. Done and done.

963 days ago


STFU ***...

963 days ago


Why are we still talking about this??? If you ignore the bunch of them, maybe they'll just go away!!!

963 days ago


Oh Please! Kim writing a check for the wedding gifts for twice the worth is a scam. You know why? She gets to claim it as a tax deduction. Poor Kris got screw (not literally) and Jon Jon is pouting about $5000.

963 days ago

Joan K    

Oops this one kind of backfired in the Trashians faces again. I will be on the edge of my chair waiting for their next attempt to try and make themselves look like regular humans.

963 days ago


Give me a break, like he ever got that card. This whole mess never ceases to amaze me. She acts like crap to Kris and then wants to try and salvage her "image" by trashing him so everyone thinks she is little miss perfect. She honestly makes me sick.

963 days ago


Funny how Mr C forgets MsK threw him under the bus when she assumed he wrote a tell all book about her and wouldn't speak to her....KIM give the gifts BACK. O wait, Mom probably rooted through them all and kept what she wanted.

963 days ago


Honorable and Kim are 2 words that don't go together!!!!!!
Kim probably has it Jonathan.....ask her for card back - she KEPT EVERYTHING INCLUDING ENGAGEMENT RING!!!!

963 days ago


This is an absurd story..:How much?? Throw half of that at charity-please: Kris looks like an SLA guy for sure..I do not believe one word of this.

963 days ago
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