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'Terminator 3' Star

Charged with Cabbie Stiffing

3/6/2012 2:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Stahl has been charged with the most heinous crime in the universe.
"Terminator 3" star Nick Stahl has been charged with the most heinous crime in the universe -- not paying a taxi driver -- after allegedly failing to come up with enough cash to cover an $84 fare.

TMZ broke the story ... Nick was arrested back in January when he took a long cab ride to Hollywood -- and found himself a little short on cash when it came time to pay the tab. Nick fessed up to the driver, who then flagged down a cop.

According to law enforcement sources, Nick was charged with "defrauding a taxi operator" -- and has since pled "no contest." As a result, Nick was ordered to pay a $50 fine.

But since Nick spent nearly an entire day in jail following his arrest, the judge suspended the fine. It's unclear if the cab driver ever got his money.


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Gloria Unread    

Man, Stahl was amazing in the HBO show Carnivale! Shame he seems to be falling apart.. being so short on cash that you have to stiff a cabbie is pretty bad.

970 days ago


I liked Carnivale too. What's w/ all these celebs not paying for their crap? In the last few days we've seen gold-digging divorces, house forclosures and so on. Geez. Why do these people not pay their bills? My guess is that Nick here knows quite a few people, no one could give him a ride? Why get in the taxi knowing you have no $$ & you are famous. You know that **** is going to get around. So I gotta ask.... Too Arrogant or Too Stupid?

970 days ago


What a dumb a$$, eh?

970 days ago


Saving the world doesn't go as far as it used to.

970 days ago


he didn't "stiff" the taxi if he confessed to being short - he didn't run off without paying!

if you ask me the taxi driver is one of the worlds biggest a-holes

970 days ago


also, don't cabs in the US take credit cards? they do here

970 days ago


why did he get charged? he admitted to the driver that he had made a mistake and was short, how is this fraud?

970 days ago

Cheryl A.    

These cabbies work HARD for their money, some of them have to pay for their own fuel, too. To stiff the poor fella out of almost a hundred bucks is terrible! And he only got a $50 fine, no less. PAY THE DRIVER, DUMBASS!

970 days ago

Eric P. Martin    

I'm a cab driver in Chicago. It's interesting how things are spinned in this story. Short of cash? Try being short of cash when you fly a plane, board a bus or train. The cab industry is the only transportation industry that customers pay after service is rendered.

@SLH, I respect your opinion of cab drivers, however, this type of generalization appears to be distorted. I'm a cab driver whom you've never met. Just because I drive a cab to pay my way through school, I'm an ***hole?

970 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

He spent almost a whole day in jail, yet Lindsay Lohan only served an hour or two for stealing expensive jewelry.

We don't know what conversation transpired in the cab or why he couldn't, maybe he lost his wallet, maybe it cost more than any case, he didn't try to run away.

970 days ago


You see the Celebrity Court judge didn't realize he was dealing with a celebrity so he made the mistake of fining him. But, that's okay, he fixed that... I'm sure he apologized afterwards. The taxi driver can pound salt, how dare he take a celebrity to court. A-hole, serves him right.

970 days ago


An arrest for not paying for your taxi!!! Come on, please. They won't hardly arrest someone for an assault; failure to pay child support; hit and run, etc (In Texas) but failure to pay your taxi you get arrested and sit in jail all day??? And does Nick Stahl not have any credit cards either. They do take credit cards now you knnow! He should have had the money or not taken the taxi, not taking up for him! But an arrest???

970 days ago


what a bunch of crap this is. the guy didnt have enough cash so he calls a cop? he couldnt go to an atm so he could get some money? the cop couldnt write a ticket for a fine, he had to go to jail instead? i would be pissed!

970 days ago

She's baaaack    

He looks separated at birth with Joran Vandersloot in this picture.

970 days ago


In British English- this title would be read as if Mr Stahl assaulted the cab driver with his erect member.

896 days ago

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