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Bobbi Kristina

I'm Doing Oprah

'Cause I TRUST Her

3/6/2012 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0305_Bobbi-Kristina_oprah_tmz_getty_exBobbi Kristina isn't doing her first post-Whitney interview with Oprah Winfrey because of the money -- she's doing it because the big O's a close family friend ... and Bobbi trusts her to be fair and respectful.

Bobbi is telling friends -- Oprah "was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom."

As a result, we're told Bobbi feels Oprah would show her the same respect -- not bringing up issues that could potentially show Bobbi in a negative light ... i.e. substance abuse.

According to sources close to Bobbi, Oprah was one of the first people who reached out to her after Whitney passed.

So far, it's unclear if Bobbi is getting paid for the interview -- which airs this Sunday.


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No Avatar


Folks!!! stop hating Oprah..and our President. Turn your anger on Rush L for disrespecting ALL women--including your mother, your sister..even your great grandmother! AND, if you can't do that, then gingerly look in your mirrow to see the real problem facing AMERICA today!

963 days ago


oprah keep doing what u doing love your show girl but as for the comments on this line nothing but jealousy see people like that keeps me going and going an going so girlfriend do your thing an bobby k keep your head up an be strong angels is with your mother

963 days ago

ray jackson    

can we move on?

963 days ago


I'm angry with Whitney Houston for being so selfish & not taking care of herself in order to make sure she was her for her daughter's sake. The role of a real mother is self-sacrifice & denying oneself in order to promote the welfare & survival of one's progeny. Due to her reckless lifestyle, Whitney deprived her daughter of the love & companionship she could have enjoyed with her for many more years. To be a mother first & foremost, is the 1st law of nature. Regretably, Whitney failed in this most important role in her life, i.e., to be there for her daughter for as long as possible.

963 days ago


Oprah's network is at the bottle of the barrel and she pounced on this kid like a cougar. Maybe people will tune in to learn nothing from this interview but it won't make her programming any better. Oprah dumped all the people who made her who she is when she went to the upper tier on cable and now she is reaping the reward's. Her fan's can't get her show unless they can pay at least 70.00 a month for cable in this area. Maybe instead of trip's to the outback she should have given away cable TV to her viewer's and audience. I was very sad she left free TV but I find now I don't miss her at all. I rarely missed one of her network show's during her entire career.

963 days ago


Whitney failed to take care of herself & left her only child w/o the love & companionship of a mother for many years to come. Whitney said she would go to drug rehab & get help "tomorrow". But sadly, her tomorrow became her today. Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Tomorrow may never come. As a result, her daughter is suffering inconsolable grief because of her mother's selfishness. Whitney stayed with her record company too long. They wouldn't let her write her own songs. Heck, I could have written songs for Whitney & with her voice turned them into hits. But her record company wanted to keep all the royalites & copyrights so they could continue to profit long after Whitney had turned to dust. They used her until they used her up. And when the golden goose stop laying those golden eggs, they put her out to pasture on the plantation. She died broke, busted, & disgusted, worth more dead than alive as making her record company billions. Now they will continue to make billions ad infinitum, And her daughter will end up struggling to make her way. Sad commentary on the music industry, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. Thank God for Prince, Jay-Z & others like them who take control of their talents & help their own kind prosper.

963 days ago


I can't believe anyone would call Oprah a fraud and actually think her career is down the drain. You must have missed the last 25 years and not be aware of all the good she's done in this world by helping many people in need and those not in need got a dose of knowledge and spirituality. As far as her politics, it's a free country and her stage just happens to be bigger than yours. She is entitled to her opinions and choices.

963 days ago


O? How bout for the ratings????

963 days ago


It is not an interview if O does not ask important questions, i.e. Bobbi subtance abuse. Otherwise, Bobbi will just have another enabler, as her mother did.

963 days ago


smart move

963 days ago


The interview purpose is unclear and the timing is off give the family a chance to grieve. The Big O appears desperate lol

963 days ago

Camp X-Ray    

Hello: Both Oprah and the Housten kid are so damn ugly.

963 days ago


We're all intitled to our opinons, but I think some of you are being a little hard on Oprah.
I don't remember Oprah ever insulting anyone she interviewed...........That's her style no matter if it's a president or Bobbi Christina.
Would you be happier if she tried to hurt Bobbi Christina, who doesn't think about the good times when someone passes, and probably that is going to be most of Oprah's interview with Bobbi.:)
No one gave Oprah what she has earned, she worked for it and has accomplished more then she could have ever believed possible in her lifetime.
If her ratings are low right now, it happens to the best of them, that's the business they are in....She'll survive and will be doing special things for the rest of her life....
If Bobbi was white she would have
still interview Bobbi Christina black or white, THIS IS NOT ABOUT ANYONE'S COLOR and if your white like me and think that way your judgment is being impaired by that.
If Oprah is looking for ratings well that's the name of the game on TV, but I can't believe that is her soul reason for the interview.
We all know about Whittney's addiction to drugs and I'm for one sick of hearing about it anymore.
I hope Bobbi learns from this, she has a hard way to go, and she's young which might not be in her favor..
Who said Bobby Christina is not
getting paid to do the interview, and if she is why not........
That's my opinio like it or not..

963 days ago


All the racist and negative comments are just sickening. They represent hatred and evil at its best. I dont think this is what GOD would consider love. Take a look at your family members before judging others. For those persons chosing to watch the interview, its called being nosie. We have all lost love ones and know the distress it causes. Dont know what the interview will reveal that the media hasn't already covered as it relates to WH. BK and her family are the only ones who can decide whats appropiate and comforting for them in their lost. My sympathies and respect to the family.

963 days ago


nikki, did you ever go to school? Great sentence in your comment. Oprah is just a greedy racist.

963 days ago
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