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Whitney Houston

Coroner Gets Calls, Emails

Demanding Murder Investigation

3/6/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston being removed from the Beverly Hills Hilton HotelThe L.A. County Coroner's Office has received phone calls and emails from people claiming to be relatives of Whitney Houston.

Sources tell TMZ ... the calls and emails were made by several different people, some claiming to be relatives of Whitney and some relatives of Bobby Brown. The calls and emails have a common theme -- the belief Whitney may have been murdered. At least one person claimed to have information supporting the murder theory.

At least one caller offered a theory about a relative who might have done Whitney in, but offered no supporting proof.

The Coroner's Office has not verified the callers were indeed relatives.

The Coroner has already said there was no sign of foul play or trauma, but the official cause of death won't be determined until toxicology results are in.

An official from the Coroner's Office says the investigation is ongoing and would not comment further.



No Avatar


"won't be determined until toxicology results are in" THEY KNEW five minutes after they got the samples in the lab what killed her. They just keep the investigation open for a set number of weeks in case something else comes up in the case.

926 days ago


Okay okay - games up - arrest Whitney for murdering herself.

926 days ago


All calls, emails and letters must be verified. The office must verify the identity of these people. Any one can claim to be a family member or friend, but the coroner's office only focuses on legitimate claims, made by legitimate family members, friends or police.

926 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Same idiots who think Dr.Murray killed MJ. They both killed themselves you ****ing morons.

926 days ago


So... this is what we do now when black addicted celebrities die?? We put aside all logic and claim it was a murder?! Lmfao! MJ died and addict and Whitney did, too. Move on.

926 days ago


I guess we should jump on board with this and claim it was murder after we find Demi dead from her whippits.

926 days ago


I won't say she was murdered but I do wonder which brainless tard didn't think to check on her...especially if it was known she was not allowed to be alone in the tub for more than 5-7 min at a time...kind of convenient that NOBODY used their last 3 brain cells and thought to check on her

926 days ago


How stupid are people getting these days? Every time some addicted celebrity finally OD's after years of abusing drugs people rush to say it must be some kind of conspiracy.

Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston. They both abused dangerous drugs & they both OD'ed.

If their families got them help before it was too late, we wouldn't have to listen to this crazy nonsense.

926 days ago


I have to agree with them about her death being suspicious. Everyone is just saying "she was a drug addict that killed herself" but what I find strange is that her entourage were in her hotel room when she was in the bath and yet nobody heard anything. Am sure this poor woman would of made a noise when she was sadly dying. Someone could of even put drugs in her drink or gave her drugs when they knew that she wasn't in a fit state to know how much to take and because shes known to take drugs in the past everyone would just think she killed herself and had a overdose. Apparently she was in a lot of debt with her record label and to be honest shes worth more now dead than when she was alive its the same thing with Michael Jackson. Something isn't right.

926 days ago


People need to stop saying she was drugged out before she died. Before she died, she was listing to gospel music taking a bath, getting her clothes ready for the grammy party. She was also preparing to meet up with Evangelist Kim Burrell, they were supposed to attend the grammy party together. Kim Burrell was one of the last people to speak with Whitney at 2pm on the phone. Why in the world would Whitney be drinking or taking drugs before meeting up with her family and her friend/evangelist before she died. That was a set up, and they count on everyone to drudge up Whitney's past drug troubles to make it work. Well it did not work for me or for alot of other people. I pray that they find out what happened and that justice is done to anyone responsible for harming that lady, who was also a child of God. No one can ever, ever, ever change that.

926 days ago


They need to make sure that they pull all camera footage immediately from that day before it is toooo late. I am not sure that surveillance video footage is kept for a limited amount of time. (it has been a month now) It would be such ashame it turns out to be murder and the hotel cannot locate the tape. HUMMM. Nancy Grace... what did you say?? Nothing should be ruled out. I agreed with her the first day she made the comment. Legally that DOES make since. EVERYTHING and EVERY ANGLE should be looked at. Who are the autnorities to write this off anything else without a thorough investigation WHILE we wait for toxicology results!

926 days ago


Yeah, there was a murder. Whitney Houston killed her self. Crack is Whack.

926 days ago


For the uninitiated, this is what happens when [bleeps] die under unusual cir***stances.

926 days ago


R.I.P Whitney!! Someone needs to find out more information so that her family can move on. I was online the other day and ran across this video tribute. This is so beautiful. Check it out!

926 days ago


Nancy Grace probably made everyone she knows write in to try to take the heat off her for being such a douche.

926 days ago
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